Sunday, August 23, 2015

Saturday in Review

Saturday started out with an early morning phone call from the aunt who was hosting this month's prayer gathering, saying that the person who leads the prayers had to go somewhere else afterwards, and so, the prayers will start promptly at 8:00 p.m.  Normally, the prayer gathering is a very relaxed event and people tend to be rather casual about time with some arriving earlier and others arriving later and prayers starting whenever everyone has arrived.  I generally try to be punctual and the family knows that.  But aunt also knew that I was giving a ride to other members of the family, so, she called them to warn them, too.  :)

Later in the morning, daughter and I picked up a friend of ours to have lunch.  Initially, we had planned to go out to a restaurant, but daughter wasn't feeling too well, so, we went to our favorite Thai restaurant and picked up the food to take home with us.  Eating at home meant we could relax and chat and daughter could lie on the sofa if she needed to. 

While we were having lunch, there were several phone calls from one of my cousins regarding last minute changes to travel arrangements to the prayer meeting.  But, eventually, we got that all figured out. 

Later in the afternoon, I dropped my friend off at her home and put gas to the car on my way back.  Then, it was time to get ready for the prayer gathering.  My daughter decided to stay home since she still wasn't feeling well, and if I hadn't agreed to give other family members a ride, I might have stayed home with her.  But, as it was, one cousin dropped off her mother at my home to go with me to the prayer gathering and another cousin came over to go with us.  So, we left a little after 6:30 p.m. and arrived at the prayer gathering a little after 7:30 p.m., well in time for the 8:00 p.m. start of prayers.  :)

There was dinner, after the prayers, and we left shortly thereafter.  I drove my aunt to my cousin's home to drop her off and visited for five minutes with my cousin.  She gave me a cutting of a plant from her garden, so I now have a new succulent plant for my garden (just need to pot it up).  Then, dropped off my other cousin at her home, and came home.  Then, daughter and I chatted for a bit and I went on-line for a bit.

So, Saturday was a full day, with lots of interaction with family and friends.  The spiritual, family, and friends segments of my balance wheel are well plumped!

I was grateful for:

- being able to attend the prayer gathering
- spending time with friends
- spending time with family
- being able to drive myself and give others a ride
- free plants for the garden

How was your Saturday?  Did you have a good day?


  1. Hope your daughter feels better real soon.
    Proud you got to enjoy the prayer meeting with your family/friends.
    All in all, a good day.
    We had a good day also.. We went and worked on the old house.. I painted [re-painted a cabinet], Kenny worked on the gravel drive way..It needed grading.
    I also, did some sweeping/cleaning. We came back to our house, and had a nice quiet evening at home.. Some tv and computer time.
    Hope you have a blessed week.

    1. Judy, you had a busy day! Glad you were able to have a quiet, relaxed evening at home, after working on the other house. Hope you are enjoying a relaxed day, today and have a lovely week.

  2. Hope your daughter is feeling better!

    My Saturday was good. Had a little birthday dinner at the in-laws for Little Wolf. Just pizza and cake.

    1. Jess, yes, she's much better now, thank you. Happy birthday to Little Wolf! Pizza and cake sounds good to me. :)


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