Saturday, August 15, 2015


Long Rip

No, not my physique!  (More's the pity!)  LOL.  My bedroom curtains!

Smaller Tear
I washed my bedroom curtains today, and when they came out of the washing machine, I noticed that there were some rips and tears and other rather worn areas which are about to tear.

First of all, these curtains are at least 15 years old.  They were a set of "cafe" curtains, probably meant for a kitchen or a breakfast area, but they fitted my long, narrow bedroom window and I chose them because the appliqued roses echoed the roses on my wallpaper border: 

Wallpaper Border (at ceiling height)
They are cotton and unlined; I didn't want any heavy drapery because the window is north facing and I didn't want to block any light.  I remember fretting about paying $50 for the set: four curtain panels (needed four because of the length of the window), valance, and end panels.  That was a lot to pay for bedroom curtains, but I really liked them, because of the roses.  They've lasted me a long time, so they've given me my money's worth of use from them.

I am debating whether to mend the rips or make new curtains.  Only two of the four panels are torn; I could mend them and put them at the ends of the window where they'll be somewhat covered by the end panels.  However, the fabric is so worn in other places that they'll tear again, the next time they are washed.  I usually wash them twice, maybe three times, a year.

If I make new curtains, I would like them to be eyelet, but I'd have to buy the fabric.  I do have plain white fabric in the stash, however.  I could make the plain white panels for the two ends and use the other two rose appliqued panels for the middle.  And replace them as and when they rip.

Decisions, decisions, decisions!

What do you think?  Should I mend them or replace them?  What would you do?


  1. The appliques are really pretty, Bless! Is there any way to remove the appliques and apply them to your new panels? That way you'd still have the look you like that coordinates with your border. Just a thought!

    1. Carolyn, the thought did occur to me to cut out the roses and re-applique them to new panels! A lot more work, of course, but a good alternative. Thank you!

  2. I am reading your post backwards.. and I see you repaired the curtains, to be able to use a little longer.. So happy you did.. They are beautiful..

    1. Sorry, Judy; I suppose I should have waited until I had mended them and posted one post! But, thank you, I am happy I mended them; I can get a little more use out of them.

  3. I so wish I had a more diplomatic vocabulary and while it sounds blunt I assure you I mean well and wish to be helpful...

    Just like our wardrobes need to be weeded out over time, home decor styles change and looks become dated. The fact is it results in an impression of benign neglect . Colors like mauve and dusty rose become passe, and while some green shades are back, they're different from the avocado of the 70's.

    The tired 1980's matchy matchy look is out of favour. Wallpaper borders and unstructured valences read last century and we've moved forward with cell phones, texting, Facebook, Webpages and Skype. Since you will need to make new drapes for your bedrm, I suggest you salvage the cutwork and roses to appliqué on large [20"] throw pillow covers somewhat similar to decoupage technique.

    1. Hon, don't worry, your vocabulary is quite diplomatic! :)

      Wall paper borders were already out of style when I bought mine! I didn't put them up because it was the style; I did it because I liked the look. And I've kept them up because I still like the look.

      As for the colors, they are some of my favorites! My hallway is painted lilac (with a wallpaper border, as well!) because I love shades of purple. And my newest rug (bought very recently, from a big Scandinavian store) is dusty rose!

      When I do make the new curtains, I'll probably not bother with a valence. Unless I decide I don't like how it looks. In which case, there might be a valence. :D

      I don't need to follow the latest "in" style. I never did and I probably never will. I just go with what I like. Since I'm the only person I need to please, it works out just fine. :)

      But I'll admit there are areas of benign neglect in my house - torn window screens which need replacing, some repairs and painting that need doing, etc. They are still on my master list of things to do.

  4. Of course I want you to use the colors, designs and home decor that are your favourites. Perhaps future planning is appropriate if you consider the future in five year intervals. As a retiree you may possibly move to a city where DD gains employment. In the future downsizing may better meets your needs. Baby steps from this point forward may by driven by needs like making new bedrm drapes ready to hang by the time you next want to wash existing drapes.

    When does window screening & spline go on sale? Is it reasonable to replace these one-by-one, working it into the budget? Does your gardener/handyman take on these small projects? We've replaced the screens on our large patio door sliders. It was far easier and less expensive than anticipated. It became a DIY when I couldn't wrestle the slider frame into the car. Nor could I secure it to the rack at the top of the car. I had visions of it turning into a projectile somewhere on the freeway! I finally went to Home Depot to see if they could recommend someone willing to come do such a small job. The guy sold me a kit and said he'd come himself if I got overwhelmed. It was a 15 minute task once I got the patio chairs lined up to balance the big, awkward frame. There are lots of demos on You Tube.

    It truly helps to make appointments with yourself to carry out one or two projects each quarter. I've been writing out steps for possible Christmas gift giving projects. Everything is taking 3 times as much time and effort.

    1. Hon, thank you for all the great info! I definitely need to sit down and plan out when I am going to get these projects done. I need to break it all down to baby steps and get started!


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