Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The Scrap Stash

Scrap Stash!

My scrap stash!  Two baskets and a gallon size plastic bag full!  I am blessed with an abundance of scraps!  All leftovers from other projects.  The bigger pieces of fabric are stored in the drawers of a dresser.

The two stacks of fabric squares in the front are what I have already cut out from the stash for the new quilt:  175  3.5 inch squares of colored fabric and 140 3.5 inch squares of neutral fabric.  I will join 5 of the colored squares with 4 of the neutral squares to put together a 9-patch pieced block which should measure 9-inch square (provided I sew accurate 1/4 inch seams!) 

Earlier, today, I tried to calculate how many blocks I'll need for a twin size quilt top.  Assuming a quilt size of 63-inches by 90-inches, and 9-inch blocks.  I figured I'd need 35 pieced blocks and 35 neutral squares.

The next step is to cut out the 9-inch neutral squares.  And sew the 9-patch blocks.

I think I have enough in my scrap stash for at least a dozen quilts, don't you?

Daughter went back to university, today.  I dropped her off at the airport in the morning.  I did a load of laundry and hung up everything to dry (need to put it all away, still).  Later in the evening, I went for a walk with my neighbor and, afterwards, watered the front garden.   Still need to do dishes and clean the litter box.

Back to work, tomorrow, after my short vacation break.

How was your Tuesday?  Anyone else with an extensive fabric scrap stash?


  1. Oh my Bless.. Yes , I have a fabric scrap stash and also a hugh fabric stash..Fabric is my weakness.ha
    I love your 9 patch quilt idea.. It is going to be so pretty.. Do you quilt the top once your finished, or do you have it quilted? I haven't made a quilt in a few years, but I really enjoy it.. Need to get started on one.. [You have me in the mood to quilt.ha]

    1. Judy, I rather suspected you might have a fabric stash with all the sewing you do! :)

      I generally do a minimum of quilting, usually by hand, although, I've tried machine quilting too (rather unsuccessfully; it gets all puckered up). Usually, I prefer to tie the quilt, rather than quilt it. The cutting and piecing and putting the top together is the part I enjoy the most.

  2. That's a big stash! Tuesday was rough. Little Wolf sick, I'm sick. Allergies or cold, I don't know, but it has us both feeling horrible.

    1. Jess, hope both you and Little Wolf feel better soon. So hard to be sick and have to care for a sick little one, too. Get as much rest as you can and hopefully, you'll both be fine soon.


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