Saturday, March 4, 2023

March Grocery Shopping - Part 1

I did my first grocery pick up for March, today.  Jennifer wasn't there, but, a young man named Dustin brought the groceries out to the car.  He must be a new hire because his name tag was a hand written piece of paper pinned to his jacket.  But, he did all the things he was supposed to do - asking me to verify my name, asking if I had any paper coupons, confirming that they had everything I had ordered, etc.  He seemed very friendly and pleasant.

I bought:

3 bananas @ $.75/lb. = $0.68
3 lb. bag mandarins (on sale with digital coupon; $5.99 without coupon) = $3.99
5 Gala apples (2.58 lbs. @ $0.89/lb. with digital coupon; $1.99/lb. without coupon) = $2.30

1 bottle apple juice (64 fl. oz.; reg. price $2.69) = $1.99

1 broccoli crown @ $1.98/lb. = $1.39
1 cucumber = $0.79
1 bag frozen corn, 12 oz., reg. price $1.25 = $0.99
1 bag frozen green peas, 12 oz., reg. price $1.25 = $0.99
6 Roma tomatoes (2.29 lb. @ $0.99/lb.) = $2.27
3 lb. bag yellow onions = $2.99 (I nearly cried because the ethnic store was selling onions 4 lb./$1)

1 doz. large eggs (on sale with digital coupon; reg. price $5.99)  = $3.99

1 loaf bread = $1.99
6 bagels = $2.99 (I had ordered store brand, they substituted a name brand, on sale this week for $4.49, for the same price)

1/2 gallon milk (reg. $2.79) = $2.39
1package cream cheese (8 oz.) = $2.39

1 box hot cocoa mix, 8 count = $2.29 (they didn't have it available for pick up the last time I ordered groceries, but, this time, it was available)

2 packets chocolate wafer cookies @$1.00 = $2.00

My total came to $36.42 

My March grocery budget is $100.  I had $67.91 leftover in the February grocery budget, but, for the first time in a long time, I am not carrying that balance forward!  I am applying February's leftover funds to my natural gas bill!  Specifically to replenish what I paid already for the January bill of nearly $700!  

March grocery budget = $100
Spent to date = $36.42
Balance left = $63.58

I will probably do a bigger grocery order towards the end of the month, but for now, I have plenty.  

I am grateful for:

- Being able to order groceries online
- People doing the shopping for me and bringing everything to my car
- Being able to pick up my groceries, free with a minimum purchase
- The availability of food
- A safe drive to the store and back

How about you?  Have you done any grocery shopping yet, in March?  Are you finding bargains and good deals? Have you had to adjust your grocery budget so far this year?


  1. I have not found any really great deals so far this entire year, but when I find some I will pounce on them! I have spent very little on groceries this year mainly because we have been eating from our food storage, which is still sizable so it may be April before I have to do any real shopping.
    I wish I had two packets of chocolate wafer cookies, but it is probably good I don't because now I would just have one packet and crumbs around my mouth.

    1. That's wonderful that you are still eating from your food storage, Anne. This way, you'll have room in your storage spaces to make room for the stuff you'll buy when you find those good deals. :) I still have some of the items I bought during the first weeks of the lockdown; I'm coming up on some "best by" dates and while I take those dates as suggestions, I will be incorporating more of those items into my meal plans from now on and getting replacement items. The only problem is, it costs more to replace those items now.
      Ha, ha, I put the wafer cookies away in an attempt to hide them from myself! Except, of course, I know where I put them! But, maybe I'll forget! :D

  2. It is a blessing to be able to shop online and have people do the shopping for you although I will admit to calling in a supermarket occasionally for an item or two if I fancy something different. i really can't do a big shop myself as I don't have the energy or enthusiasm anymore. Sometimes like you I will buy something online and then see the same thing cheaper elsewhere, it's very annoying.

    1. I used to enjoy grocery shopping! But, the Covid numbers are still a bit scary over here and I don't want to risk my health by going grocery shopping. I am very thankful that the stores are continuing to offer free grocery pick up services.

  3. You have done extremely well with your shopping, Bless, and got a lot for your money. I agree that having someone else pick the shopping for us is a blessing. I just don't have the energy or the enthusiasm I used to have when younger, let alone the strength to pack it all up and tote it to the car then unpack at
    Frustrating about the onions though :(

    1. Thank you, Angela. I didn't need to buy any meat on this shopping order and that helped to keep the costs down. I'm still not venturing into stores in person and I am very thankful that these stores offer the pick up service. I accept the fact that I have to pay higher prices for that convenience, although I cry about it from time to time!

  4. I haven't seen many good prices lately, either. However, last week at Aldi, they had a pound of baby carrots for $.39. That was a good deal and I got several bags.

    1. That was an excellent price for the carrots, June; glad you picked up several bags. Carrots keep well in the fridge, or, if you'd like to, you could freeze them, too (not necessary to blanch them first, but, blanching helps to preserve the flavor and texture). I've tried growing carrots in my garden but haven't had much luck.

  5. I'm glad you had another friendly helper to bring out your groceries. You did well to get all that for the amount you paid. We have a problem with the big grocery firms, especially the one that our franchised store belongs to. They are making enormous profits and hiking prices far beyond what has increased in recent time. I try to limit my shopping in that store. Only 2 days ago I found that coffee filters that used to be 1.99 a packet were now over four dollars! I shall try elsewhere. I have to go back to the store as I forgot to buy bagels and raisin bran. Otherwise I have plenty of food in the house.

    1. Thank you, Bushlady.
      Yes, I, too, heard that the company which owns the store I use for my grocery pick up made an enormous profit last year. But, they offer the pick up service, their employees belong to a union and receive some benefits such as paid sick leave.
      The ethnic store I used to go to is privately owned and doesn't belong to a big supermarket company, but, they don't have a pick up service, their employees aren't unionized, and they probably don't get benefits. Their prices are more reasonable, though.
      I hope you are able to find a better price on coffee filters!

  6. I'm glad the new worker was able to help you and that you stayed under budget!

    1. Thank you, Sharon. I will probably do a bigger grocery order towards the end of the month and buy some meat, as well, but, I should be able to stay under budget, this month, too. :)

  7. You've had another good shop and got a fair amount for what you spent. Things are so expensive! The cream cheese price was good. Was that the store brand?
    The store I do pick up at has raised their pickup fee to $3.99 - so this year I started doing a pickup twice a month instead of the weekly pickup I had been doing. Last year it was $2.99 and they had a special from May until September where it was free on Wednesdays.
    I'm sure one of the reasons I am under budget with my groceries is I'm not buying from that store every week.

    1. Thank you, Debra; I am shopping the sales as much as possible! Yes, the cream cheese was store brand. It wasn't on sale, but, I am still on my bagels and cream cheese kick! :D
      I'm sorry the store raised their pick up fee! But, you have found a good way to reduce the amount you have to pay by shopping only twice a month. The store I pick up from has a $6.99 pick up fee which they waive if you buy $36 worth of items in that one shopping order; with my budget, however, it is hard to squeeze in a third grocery shopping order in one month, unless I go over by a bit. So, I generally shop twice a month; occasionally it means I run out of bread or fresh vegetables (then I use frozen or canned vegetables). If you can manage with grocery shopping every two weeks, then, that is the way to do it! :)


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