Thursday, December 9, 2021

Wednesday's Happenings

The First Pea Pod!

A sunny and clear day, today.  The daytime high was in the mid-60s.  

M was here, this morning, and he tended to the garden for me.  We picked the first pea pod from one of the snowpea plants.  Hopefully, it is the first of many!  

Today, I labeled and got the three full jars of jam ready for gifting, cutting out little fabric squares to decorate the lids and tying raffia around them, etc.  And I got out the jars of other jams I had made, earlier.  They have been labeled, already, but, I need to dress them up, a bit for gift giving.

Then, I wrapped up the gifts I bought to give cousin V's two grandsons.  I had wanted to take the gifts with me to the church to hand them to cousin V after the memorial service, but, when I mentioned my plan to her, she said to wait; her daughter and grandsons will be here for a week and I could come by sometime mid-week, spend some time visiting them, and give the gifts then.  But, this morning, cousin V called to say that she was sorry, but, they had been busy and they were planning to go to San Diego (her older daughter lives and works there) today and won't be back until later, tomorrow, and they were all flying out to New York on Friday!  What about the gifts, I asked.  She suggested I took them over to her sister R and R could bring them over, later!

So, I called cousin R in the early evening after she finished her work (she is a Special Education teacher) and explained the situation to her.  She was fine with us coming over later in the evening, around 7:00 p.m.  Daughter drove me, after she got off work.  I took cousin R a jar of zucchini chutney and the bag with the two gifts for V's grandsons.  We visited for a few minutes while R's German Shepherd enjoyed getting a belly rub from my daughter!  Just before we left, R gave my daughter two big bags of clothes she had decluttered!  Some with tags still on!  Such abundance!  What a blessing!  Daughter tried them on after we came home and most of them fit her.  Some of them even fit me!  Which is very surprising because my cousin is much slimmer than I!  They must have been huge on her!  There was only one blouse that didn't fit either of us and I told my friend R that I'll bring it to her - it might fit her (or, if it doesn't, she can send it to her daughters or granddaughter).  I will call cousin R, tomorrow, to tell her that some of her clothes fitted me!  She will be surprised!  

Neighbor S (who is also my piano teacher), called, too, to check on me, this afternoon.  She said she will resume teaching piano after January 11. She asked if I needed any new pieces to learn and I said no, I'll play the ones I have and then, when we resume lessons, we'll see how it goes.   She asked me if I was practicing and I was honest and said, no!  LOL.  I told her I was on holiday, too, since my piano teacher was on holiday!  She laughed.

I made scrambled eggs and toast for brunch, today.  Dinner was rice and Italian sausages, cooked with onions, red bell peppers from the garden, and green peas.  There's rice and sausages leftover for tomorrow, but, I'll have to cook some vegetables to go with them.  

Today, I am grateful for:
- M tending to the garden for me
- The first pea pod of the season
- I was able to visit cousin R and take the boys' gifts to her
- A safe drive there and back
- The abundance of clothes cousin R gave us!

Today's joyful activity was visiting cousin R.

The forecast calls for rain, tomorrow.  Plans for tomorrow include making more holiday gifts.  I started crocheting a blanket which I have to finish by the end of next week!

How was your Wednesday?  What are your plans for Thursday?


  1. Now here's the question. When you bring new stuff into the house, do you put it on your decluttering ledger? :)

    1. That's a very good question! The answer is...yes! I have been keeping track of new items coming in! At least, when it comes to my clothes and household items (not counting toiletries, etc.) I haven't kept track of new items my daughter has received. I haven't got to the point of "1 in 1 out", yet, when it comes to my clothing; but, so far, I have decluttered a net of 11 clothing items from my closet, this year. Once I add what I was given, yesterday, I think the number of clothing items decluttered will shrink down to a net of 2 or 3! LOL.

  2. That pea pod is so cute it needs a name! I can see it making an appearance in a future photo contest. It's good that you were able to arrange for those gifts to be delivered to the boys, and what a treat to get more clothes! I'm pretty sure you will finish that blanket soon!
    It's lovely and sunny today. I have two prescriptions to pick up this morning. I need to replace two of the light bulbs in the dining room chandelier and realized that it needs a good cleaning before they go in. Snow White, lend me your helpers!

    1. Maybe I should name it Swee'Pea, after the character in the Popeye cartoons?
      This morning, I had a text from Cousin V saying they are leaving San Diego earlier than planned due to rain and should be home by late afternoon, today, if I wanted to come over, but, I texted her back saying I already gave them to her sister. This way, V can rest after she gets home and I got to visit cousin R in her home (first time I've been to her house in a long time). The new clothes were a bonus!
      I'm glad you are having a nice sunny day in which to run your errands. Oh, I wish Snow White's helpers would pay me a visit, too! :D

  3. Your not going to be awarded any stickers if you don't get on and do some practice! Will the lessons still be online or will they be face to face? Can you remember which pieces you were working on or will there be a last minute panic to find your music? 😂

    I've had plenty of naps today, so tomorrow is all about catching up on the things I didn't get done today.

    1. I know! No stickers and probably no chocolates, either! :D First step is to trim my fingernails as I've let them grow in the weeks I haven't practiced! :o Lessons will continue to be online, I think. I do remember which pieces I'm working on - they are in a folder on top of the piano (don't ask me which folder, though, because there are several folders with music, some of which are my daughter's pieces!) :D

      Glad you've had a restful day and plenty of naps. It's rainy, here (more drizzle than rain), but, we'll accept whatever moisture we get! :)

  4. Fresh peas from the garden how nice that will be, I'm envious. Lovely to be gifted new clothes you are very fortunate and the added bonus of giving a belly rub to the dog, I like the sound of that :)

    1. I'm looking forward to harvesting more peas, but the first pea pod is a treat! :) It's a blessing to receive the new clothes, isn't it? I often think my cousins give me new clothes because they are tired of seeing me wearing the same things, year in and year out! :D Oh, that doggy loved the belly rub! He didn't want my daughter to leave and my cousin had to bribe him with a treat to lead him away so we could leave! LOL.

  5. Glad you got to visit with cousin and drop off the gifts. Your jam sounds lovely. First Pea pod! Nice. Hope there are many more to come.

    1. Thank you, Sharon. I hope the people I give the jam to like it! :) I, too, hope there will be more pea pods to come! :D One just isn't enough! :D


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