Friday, December 3, 2021

More Shopping on Friday

Today, we had hazy sunshine and a high of 67F, which is more typical for this time of the year.

My daughter woke up with a low fever this morning.  She emailed her supervisor and took the day off from work.  She is feeling achy, today, and fatigued; she has spent the day sleeping, on and off.

I received a call from the Sri Lankan grocery store saying that my order was ready for pick up.  I had ordered the items at the beginning of the week and they had everything except one particular item that I had wanted.  I had been calling them almost daily to find out when they would get that one item and today, they called me to let me know that the item had come in and my order was ready.  I drove there in the early afternoon and did a curbside pick up.

There was a bit of a confusion, initially, when I called from the car to let them know that I was in the parking lot and the store clerk told me that someone had picked up my order!  I insisted that I hadn't sent anyone to pick up my order and then, she realized that she had mixed up the names and my order was there!  She should have gone by the order number and not the name!  LOL.  Anyway, the two bags of groceries were brought to the car and everything I ordered were there: tea, some of the ingredients I need to make a special cake known as Love Cake, some treats, and a few items I wanted to give as gifts.  It is the one store where I will buy things without giving much consideration to the prices!  This time, I used the unspent portion of my grocery budget to pay for the items I ordered, so I was still well within my budget.  But, even otherwise, I always maintain that it is cheaper than going to Sri Lanka to get my treats from there!  LOL.  

I took some photos of what I bought, but, for some reason, I am unable to upload them to the blog post!  

Daughter and I sampled a few of the treats in the afternoon and M got to try some when he arrived to tend to the garden.  

Cousin V called me in the afternoon to let me know that it was not too late to change my mind about attending the reception that is being held tomorrow afternoon, after the memorial for her mother.  I had RSVP'd her, earlier, declining the invitation.  Daughter and I discussed it, a bit more, but, we are still not comfortable sitting down in a hotel banqueting room to eat with 80 or so other invited guests, even if we have both received our booster shots.  I will attend the memorial service at the Church (daughter will probably not attend); I will be masked throughout the service and I think that will be safe enough.  

In the evening, I cooked spaghetti with ground beef and my homemade pasta sauce (made with homegrown tomatoes).  I sauteed some Japanese purple mustard leaves to have with the pasta.  Neighbor S brought over some banana cake, a type of cake made with farina and syrup, and two chocolates.  Once again, the photo I took of that is not uploading.  

After dinner, I did the dishes and tidied up the kitchen.  

Today, I am grateful for:

- My daughter is able to take time off from work to recover from the booster side effects
- Being able to order items from the Sri Lankan grocery store
- A safe drive there and back
- M tending to the garden
- S bringing us more treats and goodies!

Today's joyful activity was picking up the Sri Lankan groceries.  

Plans for tomorrow include attending my aunt's memorial service.

How was your Friday?  What are your plans for the weekend?


  1. I don't think I'd be comfortable in the large hotel room, either. We each have to do what we think is best for us.

    1. Yes; I went to the Church service this morning and there were a good number of people there, but, just about everyone was masked. Even so, it was the largest gathering of people I had been to in the past two years! It felt OK, but, I am glad I chose not to go to the reception, afterwards.

  2. Sorry to hear that your daughter wasn't well after her booster jab and hope she is feeling much better now. It sounds like you are well stocked up on treats from the Sri Lankan store and also as a result of your friend's generosity ... will there be any treats left for Christmas or will you need to buy more? 😊

    I hope the memorial service for your aunt goes well. Eighty people attending for the reception meal is a big group and I definitely wouldn't be at ease staying for the meal whether I knew them or not. I think you're making the right decision. Take care x

    1. My daughter is feeling a little better, today, thank you, Eileen. I think it will take another couple of days for her to recover fully.

      Ha, ha, I just might have enough treats to last till Christmas, but, just to make sure that I do, I might order a type of coconut pudding (watalappan) from the Sri Lankan restaurant, closer to the date! :D

      The memorial service went well. There were quite a few people at the church, too, but, they were all masked for the most part. Even so, I felt a bit uncomfortable being among so many people!

  3. I hope your daughter recovers quickly from the side effects of the booster jab. It's a shame you'll miss the reception but understandable not wanting to join such a large gathering. What a shame your photos aren't uploading to Blogger. I've been having a few problems with comments not publishing unless I log out then log back in again. Just returned from the final dog training class which was good fun and hoping my photos will upload.

    1. Thank you, Eileen; my daughter is feeling a bit better, today. I would have liked to have gone to the reception, but, I would not have felt comfortable being unmasked, indoors, with so many people. I hope I will be able to post pictures, today. Glad you and Tilly had fun during the last training class. Looking forward to seeing the photos. :)

  4. I'm glad your daughter has sufficient vacation time to be able to use one as it seems like she really needs to rest. I hope she is feeling better today.

    And when she does feel better, see if she can help upload the picture of the food from the Sri Lankan store. hahahaha
    I'm always curious as to what you've bought especially when it's food I don't normally have.
    I know your favorite tea is from there so that's good you were able to stock up.
    I didn't think that particular store was doing curbside pickup? Is that a new offer from them?

    And you were able to use your excess funds in the food budget to pay for this shopping trip.
    That pleases my retired bookkeeper's heart.

    1. Yes, fortunately, my daughter gets paid sick leave, so she didn't have to use vacation time off, but she has saved up vacation time off, too, which she will need to use for the week between Christmas and New Year - her office is closed during that week and the staff are required to take mandatory time off!

      I think it was a blogger issue with posting the photos. I should be able to post them, today. Yes, I stocked up on my tea! The Sri Lankan store does curbside pick up; the Armenian grocery store where I used to go for the cheaper produce, doesn't. There are a couple of other Asian grocery stores I used to go to pre-Covid, but, they don't offer curbside pick up, either. We were thinking that once we've both had our boosters, we might venture out to a grocery store, but, not sure now, with omicron spreading around!

      Glad to hear that your retired bookkeeper's heart was pleased! :D I didn't feel guilty about what I spent at the Sri Lankan store because I was stocking up with money I had already budgeted. There's a little more left in the unspent grocery budget that will go to get a few more holiday treats and the rest of the cake ingredients, etc. :)

  5. One of the blessings of cities is the availability of stores from other countries, There is a middle eastern store not far from where DS lives but it's a long time since I've been in there. I hope your daughter will soon feel a lot better. I guess the vaccination is busy boosting her immune system! You are so wise to avoid that huge gathering. I don't like any situation with the possibility that the initial safety measures may deteriorate beyond my control. We are still in a pandemic, booster shots or not!
    It was snowing when we got up and below zero, a good day to stay in and catch up on some housework and Christmas preparations.

    1. Yes, I've lived in a couple of places where ethnic food stores weren't within easy access. It really is a blessing to live where there are several ethnic stores. We've become quite spoilt!
      Thank you, Bushlady; my daughter is feeling a little better, today. :)
      You are absolutely right - we are still in the middle of a pandemic, especially with a newly identified variant making the rounds! I felt safe enough in the church because almost everyone was masked, but, as I told one of my cousins, this was the biggest gathering I've been to in over 2 years and I felt that was enough!
      Glad you got to stay home, where it was warm and cozy. :)

  6. I hope your daughter feels better for having rested today.
    Thank goodness your grocery store mix up was only the names and your order hadn't gone home with someone else. That would have been quite an inconvenience. X

    1. She's starting to feel better, Jules, thank you. :)
      Yes, I'm glad the store didn't give my order to someone else by mistake! One of the bigger stores did that, one day, and by the time that was sorted out and I had come home, the carton of ice cream was already half melted and I was not happy!

  7. Sorry for the mix-up. Glad you got it sorted out!

    Hope your daughter feels better! I didn't do too well after mine either. Thankfully it was only for a couple of days.

    1. Thank you, Sharon; "all's well that ends well" as they say. :)
      My daughter is starting to feel better, thank you; it takes a few days, doesn't it?

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