Friday, December 3, 2021

A Little Bit of Shopping

A day with hazy sunshine, today, and slightly cooler temperatures (low 70s).

In the morning, I called the Temple and spoke with the Abbot;  prior to Covid, I used to invite the monks from the Temple to my house for a special meal we call an almsgiving, every December, as a form of giving thanks for the blessings of the year that is ending and to receive blessings for the new year.  But, last year, I made a donation of money instead and I have decided to do the same this year, too.  I called the Abbot to let him know that it is what I have planned to do this year, too.  They will use the monetary donation for Temple expenses such as their electricity bill, etc.

Later, I did a load of laundry (bath mats, etc.)

In the afternoon, I took my daughter to get her Covid booster vaccine.  It was done at a pharmacy in a drug store.  While she was waiting for the 10 minutes after she received the vaccine booster dose, I browsed in the store and picked up a few items:

Today's Shopping

It seems that, no matter who is getting vaccinated, I always have an "urge to shop" side effect!  LOL.  It must be the result of being inside a store in person!  Only two of these items - the hair elastics ($3.49) for my daughter (picked up two packets, buy 1 at regular price and get the 2nd at 50% off) and an eye liner ($3.29) for myself - were planned buys.  The Marias cookies ($1), the two mini panettone ($1 each) and the Harry Potter themed folding umbrella ($14.99) were impulse buys!  There was a whole display case of HP themed items - mugs, socks, Hedwig plush toys, chocolate wands, etc.  I showed them to my daughter and she loved the umbrella; I told her I'll get it for her as part of her New Year's gift.  We received $5 back in credit on the store card, to be used on our next purchase from the store.  

On the way home, we picked up some hamburgers and fries at a fast food drive-through for lunch.  After lunch, my daughter took a nap.  She has been feeling a bit achy and fatigued since she came home, but, so far, no fever.

I watched some TV while my daughter napped (news and an episode of the Great British Baking Show).  Friend R called and I chatted with her for a bit.  I also wished two other friends and a family member who were celebrating their birthdays.  

Dinner was parathas with turkey curry and onion sambol.  I had a piece of the chocolate panettone for dessert (my daughter doesn't like panettone).  Later, I ran the dishwasher (and washed the pans by hand). 

Today, I am grateful for:
- The availability of vaccines
- Being able to send a monetary donation to the Temple instead of having an almsgiving
- A safe drive to the pharmacy and back
- Working appliances
- Keeping in touch with friends and family

Today's joyful activity was shopping in person!  LOL!

Plans for tomorrow include some housework and more gift making.  

How was your day?  What are your plans for Friday?


  1. That will be good for the store having all those additional sales from the people going for their jabs, an interesting side effect of the vaccine :) That's good of you to donate money instead of hosting a meal again this year sounds sensible and the money will be put to good use. I hope your daughter feels better soon. I'm planning to go to buy meat for the freezer today, I'd rather choose my own than leave it to the online order pickers.

    1. Ha, ha, the store benefitted from me going in! Much more than if only my daughter had gone in! :D Let's just say that I'm doing my bit to keep the economy going! :D
      I feel that I am taking the easy way out by not holding an almsgiving as it involves a lot of work, but, I know the Temple can use the funds. Maybe next year, I can do the almsgiving.
      My daughter had a fever, today, and she is still achy and very tired, but, she took the day off from work and is resting.
      I hope you find some good deals at the grocery store, Eileen. :)

  2. You had some fun & success in your in store adventure. Glad to hear that you & your daughter both have now had your COVID booster jabs. In Ontario they just lowered the age to get to 50 - it will be awhile before all age groups can get. Just a matter of waiting our turn. Chuckling I say, thankfully our vaccine clinics are not in stores for I may too need to shop afterwards - it's the adult version of getting a sucker after a jab!! :)

    1. Thank you, Mary-Lou; I did enjoy myself at the store! :D Yes, shopping for goodies is our adult version of getting a sucker after a jab! LOL!

  3. My son got his booster yesterday, too. He called and said he was not feeling great and going to bed and don't call. I think he knows we probably would have called to see how the shot went. I think he was right. :)

    1. I hope your son is feeling better, today, June. It takes some time to recover, I think, depending on the dose. My daughter had a fever this morning and she is feeling achy and very fatigued, today.

  4. I'd have been tempted to but the HP umbrella ... your daughter has good taste! I've found that actually being in the store increases temptation levels and I've had to be strict with myself about what I buy, so you're not alone.

    I hope your daughter recovers from the booster quickly and that you can both enjoy a restful weekend together.

    1. I thought of you, Eileen, told my daughter that you'd probably like some of the items they had! My daughter liked the mugs, too, but, they were rather big and we have plenty of mugs. She needed an umbrella - it rains more in Berkeley than it does down here and her current umbrella has started to develop a few holes near the nodes.
      Yes, you are right; I think we are tempted to buy more when in the store! I don't enjoy online shopping as much.
      Thank you; my daughter was having a low grade fever this morning and is still achy and fatigued. She took the day off from work and is resting. :)

  5. You must be happy that you have both received the booster shot now. I need to go online and book ours as we will soon have the number of days since the last vaccination. I was interested to see that you have the mini panettone as I saw them in our grocery store and have been thinking of sampling them. We don't have the chocolate version, though. I hope your daughter will soon feel back to normal.
    I've had coffee with my friend and then went to the post office for stamps, the dollar store for some special cards and stocking stuffers, and then to two stores for groceries. Needless to say we didn't have an early lunch. Then there was some laundry to catch up on and then I rested and did 3 cryptograms.

    1. Bushlady, yes, I feel very relieved that we have both received our boosters...just in time for the new variant! LOL! Hopefully, our boosters will work to keep Omicron at bay! Yes, please do book your booster and get it as soon as you can. I liked the chocolate panetonne; haven't tried the vanilla one, yet. Panettone reminds me a bit of an eggy yeast bread that the Burghers (Dutch descendants) in Sri Lanka make at Christmas, called breudher or broeder (both spellings are used). Daughter is still experiencing the aches and fatigue from her booster, but, hopefully, she'll be better in a couple of days.
      Sounds like you had a busy day! Glad you got to rest a bit in the evening. :)

  6. Your shopping side effect comment made me chuckle - I had just been thinking the same thing :) But I think the umbrella is cute and I'm not really a fan of Harry Potter.
    I hope your daughter is feeling okay after her vaccination. X

    1. I would never have considered myself to be a shopoholic, but, being inside a store in person seems to trigger a need to shop response in me! LOL. Maybe it is a good thing that I shop mostly online!
      Daughter has been coping with side effects all day, but, I think she'll feel better, tomorrow. :)

  7. haha - Yes, you do have that shopping side effect from getting the covid shot or taking someone to get the shot.
    You picked up some nice things.
    I laughed at Patio Postcards likening the shopping to the adult version of a getting a lollipop :)

    I'm glad you both have your boosters and hope your daughter's side effects dissipate.

    1. I do seem to have that side effect when it comes to vaccine shots, don't I? Yes, the shopping is the reward for getting vaccinated! LOL.
      Thank you, Debra; I'm glad we are both as fully vaccinated as possible, right now. My daughter is feeling a bit better, now, thank you. I think she'll be OK in another day or so. :)


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