Saturday, May 1, 2021

Monthly Photo Challenge - April: Number(s)

The theme for the April monthly photo challenge was Number(s).  These are the photos I took for this challenge; they are the numbers that have had a significant impact on my life this past year:

"19" is for the year of identification (2019)

Just in case someone is still wondering why "19" and why not some other number!  It's not a random number pulled out of a hat!  It denotes the year in which this particular disease was identified.

Another important number during this past year:


Disinfecting wipes and other sanitizers were worth their weight in gold!

Remember when it was thought that the virus would lose its virulence with the rise in temperature in the spring?  

Temperature Gauge

Except, it didn't, no matter whether you checked the numbers in Celsius or Fahrenheit!  

But, weight was a factor in how severely the virus would affect people who were infected, so that was certainly a number for me to watch:

Scale Numbers (in pounds)

We tried to minimize the spread of this disease by various means, including limiting  the number of people allowed in any one place at one time:

43 - the number of people allowed at the pharmacy/drugstore

Our common goal ought to be to attain this number:

Free of this disease, that is!

To that end, I feel I've done what I can!


Thank you, Eileen, for this opportunity to participate in the monthly photo challenge.  I'm looking forward to the May challenge (May's theme is "red").


  1. Yes, very good indeed. Clever slant!

  2. Brilliant! I love how you've approached this theme. Thanks so much for joining in. x

  3. Great take on the number prompt - so fitting for our times.

    1. Thank you, Debra. I started taking the photos of numbers and wondered how I could tie it together. I left out one photo, accidentally (of a blank sudoku puzzle which I was going to include as a Covid pastime) but, that's OK. I still had enough photos for the post. :)

  4. Well done, you covered the topic perfectly!


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