Thursday, May 31, 2018

Thursday: On the Last Day of May

Once again, I didn't fall asleep until after 3:00 a.m.  It isn't a problem, except for the fact that I have to get up at 7:00 a.m. in order to get to the office at a reasonable time!  Oh, well, as was pointed out to me in one of the comments on yesterday's post, when I am retired, I won't have to wake up at 7:00 a.m. after going to sleep at 3:00 a.m.! 

Today is the last day of May and May Gray made itself felt in the morning - it was cold, overcast, drizzly in areas, and more winter-like than spring.  But, later, in the afternoon, the clouds moved away and the sun began to shine and it warmed up a little. 

I walked past the farmers' market on my way to the bus stop, in the morning, but chose not to buy anything.  It was hard to walk past the French bakery stall, but I managed to resist the charms of both the French gentleman who mans the booth and addresses me as "Madame" in a lovely accent and the almond croissants/bear claws that are my favorite pastries!

Breakfast, today, was cheese crackers.  Maybe not the best choice, nutritionally, but a bit better than an almond croissant, I think.

Lunch was leftovers from last night's dinner - Spanish rice and chicken stir-fry.

An orange picked from my tree for dessert/afternoon snack:

Orange from my tree

It is one of the last oranges from the tree.  I picked the last 5 oranges when daughter was home, so she could enjoy them and she left two of the oranges for me.  Now, we wait for the new crop of oranges to grow and ripen!

I also took some pumpkin seeds as an additional snack and had some; a 1/4 cup serving size contains 15% of the daily requirement of iron, according to the nutrition label on the package:

Pumpkin Seeds

I had a very productive day at the office.  Colleagues are asking me if I am feeling excited about retiring, but, as I tell them, I've been too busy to give it a lot of thought!  Maybe after I put in the papers, I'll start getting excited about it!

The pharmacy had texted me in the morning, saying a prescription refill was ready for pick up.  So, after work, I drove to the pharmacy, directly, and picked up the refill.  I received a receipt showing I had $12 worth of Extra Care Bucks!  I looked around the store to see what I wanted to get with that, but couldn't decide, so didn't buy anything!  I think the coupon is valid till June 7, so I will go back to the pharmacy another day to make my selection. 

After I came home, I had a cup of tea and made some phone calls - Aunt T, cousin P, and friend R, to check on them.  Then, I did a load of laundry and watered the indoor plants. 

I made an omelette (1 egg) for dinner, and had it with a salad:


I made a salad to take to the office for lunch, at the same time, but I need to make a sandwich or something to have in addition to the salad.

Later, I video chatted with daughter.  She had to attend a day of training on the campus of University of California Davis and took the train there and back.

Today, I am grateful for:
- A productive day at the office
- Daughter had a safe train ride to her training and back
- I had a safe commute to work and back
- Sunshine in the afternoon
- The things I was able to accomplish

Thursday's To Do List:
- Go to the office - DONE
- Stop by the farmers' market (maybe) - Decided not to
- Water the indoor plants - DONE
- Do the dishes - DONE
- Do another load of laundry - DONE
- Pharmacy to pick up refill - DONE

Today, I was able to accomplish most of the things on my to do list!

Friday's To Do List:
- Go to the office
- Leave a note for gardener friend M
- Attend meditation session

A short to do list for Friday!

How was your Thursday?  What are your plans for Friday? 


  1. Bless, you stay up very late. Do you feel sleepy in the afternoon? Sleeping 4 hours is not enough. ( Now I sound like my mom :) )
    I'm sure you will enjoy long sleep schedules very soon. 😊

    1. Nil, I have always been a "night owl" and now, one of the side effects of a medication I take is insomnia, so going to bed and falling asleep at a reasonable time is hard! Very occasionally, I will feel sleepy around 4:00 p.m. or so. That's when I take a nap, if I am at home. Can't do that at the office, though! Sleeping in is something I am looking forward to!

  2. Beautiful orange! I always feel like having a cup of tea after I read your blog! Andrea

    1. Thank you, Andrea. The oranges from the tree are nice and sweet. I hope you had a cup of tea and ate a slice of that very delicious looking blueberry almond cake you made! :)

  3. I bet when you've retired and you don't have to get up at 7am you'll be awake and raring to go, no matter what time you get to sleep lol.

    I'm not sure I'd have the willpower to resist an almond croissant for breakfast and might have to find another route to work! I have some oranges in the fridge, Amy likes to eat them cold and they're delicious. I find if I leave them in the fridge nobody eats them, but if I quarter them and put them on the table after a meal we all tuck in and they're gone in 2 minutes. At times it feels I all but hand feed the family. It must be really nice to just wander into the garden and pick your own.

    Hope June is a good month for your and your family. xx

    1. Suzanne, wouldn't it be funny if I do wake up early when I don't have to?

      Well, I'm glad I resisted the croissant, yesterday, because there were doughnuts in the office, today, and I had one!

      Too funny about the family tucking into the fruit if it is cut up and served to them! You take good care of your family, Suzanne, and I am sure they appreciate all you do for them. :)

  4. Ir is so amazing to me that you can go outside and pick oranges from a tree in your own backyard. They look so fresh and must taste absolutely wonderful. I vaguely remember oranges. It has been so long since I have been allowed to have one. LOL.

    You reminded me when you reported having $12 in ECBs to spend at the drug store, that I got a gift card from a grocery store for $25 this past week. It was so long ago that I applied for it as a class action suit. It does not have an expiry date, so I will use it the next time I shop at No Frills. I do love free stuff.

    1. Susan, it is rather satisfying to go out and pick fruit from your own trees. :) I hope you will be able to eat oranges, again, soon.

      How nice to receive a gift card from the grocery store! I hope you find lots of bargains to get with it! Free stuff is good!

  5. Every single night I tell myself I am going to be before midnight and every single night if I am in bed by 3 it is a miracle. What is it with those of use who enjoy the late night so? Closeted vampires maybe?

    1. First, I am never ready to go to bed on time, and, secondly, once I am in bed, I can't fall asleep for awhile! I should just work the graveyard shift and it would be a good fit!

  6. I wonder if the fact that the moon was still fairly full had anything to do with you not getting to sleep, because it certainly did that for me last night! I've had a few nights like that. When I looked at the photo of the orange I was reminded of the middle of the night snack I had, and often do have, when I can't sleep and get up and go downstairs. For some reason I just crave an orange then! Of course mine came from some far off place, but it was very sweet nevertheless.

    I had breakfast with a friend this morning so I had to get up early, but it was good to see her and I wasn't too tired.

    1. Bushlady, I am glad you were not too tired to have breakfast with a friend, even after not going to sleep till late. I don't think it is the moon - I think I get a second wind, sometime around 10:00 p.m. Then, when I do get to bed, I am too wound up to fall asleep!


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