Sunday, May 13, 2018

Relaxing on Saturday

Saturday was another grey, overcast, cool day.  It rained in other parts of the city, but it only threatened to do so in my area.  I think my grocery shopping on Friday wore me out, because I felt rather tired on Saturday.  I took it easy and mostly rested.  I watched some TV, replied to blog comments (thank you, all, for all your lovely comments), read and posted comments on some blogs, and wrote a blog post or two!  I was going to write only one blog post for Friday, but soon realized that the discussion about vacation time off needed a post of its own and the groceries deserved its own, too! 

In between, I did a load of dishes in the dish washer and washed several other items by hand, cleaned the litter box, knitted a bit, called friend R to check on her and had a nice long chat with her, and admired my daughter's grocery shopping haul:

Daughter's Grocery Haul 
She bought everything from the dollar store and everything is priced $.99, unless otherwise noted:

1 box organic sweet potato sunshine cereal
1 box blueberry nut breakfast bars
1 box chocolate chip cookies
1 lb. Persian cucumbers
2 plaintains ($.50@)
1 box wasabi and soy sauce crackers
1 package Asian bbq rice side
1 package Morrocan style barley side ($.80)
1 jar plum sauce
3 lbs. pink lady apples ($1.99)
2 bottles vanilla bean protein plus shakes
2 packages freeze dried apple crisps
1 cantaloupe
2x 1 lb containers of strawberries
4 Manila mangoes ($1.00)
Total = $19.09

This is her cooking for the week:

Daughter's Weekly Meal Prep
She said she cooked: salmon fillet with onions and tomato, mackerel curry, sauteed plaintains, garlic basil baked potato wedges, and pasta (spinach pasta cooked in chicken broth and coconut milk with added spinach leaves and some of the onions and tomato mixture from the salmon along with the broken bits of salmon).

Later in the evening, I exchanged emails with a friend and video chatted with daughter, as usual.  Dinner was rice with leftover stir fry.  I tried the sparkling blood orange drink I had bought and it was very good.  I think I will buy another couple of bottles and have on hand.

On Saturday, I was grateful for:
- A day in which to relax
- A nice chat with my friend
- Knowing my daughter is eating well
- My hair getting longer
- A working dishwasher

How was your Saturday?  Did you run errands or were you able to relax and take it easy?


  1. Both you and your daughter got lots of great groceries for very little money. Good job! I bought quite a few this week, again, because I needed to take food to 2 different events. They were fun, and this week will be lighter in that aspect:)

    1. Thanks, Becky. You have been busy! I wish I had half your energy!

  2. What great bargains daughter found. Her dinners sound really good too. My son/family came on Saturday. He is a pastor so couldn't come on Sunday. Dau came on Sunday, so was a good weekend. I plan to grocery shop on Monday.

    1. Thanks, Judy. I am so glad you were able to spend the weekend enjoying individual visits from your son and daughter. You got to spread Mother's Day over the entire weekend!

  3. I am always amazed at what you can buy at the Dollar Store in the line of groceries. Yes, our dollar store sells processed food in tins and packages, but never frozen or fresh produce. My dishes seem to be the same old, same old from week to week; but your daughter's menu is really varied. She must have learned to be a great cook from her mother.

    1. There are two primary dollar stores, here. One is called the Dollar Tree, which sells canned, packaged, and frozen food, but not fresh produce. The other one, that daughter and I frequent, is called the 99Cents Only Store. At one time, everything they sold was $.99 or less; now, the name is a bit of a misnomer, because some things are more than $.99!

      I tend to make the same thing, myself, Susan. But daughter goes online and looks up new recipes to try. She is more willing to try new things than I am!


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