Sunday, May 27, 2018

Busy Days and May Grocery Shopping Week 4

Friday was sunny and bright.  It was nice to see the sunshine after so many grey days.  I went to the office and had a fairly productive day.  I didn't get a phone call from the doctor's billing office and I didn't call; I thought I will wait until Tuesday to call.

I did speak with the nurse practitioner, however, about the iron supplements and clarified the dosage she wanted me to take.  She said either dosage was fine, but she preferred me to take the higher dosage.  

In the evening, I went home and rested a bit, as I had a bit of a headache (an eye strain, actually; probably from all the reviewing of documents I was doing for work - some people prefer to print things out and read them, but I prefer to read directly from the computer screen and make changes as I go).  Later, I remade daughter's bed with fresh sheets and the newly laundered quilt.  And I did a little bit of tidying.  I didn't go to the meditation session as I needed to go to the airport to pick up daughter, later in the evening.

At first, daughter's flight was delayed until 9:30 p.m.  But she was able to switch to an earlier flight, free of charge (because her reason for switching was her flight being delayed), and got home half an hour earlier than she would have otherwise!  It was lovely to have her home, again!  We chatted for awhile before we went to sleep.

On Friday, I was grateful for:
- Daughter had a safe flight home
- She was able to get an earlier flight, free of charge, due to her original flight being delayed
- I had a good day at the office
- A safe commute to work and back, to the airport and back
 - Daughter is home for the weekend  

Saturday morning, I was woken up by a phone call at 8:00 a.m.  My cousin V was calling.  She apologized for waking me up, but she was calling me to inform me that her uncle had passed away.  He was my cousin P's uncle, too.  Not directly related to me, but considered as extended family and addressed as uncle by me and my daughter, too.  We had been expecting this, ever since he was taken to the hospital, last week, with heart and kidney failure, but even so, when the news does come, there is a sense of sadness.  I called his daughter to condole with her and left a message.  Then, I called her daughter to condole with her, and she told me that her mother had met with an accident on her way to the nursing home and was being checked out at the emergency, but she was not injured!  I called cousin P, too, to sympathize with her.

Later in the morning, I dropped my daughter off at a mini-golf course (there were other activities there, as well, including an arcade and a batting cage) to meet up with some of her friends; they would play a game of mini-golf and go out to lunch.  Later, one of her friends dropped her off at home.

After I dropped off daughter, I went to the pharmacy to get the higher dosage iron supplements.  Afterwards, I stopped by the dollar store and the grocery store to buy some groceries and other items.
Photo-bombing Cat!
Just as I was getting ready to take the picture, Dancer decided to get into the picture, too!

May Week 4 Groceries
At the grocery store, I bought:
1 package bagels = $1.99
1/2 gal. milk = $1.99
1 flavored coffee creamer = $2.69
1.64 lb. bananas @ $.59/lb = $.97
1 bag (12 oz) frozen green peas = $1.00
Total = $8.64

At the dollar store, I bought:
3 cans mackerel in brine @ $1 = $3.00
1 package pumpkin seeds = $1.00
1 package mixed lettuce = $1.00
grapes @$1/lb = $1.26
Total =   $6.26

Total spent today = $8.64 + $6.26 = $14.90

May grocery budget = $70
Spent to date = $34.50 + $6.11 + $30.70 + $14.90 = $86.21
Over spent = $16.21

I am not too worried about overspending this month.  Some of what I bought today will be used in June, as well.  I will carry over the amount overspent into June.

In the afternoon, daughter and I went through my sari collection and tried on some sari blouses.  My daughter liked one sari that had been my mother's - a pretty shade of pink with silver work along the borders and the section that falls over the shoulder - but some of the silver threads were tarnished.  I washed it to try to remove some of the tarnish, but it didn't go away.  I might cut away the tarnished sections and try to sew a blouse or a scarf with the rest of the fabric, which is pure silk and so soft.

After that, daughter and I went shopping.  First, we went to the pet supplies store and we bought two buckets of kitty litter and more flea prevention medication. 

Then, we went to the electronics store and I bought myself a new laptop, since the other one had been giving me some trouble recently.  Daughter thought it was because I had so many pictures stored on it, so I deleted a bunch of them.  It seems to have helped, but now, I have a new laptop as a back up.  Daughter set it up for me and I am typing this blog post on it.  

We picked up some Chinese food on the way home and had an early dinner.  I picked the last five oranges from the tree, so daughter could enjoy some of it.  We spent a restful evening at home, just enjoying being together.

Today, I am grateful for:
- My daughter being home
- A new laptop
- My daughter setting it up for me
- A sunny, warm day
- Fresh oranges from the tree

How is your weekend, so far?  Are you enjoying having a long weekend? 


  1. I'm sorry that you had to be woken up yesterday with bad news. My prayers go out to you and your family.

    Enjoy your weekend with you daughter. I know it's always great when she's home.

    1. Thank you, Live and Learn.

      Yes, having daughter home for the weekend is fun. We are planning to go to "Little India" today; it is several blocks of Indian shops and restaurants.

  2. Sounds like a delightful visit with your daughter! I'm happy for you. Andrea

    1. Thank you, Andrea. I enjoy having her home. :)

  3. It sounds like you will have a nice weekend with your daughter, Bless. I'm sorry for the loss of your uncle -- even when it's expected, it is still sad as you said.

    1. Thank you, Laura. It's sad to see the older generation pass away. As one of my cousins said, suddenly, WE are the older generation!

      Yes, daughter and I are having a fun weekend, Laura. Hope you are, too.

  4. Sorry to hear about your family bereavement. A sad time for all of you who remember this dear "uncle". We are having our share of wakes and funerals lately in the community and the third this month at our church is tomorrow. I will join in the funeral choir as usual.

    How lovely that the delay in your daughter's flight resulted in her being put on an earlier one. Sometimes these things do work out! Enjoy your time with her. Little India sounds great.

    We are very pleased that the Eastern Phoebe is still peacefully sitting on the nest under the eaves of the woodshed, not minding us coming and going nearby. DH pretends to grumble because he cannot use a chain saw or log splitter nearby, but it is only for a fairly short time until the family is raised and flown and he has plenty of other things to do outside.

    1. Thank you, Bushlady.

      The Eastern Phoebe probably knew it was a safe place for her to nest, when she chose your woodshed eave. Glad your DH is willing to wait, even if he is grumbling about it. I'm sure that, secretly, he's pleased about the bird nesting there. :)

      Daughter and I had a nice outing, today. But she was surprised at how tired I got! It was an hour drive each way, plus an hour or so of shopping and lunch out. I am resting now.

  5. I'm sorry to hear about the loss of your uncle, Bless.

    I hope you have a wonderful time with your daughter.

    1. Thank you, Nil.

      I am enjoying having my daughter home. The cat is enjoying it, too, as he gets extra cuddles. :)

  6. Busy days indeed. It was very nice for both of you that your daughter got an earlier flight. How very fortunate. Sounds like your weekend so far has been a lot of fun for both of you. You seem to be getting things done.

    I extend my sympathy to you and your daughter on the loss of your uncle.

    1. Thank you, Susan.

      Yes, we were both very glad that daughter could get an earlier flight on Friday. And we've spent a lovely weekend, together and she was able to fit in a couple of visits with her friends, too. Hope you've had a good weekend, too.

  7. I'm glad your daughter made it okay! Enjoy your visit.


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