Sunday, November 26, 2017

Restful Saturday

Another warm, sunny day with a high of 86F. 

I did a little housework, today - dusted the living room and dining room, cleared the dining table, did the dishes, wiped the kitchen counters and stove top, etc.  I didn't decorate at all for Thanksgiving, this year, so I didn't need to take down and put away decorations!  I only have two decorations and both are what I made - a wreath and a wall decoration; I usually enjoy decorating, but I didn't feel like it, this year, so didn't! 

I also spent some time watching TV and knitting.  I finished knitting one sleeve on the sweater and started on the other.

In the afternoon, I dropped my daughter off at a tea cafe/art gallery where she had arranged to meet with one of her friends.  She was going to take the bus back home, but her friend gave her a ride home, instead.

Today, I felt the need for something light and fresh for lunch, so I made myself a salad:

Salad for Lunch
Lettuce, grated carrot, cucumber, and some leftover turkey for protein.

Later in the evening, daughter made us an apple pie:

Apple Pie
There was a little pie crust and apples left, so I made two little apple tarts to use it all up:

Mini Apple Tarts
I must say, daughter makes a good apple pie!  She used brown sugar and doubled the amount of cinnamon called for in the recipe because she likes cinnamon.  She and I ate half of the big apple pie between the two of us! 

Today, I am grateful for:
- Apple pie still warm from the oven
- Another sunny, warm day
- Daughter getting together with her friends
- A restful day
- Spending time with daughter

How was your Saturday?  Do you have a favorite apple pie recipe? 


  1. Apple and cinnamon - what a combination! We prefer crumbles but pies are never refused. Our weather is very cold at present so warming soups and casseroles are the order of the day.

    1. Crumbles are good, too; apparently, they are called crisps, over here.

  2. The apple pie looks delicious Bless. I like to add cinnamon too. It's making me feel hungry and I've only just eaten! X

    1. Maybe something for you to make with Lily's help, one of these days, Jules.


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