Sunday, November 26, 2017

Autumn Joy List - Review

Earlier, in September, I made a list of joyful things to do from then until Thanksgiving.  Now that Thanksgiving is over, I thought I'll review my list to see how many of the joyful tasks were achieved.

List of Autumn Joys:

1. Sew a quilt or two; or, rather, finish the On the Road to the Mountain Quilt (had to sew another row of patches to make the top fit the bigger comforter I'm using as the batting) and finish the Mountain Quilt (need to piece the side borders) - I more or less finished the Road to the Mountain Quilt, although I didn't finish tying it, as I found it hard to tug the yarn through all the layers of fabric; but the quilt is on my bed and I am using it as it is.  The Mountain Quilt was put aside when my sewing machine broke, although daughter said I could borrow her sewing machine.  I bought myself a new sewing machine just before Thanksgiving, so I should be able to get back to sewing the quilt, very soon.

2. Make a wall hanging for the cancer treatment clinic - Didn't get around to doing it, partly because the sewing machine broke down.

3. Decorate my house for fall (in October) - Decorated for Fall/Halloween

4 Decorate for Thanksgiving (in November) - Didn't feel like decorating, so didn't!

5. My daughter's visits home  (2 planned for in November) - Daughter visited for my birthday and is visiting now for Thanksgiving; she'll go back on Tuesday, but will be back for Christmas and New Year.

6. Host the October prayer gathering - Prayer gathering was hosted and everything went well.

7. Celebrate my birthday (November) - Birthday was celebrated with my daughter who came down to visit.  We went out to eat and she gave me several gifts of mostly practical and useful items I had wanted.  One of my aunts and cousins, too, visited me for my birthday (a few days before the actual day) with another practical gift of a new handbag/purse to replace my old purse which was starting to look very shabby.

8. Celebrate Thanksgiving with friends and family - Celebrated with friends and with family; we were invited to two places and went to both!

9. Enjoy a week of vacation during Thanksgiving week - Enjoyed my week off.  I still have a few more days of vacation left, since I don't go back to the office until Wednesday.

10. Bake an apple pie - Daughter made the apple pie; I made two mini apple tarts with the leftover filling and pie crust.

Apple Pie

11. Visit the garden center - Visited and bought several potted plants.

12. Plant a fall garden - Not yet!  Too hot with temperatures in the upper 80s and low 90s!

On the whole, I managed to engage in many joyful activities.  I am debating whether to do a Winter Joy List or not.  Maybe just incorporate it into my monthly "balanced life" goals.  Joyful activities in the winter will include holding my almsgiving and preparations for the holidays.

Did anyone else make an Autumn Joy List?  If so, were you able to do the joyful things you wanted to do?  Is anyone else making a Winter Joy List?


  1. Well you accomplished pretty much of your list! I don't do a list but it is a good idea to do this! Andrea

    1. I did accomplish the majority of it, didn't I? Maybe I will do another winter joy list, as well. :)

  2. Happy Birthday.. [sorry it is a late birthday wish]. The pie looks so good.

    1. Thank you, Judy. The pie is all gone, now! :)


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