Monday, November 6, 2017

Relaxing on Monday

I had the day off, today, and, although there were lots of things to do, I decided to take it easy.
The heater worked well last night - maybe a bit too well!  I turned it on around 2:30 a.m., and set it at 70F.  I think it was on all night and the thermometer in the family room registered 80F when I woke up!  It was another sunny, warm day, today, with the highs in the mid-70s!  I opened the windows to let the fresh air and sunshine in and felt warm enough to change out of my sweatshirt into a short sleeved blouse and take off my socks!  LOL!
I spent the morning catching up on blogs.  Then, I replied to an email a friend had sent.
I tried to take a nap in the afternoon, but I couldn't fall asleep, so I lay on the sofa and read one of the magazines I had borrowed from the library.  They are due next week, so I need to finish reading them.  I can read the same magazine over and over again without getting tired of it, sometimes reading the decorating articles, sometimes the gardening stuff, sometimes the recipes, so it takes me a long time to go through a magazine!   

Dancer decided I was spending too much time on the computer and not enough time cuddling him:

"You have to reach around me to type, Mummy"
I think he has forgiven me for giving him the flea meds, yesterday (he no longer has any fleas, but I am applying the meds as a preventive measure!)

In the afternoon, I called and made an appointment with my financial planner for later this month.  Then, I called the monks at the temple and settled on a date for my almsgiving in December.  Later, in the evening, I called my aunt and my friend to tell them the almsgiving date.  I will call the other friends and family members later.  I also did a load of laundry and hung it up to dry and took the trash cans to the curb.  I started doing some paperwork, but, by then, I had a bit of a headache/eye ache, so I didn't finish the paperwork. 
Breakfast was a banana, lunch was a cold cuts sandwich, dinner was some of the chicken chili and a cucumber salad, grapes for dessert.  I also ate some chocolate, which I probably shouldn't have, but it helped with the headache!  At least, that's my story and I am sticking to it!  (I also drank a couple of glasses of water, in case the headache was due to dehydration.)
Today, I was grateful for:
- The sunny, warm day
- Having the day off from work
- Relaxing at home
- Dancer coming to me for cuddles!
- Getting a few things done, after all

Tuesday's To Do List:
- Go to the office
- Pay property tax bill
- Put away the washed dishes
- Put away the dried laundry
- Paperwork
- Another load of laundry

How was your day?  Did you have a good start to your week?


  1. Monday was a pretty good day even though I got a migraine. I'm so happy that meds help me with those.

    1. I'm so sorry you had a migraine, Live and Learn. Those are the worst type of headaches. One of my cousins gets them so badly that she ends up in the hospital! I'm glad the meds helped you. Hope you were able to rest and you are feeling better, today.

  2. "I also ate some chocolate" "it helped with the headache! At least, that's my story and I am sticking to it!" Today when I was grocery shopping all the Halloween bags of candy were being marked down to .99 I have never seen it that low. I purchased 4 bags. The checker told me if you double bag it that it freezes well and comes how tasting like you just purchased it. They were busy stocking Christmas candy. The only difference being the wrapper. I am ashamed at how as a consumer we abuse the planet this way but at the same time was happy to take advantage of a bargain.

    You must feel happy that you have sorted the date for your almsgiving and made an appointment with your financial planner. To this day I am not sure why I continued to work as long as I did but that is another story.

    1. Sandy, brilliant idea to buy the candy on sale to eat later. I agree, once the wrapper comes off, there is no difference in the candy inside! I know some people who buy Valentines day candy ("kisses", etc.) when it goes on sale and then, separate them by color, so that the red and silver ones can be given at Christmas as stocking stuffers, etc.

      I was very happy that I got a date for the almsgiving. Unfortunately, I couldn't get the date I wanted, as someone else had already booked that date, and it led to some conflict between my daughter and me. :( (Probably the cause of yesterday's headache, because I get stressed about these things.) But, I am not going to change the date; I gave her some options and the rest is up to her.

      "To this day I am not sure why I continued to work as long as I did" Yes, sometimes we look back and wonder why we did what we did for that length of time, don't we? I'm sure we had our reasons and they made perfect sense to us at the time. Sometimes, it is the fear of the unknown: "Will I be able to manage if I make the change?" Often, it is a leap of faith, and it works out OK.

  3. Proud you had a good day off..
    I love magazines too.. I like the old ones, and can re-read them over and over.[Doesn't have to be new for]

    1. It's the same with me, Judy. Love old magazines. One of my former neighbors used to have stacks of old magazines that I used to borrow from time to time. I have kept 2 old magazines - one from 1974, which is the year I came to this country and one from 1993, which is the year my daughter was born. It's fun to look back and see the styles and concerns of the times. :)

  4. Isn't it funny how our fur babies will just demand our attention when they are feeling neglected? ;) I do hope your headache was gone by the time you went to bed last night and that you are feeling much better today my friend!

    1. He comes to check on me, every so often and demands to be cuddled. Only when he wants to, of course, although he will tolerate me cuddling him, at times.

      Yes, my headache was gone by the time I went to bed and it didn't return, today. I was a bit stressed about something, yesterday, and probably, dehydrated, as well.


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