Monday, November 27, 2017

NonCyber Monday

No Cyber Monday shopping, either!  Daughter and I are not very good at doing our part in keeping the economy going, are we? 

It was a cooler day today, and it had even rained very early in the morning.  Daughter worked from home, today.  When we booked her Thanksgiving flight home and back, the return fares were still very high for the Monday flights, so we booked her return flight for Tuesday and she arranged with her office to work from home on Monday (she'll take a vacation day on Tuesday to travel back).  Today's working from home included a meeting in which she participated by calling in. 

I felt a little tired, today, so took it fairly easy.  I knitted two red hats for the American Heart Association:

Hat #1
They appear dark pink in the pictures, but the yarn is called Cherry Red, by Red Heart.  The AHA didn't want any embellishments such as bows or buttons because they can come out and I figured they wouldn't want any pom-poms, either. 

Hat #2

I also knitted a bit on my grey sweater back:

Grey Sweater Back

The pattern stitch is called "Little Birds"

Looks better in the picture, doesn't it?

For lunch, we picked up some Thai food from one of our favorite Thai food places - beef fried rice,   chicken satay, and a glass noodles dish with chicken and shrimp.  Sorry, we were too hungry to take pictures! 

After lunch, I took a long nap, for about 3 hours!

After tea, I took the trash cans out to the curb for trash pick up in the morning.  We had leftover Thai food for dinner and are spending a quiet evening, enjoying daughter's last evening at home.  She will leave tomorrow afternoon and come back just before Christmas.

Today, I am grateful for:
- Early morning rain
- Cooler weather
- Afternoon naps
- Favorite Thai food for lunch (and dinner)
- Another day of daughter's company

How was your day?  Did you do any online shopping for Cyber Monday?


  1. You must be a fast knitter Bless! I'm liking the look of the grey sweater. At the rate you're going you'll have it finished in a couple of days. X

    1. Not that fast a knitter, Jules, although I might have the sweater back done in a couple of days! The rest of the sweater will take a bit longer, especially since I need to do a few other things to prepare for my almsgiving and the upcoming holidays.

  2. Beautiful hats! Andrea

  3. Looking forward to seeing you modeling the gray sweater. Do you need new sweaters are you just in the mood for something new?

    1. The answer is, "Both"!

      I felt the "need" for a warm sweater when the office felt so cold (before the air vent was closed off); I thought a wool sweater or two would be warmer and I wouldn't need to wear the 3 layers I've been wearing to the office (blouse, sweater, and cardigan), just two (blouse and sweater) might be sufficient.

      I also "wanted" a couple of new sweaters because a few of my old ones look shabby and while they are good enough for wearing around the house, I don't want to wear them to the office.

      Besides, it was a good excuse to knit! :D

  4. I've no idea how you manage to knit so quickly! The patterns of the hats and sweater are lovely - in fact the pattern for the 2nd hat looks like the one I used for the neck warmer knitting boxes I made. It's lovely isn't it. Quite simple to do but really effective. xx

    1. The pattern on the second hat is the same cable ribbing I did on the plum sweater's ribbing at the bottom of the body and the edges of the sleeves. I like it a lot because of the elasticity.

  5. Well done, Bless, knitting two hats and getting a sizeable part of your grey sweater done already! The pattern is interesting.
    I think you probably eat better when you have your daughter at home, am I right? There is something about not having to eat alone, isn't there? I'm so glad you had an extra day with her, even if she did have to work from home.

    1. Thank you, Bushlady. I think you are right about my eating habits when daughter is home! At least, I tend to eat out more, or get take out more when she's home!


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