Sunday, November 5, 2017

November Grocery Shopping - Week 1

November 4 Groceries

I went grocery shopping on Saturday (November 4) and bought:
1 loaf French bread = $.99
5 6-oz. containers of flavored yogurt @$.50 = $2.50
1 gal. milk = $2.79
1 7-oz. container cold cuts = $3.00
3 bananas @$.49/lb = $.55
1 packet boneless/skinless chicken breast tenderloins, @$1.99/lb. = $4.22
1 packet pork ribs trimmings, @$1.29/lb. = $4.70
My total for groceries only came to $18.75
11/4 Receipt
(I also bought 2 bags of cat food at $8.99 per bag, but that comes from the Pet Care budget)
November's grocery budget is going to be the usual $75, plus I have $5.66 extra, being carried over from the October budget (not counting what was leftover from the prayer gathering budget).  I am not hosting Thanksgiving, so I don't have to budget for it.  Daughter will be visiting twice in November, for almost 12 days, total, so the $80 is for both of us. 
November grocery budget:  $75 + $5.66 = $80.66
November grocery spending to date: $18.75
Amount left in November grocery budget = $80.66 - $18.75 = $61.91
I still have quite a bit of food leftover from when I bought groceries for the prayer gathering.  They will be incorporated into November's meals (or sent home with my daughter when she visits).  
I don't normally buy boneless/skinless chicken breast tenderloins, but I wanted some chicken to cut up into small pieces to make a type of chili and I thought these chicken breast strips would be good for that and easy, too.  I bought the smallest package I could find and it weighed just over 2 lbs.  I took out approximately half the chicken for the chili dish I made for dinner.  The rest will be cooked tomorrow, once I decide what to make!  A stir-fry, maybe.

The pork spareribs trimmings is something new to me, which I bought to try.  I guess these are the bits they cut off in order to get the uniform looking ribs that are sold for $2.99/lb. at this store.  I don't mind that they are trimmings.  I will think of them as mini-spareribs!  Not sure how I will prepare them, but I'll think of something.  
Have you set your grocery budget for November, yet?  How do you handle Thanksgiving dinner?  Do you budget separately for it or is it included in your regular monthly budget for November?  If so, then, do you budget more for November than for other months?



  1. Looking forward to hearing about the chicken chili and maybe a recipe if you like it. With the exception of last year we travel to San Diego for Thanksgiving. If I was at home I would purchase a lot of the meal in bits and bobs in the weeks leading up to the holiday. As it is budget goes out the window and I simply purchase what is needed. Traditions change over time and it is lovely to get away.

    Not part of your food budget but may I ask how long your 2 bags of cat food last. Dancer is a well fed kitty.

    1. Sandy, I will definitely post about the chicken chili - I wanted to, last night, but I had forgotten to take a picture of the finished dish, so, this morning, I took a picture of the leftovers!

      Going to SD for Thanksgiving to visit your son sounds like a very good thing! I haven't been to SD in a very long time (more than 40 years! Yikes! Has it really been that long?) But my brother who died in September lived there at the time and I visited him when I visited my sister that winter - I spent Christmas with my brother and his first wife, at her parent's house. I remember it being about 75F and thinking it was so nice. My brother took me to see SeaWorld. I didn't stay long enough to go to the zoo, though.

      Ha, ha, one bag of cat food would last Dancer a long time! But, I am buying these bags of food for the stray/feral cats who live in my back yard and hide under my house, and the occasional possum and raccoon! I have managed to spay and neuter some of the cats, but there are still a couple of females who have not been fixed, yet. I feed them every morning and every evening. There are about a dozen of them and a bag of cat food lasts me approx. 1 week (Dancer, too, gets a little of this same food at the same time as the outside cats, but he also has another bowl of food filled with his specially-formulated-to-prevent-hairballs food). I am the neighborhood crazy cat lady! :D

  2. I am starting the month with $50/week (family of 5, plus extras at times). At times, I do lower, and sometimes hight, depending on what I need and if I need the money for other projects. After I get paid in the middle of the month, I may do a Costco run. I may or may not do an Azure Standard order, but that would mainly consist of soap, shampoo, etc. as my husband's skin can only tolerate the natural products. I also will get whatever groceries I need for Thanksgiving, but it's not looking like much will be needed beyond the turkey and ham I have frozen already. I may buy additional ones for the freezer if I find a good deal to replace these. I got potatoes yesterday, for 99c/10 pound bag. I am hosting, and have already bought the paper plates (probably around 20-25 people in my little house with no dishwasher) and people are bringing the rest. It will only be if I think of an item I really want that I will need to go buy some more for that day. It's about being together, not the size of the home, or the food, but trust me, we will not go hungry!!

    1. Becky, I've no doubts at all that you'll be able to keep to your budget! Paper plates for that many people without a dishwasher is the best way to go. I'm sure everyone will be happy to be together, no matter what the size of the house. With everyone bringing a dish, the meal will come together nicely and no one person will be burdened with all the cooking. :)

  3. I will be having Thanksgiving meal at my house.. [the kids and grandkids will all be here]. I do not include holiday meal grocery buying in my regular grocery budget.. I don't have a set amount either, I just buy the things I need as I find them on sale.. I bought my turkey last week.. Will be watching for a better sale to buy a couple more turkeys for the freezer??

    1. Judy, I am sure that will be a wonderful get together with all the family gathered at your place! I know you are looking forward to it. Hope the kids are bringing a dish or two, so you don't have to cook everything! I once prepared a full Thanksgiving meal for 44 people, by myself! I think I got up and put the turkey to roast at 6:00 a.m.! Oh, to be young and energetic, again! LOL. I hope the turkeys will go on sale closer to the date or, perhaps, just after the holiday?


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