Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Windy Monday

The winds actually started blowing on Sunday night and continued throughout the day on Monday, into Monday night.  Strong winds which have knocked down branches, dried palm fronds, and trees.  When I came home from work, Monday evening, there was a Street Tree maintenance truck in front of my neighbor's house - I guess they cut down the dead tree in front of her house before it fell down due to the winds.

It was either the winds blowing all the dust around or the atmospheric pressure that caused me to wake up with a slight headache on Monday morning.  Or, perhaps, it was a lack of adequate sleep.  Or, dehydration.  Or a combination of all three.  The headache lingered even as I went to work; but slowly wore off in the evening.

It was a chilly day for us.  It was 54F when I left for work in the morning.  I forgot to check the temperature outside when I came home, but it was 60F inside the house, in the family room (where the temperature gauge is set up).  I turned on the heater and now it has gone off, which means the living room area has reached 70F (thermostat is in the living room/dining area); the family room has warmed up to 64F!  The single gas wall heater is not very effective when it comes to heating up the whole house through diffusion.  But it's better than the old floor heater, which didn't work properly, at all.  

Breakfast was a cup of coffee (with milk) before I left the house in the morning, followed by a groundbeef filled bread roll I baked on Sunday.  Grapes for mid-morning snack.  Lunch was two more of the groundbeef rolls.  Afternoon snack was a banana and peanut butter.  I had a cup of tea with milk when I came home in the evening.  Dinner was salmon, half a baked potato, sauted zucchini, apple juice, and cashew-stuffed dates for dessert.

I didn't spend any money, on Monday.

Monday's gratitude:

- The winds didn't cause any damage to my house and garden
- Safe commutes to work and back
- A working heater
- Leftovers for dinner (didn't have to cook)
- Kitty curling up on my lap to keep warm

How was your Monday?  Did you have a good start to your work week?


  1. I love having trees around my house (I've always lived in wooded areas), but I've always been worried about what if one fell on the house? Maybe I worry/think too much. We did have a large tree fall on the back porch as a kid. It was loud and demolished the porch, so I imagine it would have caused damage to the house had it been a couple more feet to the left.

    Monday was good. No work week for me :-) I am working one day this week though.

    1. Glad you got to enjoy a day at home. That tree falling on the back porch must have been quite scary! I have a large tree in my front garden; if it ever falls, I hope it'll fall away from the house!

  2. That wild weather can really play havoc with one's body, perhaps because of pressure changes. I'm glad your headache eventually wore off.
    We are into our second glorious sunny day. Started with heavy frost but it is warming up a little now. Yesterday the sun seemed to give me a lot of energy, and although I haven't done much this morning except catch up with an old friend on the phone, I still feel I can make good use of the rest of the day. Even the birds at the feeders seem perkier when it is a sunny day. Stay warm!

    1. Glad you are having a sunny day, Bushlady. Those grey winter days can really get us down, can't they? When we get a cloudy day, here, I pretend I'm in England and make myself a cup of tea! :D

  3. We are having the high winds and chilly too. Very thankful for a warm house, and supper cooking in the crock pot..[chili]. yummy.
    Have a blessed evening.

    1. Chili is a lovely, warming meal for cold weather. Have to pull out my crock pot and start using it more.


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