Friday, November 20, 2015

Two Doctors' Appointments

Today (Thursday), I had two doctors' appointments.  One in the morning, with my primary care physician.  She checked my incision to see how it's healing.  It's healing slowly.  The lab results from the culture taken last week came back saying there was no sign of a bacterial infection, which was good.  I had some additional blood work done, today, and I'll meet with the doctor next week to go over those results.

In the afternoon, I had the second appointment of the day, with my podiatrist.  He's been checking my feet every 6 months for diabetes-related complications, but today, we discussed possible side effects due to chemo therapy.  I am to call him if I notice any problems or have any concerns, and not wait until my next regular 6 months check up.  Fortunately, the podiatrist and the chemo therapy center are located in the same medical office building, so it'll be easy to drop in for a quick check up if needed.
In between the two medical appointments, I went to the office.

After I came home, I hand watered the poor neglected front garden!  This is the first time I hand watered the front garden after my surgery.  The back garden is easily watered with the sprinklers, but the front garden doesn't have a lawn anymore (I let the lawn die due to the drought and need to conserve water), so I prefer not to turn on the sprinklers and to water by hand, using the garden hose.  I picked another pomegranate.

I put away the laundry from yesterday and picked up daughter from the airport! She's home until after Thanksgiving!

I had to be fasting for my blood work, this morning, so, had a nutritional drink for a late breakfast, after I got to the office.  Lunch was a meat-filled bread roll and grapes.  I had a cup of tea and some cashews when I came home.  Dinner was a frozen tamale. Oops!  I left the veggies off the menu, again! 

It was a lovely and warm during the day, but morning and evening have been cold. 

I spent money, today.  $30 for the 2 doctor visits; $10 for parking.

Today, I am grateful for:

- Medical care
- Daughter having a safe flight home
- Having daughter home
- A warm day
- Being able to water the garden


  1. So glad you are getting on well- and thrilled you will have your daughter with you again for a week. The Good Lord has been watering our gardens generously here in England this week! Love and blessings x

    1. Thank you, Angela. I'm so happy to have my daughter home. I rather suspect that she's happy to be home, too. :) We have been told to expect a rainy winter due to El Nino, so the garden might perk up a bit. Hope all is well with you and your family.

  2. So happy your daughter is home for a while. Enjoy your time together.

  3. So happy that your doctors appointments went well.. Praying that incision heals soon..Know your tired of it.
    Happy ,happy that daughter is home for a long visit..Know you will enjoy having her with you..
    Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

  4. I'm really glad things went well. I am also desperately envious that you can pick a pomegranate - very different climate here! Though I don't envy your drought. We have too much rain at the moment. I wish we could swap. I am so glad that the wound has no infection. Fingers crossed for a steady improvement (and prayers!)

    1. Thank you, Sybil. Yes, definitely different climates! We are now in our 5th year of drought, so my garden has changed quite a bit. But I have managed to retain most of my fruit trees - I've an orange tree, a calamondin (type of citrus), three lemon trees, the pomegranate tree, 4 guava trees (2 different kinds), and a baby peach tree (planted earlier this year, after my previous peach tree died). I had an avocado (grown from seed) but that died a few years ago, when we had an especially cold (for us) winter. I don't feel guilty watering fruit trees. :)


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