Monday, November 2, 2015

November Goals and Balance Wheel/October Review

Talk about being off balance!  I didn't even do a Goals/Balance Wheel post for October!  But that's OK.  I had other things on my mind!  Even so, if I were to do a quick review, I'd find that October was pretty balanced, after all.   

-  In October, I hosted the monthly rosary prayer meeting and it went very well with special prayers and everyone contributing a dish.
In November, I will continue with daily devotions/meditations and continue to focus on gratitude and abundance.   

-  In October, I managed to get two deep cleaning/decluttering/organizing projects done and the house and garden were cleaned and maintained for me by family members and friends.  The family room sofas got new sofa covers; the ceiling fans and light fixtures were wiped clean; the tops of doors and door frames were dusted.   
In November, I plan to continue to maintain for the most part and maybe continue to do one or two deep cleaning/decluttering/organizing projects as time, energy, and health permit. 
Daughter:  She has been a rock of support since my cancer diagnosis.
-  In October, she came home every single weekend to be there for me.  She has run errands for me, done the laundry and housework, etc., while managing her classes and working part-time.
In November, she will go with me to the surgeon's appointment tomorrow, come down on those weeks when I will have chemo, and for Thanksgiving, of course.

- In October, I've had more contact with family members than I've had in any given month prior!  They have all been there for me.
In November, too, I know family members will be there for me as I celebrate my birthday and start chemo therapy.  I will call/email two cousins to wish them for their birthdays and keep in contact with others to the extent I am able. 

- In October, as with family, friends too have been very supportive and there for me in many ways.
- In November, I plan to continue to keep in touch with friends through email/phone calls/video chat, etc. 

-  In October, I had to take more than two weeks of sick leave.  Co-workers have been very supportive and I've had more offers of help than ever.
In November, I will again need to take off more sick leave.  I might be able to work from home on some days, but that will be decided later, after I see how I respond to chemo.

-  In October, I had several unexpected expenses, including daughter's air fare for her weekly visits.  We were able to take advantage of sales for some of her flights, but not all.  Fortunately, I had savings in place to cover all expenses.
- In November, my salary will be reduced once I use up all my 100% sick leave and go on to 75% sick leave.  As a result, I will need to absorb a 25% decrease in my income.  There will be new expenses as I will be paying some of daughter's friends to clean the cat's litter box for me and parking fees when I go for chemo therapy, etc.  On the other hand, there will be reduced expenses as I won't be driving to my job in downtown on a daily basis.  I will continue to budget and there are savings in place if needed.

My big expense in November is the 1st half of property taxes that comes due this month.  I generally divide the annual amount by 12 and allocate 1/12 of the annual amount in each month's budget, so that, when the payment is due, the amount is already in savings, earmarked for it.  And, later this month, daughter's apartment rent for December comes due and that amount will need to be transferred to her account so she can get a cashier's check to pay her rent.  

- In October, I had surgery to insert the port for the catheter (through which chemo therapy will be administered).  I also had a follow-up visit with my primary care physician.   I was scheduled to start my chemo at the end of the month, but, during my visit with my primary are physician, she discovered that the lumpectomy incision was infected and inflamed, so I was put on antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medicines.  And the chemo was postponed until November.
In November, once again, the main focus will be health and medical matters.  I have a follow-up visit with the surgeon scheduled for tomorrow to have the sutures removed and he will also take a look at the infected incision.  I have another follow-up visit with my primary care physician scheduled for next week and I am scheduled to start chemo therapy at the end of next week.  Followed by weekly visits to have hydration, immune boosters, blood tests, etc., done. 

-  In October, there was a lot of leisure time due to medical procedures.  But I was limited as to what I could do, since I was recovering from surgery.
In November, I plan to finish the Irish Chain quilt I started (the piecing is done, but have to add borders and make into a quilt); start a new Mountain Climbing quilt; and knit myself a hat and some warm socks.  I did make a new Fall decoration as a craft project, yesterday, so, at least one craft project was done!

Also in November (next week, in fact), I will be celebrating my 60th birthday!  I haven't yet decided what I'll do to celebrate.  It falls in the middle of the week and daughter won't be able to come down for it, but she'll come down the next evening.    

All in all, October was a well-balanced month and November will be, too, I'm sure.  It'll just be a month I'll have to take one day at a time, as it comes.  A lot will depend on how I do on chemo.

Today, I am grateful for:

- Daughter running errands for me and doing so willingly and cheerfully
- A drizzle of rain - probably not enough to water the garden, but every little bit helps
- Leftovers
- Paid sick leave
- Savings in place to pay for unexpected expenses

Do you do a review of the past month on an on-going basis?  Do you have goals for November?


  1. Well balanced :-)

    Hopefully I can get my finances built back up in November. I have 3 work days scheduled, so that will up. Nothing really beyond that

    1. Jess, I'm sure the 3 days of work will help. Keeping expenses down, if possible, will be helpful, too. I've decided to keep track of my expenses, this month, so I'll be writing it all down.

  2. So happy you had the savings to help with this months extras / Seems like you have done a wonderful job getting things done and preparing ahead..
    Also so happy your daughter, family and friends are being so helpful.Have a wonderful evening. Judy


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