Tuesday, September 6, 2022

SPSH Update

Mary-Lou at Patio Postcards has reminded us that we are coming closer to the end of the Summer Photo Scavenger Hunt, which ends on the 30th of this month.  The final link up will be posted then, but, in the meantime, here are the photos I have taken for the challenge, since the first link up

#1: A Path:  This path leads to the back of the garden.  

#1: A Path

#4: Faceless Selfie:  Me and my shadow!

#4: Faceless Selfie

#7 Leaf Vein:  The veins on one of the sunflower leaves:

#7 Leaf Vein

#8 Sipping On: Passionfruit juice from my homegrown passionfruits!

#8: Sipping On - Passionfruit Juice

#13 All Gone, Empty:  I had served myself a bowl of fruit salad and a few minutes later, it was all gone and the bowl was empty!


#13 All Gone, Empty

#15 Wind Power:  They do need electricity to run, but, the resulting wind is keeping me cool!


#21 Invokes a Childhood Memory:  Dhal and rice - I grew up eating this!  Often, it was the first meal given to me after an illness, so, when I had an upset tummy, earlier this summer, this was the first meal I decided to have.   

#21 Invokes a Childhood Memory - Dhal and Rice

Alt A: Recent Purchase:  Well, it was recent when I took the photo!  LOL.  

Alt A: A Recent Purchase

Alt B: Sunset:  My phone camera doesn't capture the true colors of the sunset, but it was glorious!  

Alt B: Sunset

I have till the end of the month to find the rest of the items on the list!

  1. Path
  2. Peek-A-Boo
  3. Stairs
  4. Faceless Selfie
  5. Something That Looks Like A Number or Letter
  6. A Corner
  7. Leaf Vein
  8. Sipping On
  9. Changes Shape When Wet
  10. OMG, The Shoes
  11. Yellow & Blue Together
  12. Fuzzy Wuzzy Texture
  13. All Gone, Empty
  14. Left Overs
  15. Wind Power
  16. Oh So Colourful
  17. Out of Place
  18. In The Distance
  19. Culture, Yours Or Another
  20. You Grew It, Made It
  21. Invokes A Childhood Memory
  22. Add, 1-2 To Change The Taste

Alt A: Recent Purchase

Alt B: Sunset

Alt C: Free Choice


  1. Nice photos! I like the look of the path. Your selfie is the kind of selfie that I tend to take lol

  2. Wonderful! That passion fruit juice sounds amazing. Lovely photos...

    1. Thank you, Stephenie. I love passionfruit juice and hope that in years to come, I'll be able to harvest more passionfruit!

  3. You found a lot of the photos to fit the categories, well done. I would like to try your fresh passionfruit juice.

    1. Thank you, Terra. You'll have to wait until next year to try my fresh passionfruit juice because there are no more fruits on my vine! :)

  4. You have chosen some great photographs, Bless. I especially like the one of the passionfruit juice - it is making me feel thirsty :)

  5. Nice photos, your passionfruit drink looks very thirst quenching.

    1. Thank you, Eileen; I really enjoyed that passionfruit juice! :)

  6. I had completely forgotten about this! I shall have to knuckle down. I love the pic of the path, it looks so inviting. And I know it isn't the point of the pic, but I loved the dish that had the fruit salad. I love blue and white china.

    1. You still have time to participate, Lyssa. I'm sure it would be fine if you need to take an extra week or so to post your photos. :)
      That poor path has seen better days, but, it was the only path I could find to photograph, since I am not out and about much, these days.
      Thank you, I love and collect blue and white china! This bowl is part of a set based on Currier and Ives prints. There is a story behind this set of china and maybe I'll do a blog post about it. :)

  7. Bless thanks for joining in with SPSH. All of your finds are brilliant. Your faceless selfie is genius!

    1. Thank you, Mary-Lou, and thank you for hosting this! :)

  8. I loved seeing these photos. I think the path is my favourite, the way it curves at the end suggesting it carries on to a hidden place. It looks like you have the same number as me to find so good luck with the rest of your hunting. xx

    1. Thank you, Eileen. That poor path started out straight and narrow, but, then, the schefflera plant got too big and the pavers had to be moved. M trimmed the plant back, earlier this year, but, we kept the pavers as they were.
      I've about a dozen more pictures to find! Thank you, I'll need all the luck I can get! I don't even quite understand what #10 is supposed to convey!

  9. Love the photos. Now I have passion fruit vine envy. We have occasional winter frosts and I am not sure a plant could withstand it.

    1. Thank you, Anne. I don't think passionfruit vines are winter hardy - you might have to move it to a sheltered spot or cover it with burlap or something to protect it.

  10. Nice photos this month! I like the picture of your garden path and I like the juice one too with a nice background of your rooms :)

    1. Thank you, Debra. The garden path started out straight and narrow, but, then, the variegated schefflera plant you can see in the photo grew so big that M moved the pavers to get around the plant! He trimmed the plant, too, but, it is filling out, again! As for the juice photo, I groaned when I saw the cluttered rooms in the background, but, I'm keeping it real, here! :D

  11. Great photos. I wonder if Dancer will provide a "Peekaboo" photo? I look forward to seeing the rest.
    I woke up around 1.30 am last night and I kept thinking about the leftover pancake and breakfast sausage in the fridge? I tried to get back to sleep, but in the end I gave up and decided that with breakfast in the middle of the night I would probably sleep well. I slept in until 11 am!

    1. Thank you, Bushlady; you'll just have to wait and see if Dancer will oblige! :D
      Sounds like breakfast in the wee hours was just the right thing to help you have a good sleep! I'm glad you were able to sleep in. :)


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