Monday, September 26, 2022

September Meal Planning - Week 4

Guess what?  The meal plan for last week didn't work out quite as planned! LOL!  I had made the meal plan midweek, to start with and I only followed the plan for two days!  Here's the recap: 

Brunch: Scrambled egg, bacon, and toasted homemade bread (from the freezer)✔
Dinner: Salad, sauteed chicken drumsticks (from the freezer)✔

Brunch: Salad (I need to finish the lettuce before it spoils)✔
Dinner: Chicken drumsticks, stir fried vegetables, rice or noodles✔

Brunch: Toasted homemade bread and cheese Banana, leftover stir fried noodles
Dinner: Spaghetti with ground turkey sauce Curried chicken sandwiches to use up the last of the leftover chicken curry

Brunch: Pancakes or waffles with peach sauce Banana; leftover stir fried noodles
Dinner: Leftover spaghetti and ground turkey sauce Rice, freshly cooked chicken curry, cucumber salad

Brunch: Leftover pancakes or waffles Banana
Dinner: Rice and curries (fish curry, dhal, moringa, etc.) Piroshki, salad, grapes, apricot bar (compliments of neighbor S).

The ground turkey was browned and frozen in two portions.  

I am going to try again and make a plan for the last week in September!

Leftover Rice with Carrots and Broccoli

Monday (Today):
Brunch: Leftover rice, stir fried with grated carrot and chopped broccoli and a sprinkle of vegetable bouillon powder added to it; chicken curry; apricot bar, grapes
Dinner: Leftover stir fried rice and chicken curry (yes, I ate the same thing for both brunch and dinner, because I felt like it!); apple slices

Brunch options for the rest of the week: Salad, Egg salad sandwiches or tuna sandwiches or peanut butter and jam sandwiches; pancakes, fresh fruit salad or fresh fruit; milkrice with seeni sambol (Saturday, October 1), leftovers

Dinner options for the rest of the week: rice with chicken curry, cucumber salad, and peach chutney; spaghetti with ground turkey sauce; coconut roti and chicken curry, leftovers.

The question is, will I stay on plan or go off the plan? 

How about you?  Are you making a meal plan, this week?


  1. Your menu plans look good. I laughed when you said you ate the same thing for both meals because you felt like it and it was good
    That is often me.
    I usually eat peanut butter toast for breakfast every day and I have oatmeal every day for my lunch.
    I know it's boring but I like those things and they are easy and require no thought.
    Sometimes I have something different especially in the summer when once in a while I will make an egg sandwich for breakfast with fresh tomato and basil from my garden and I like to make a fruit salad for lunch in the summer too.
    I think I will make some pasta tonight and that will last a couple nights.

    1. I'm perfectly happy eating the same thing (provided it's something I like!) for several meals in a row, Debra. I'm not too fussy. Occasionally, I'll get tired of the leftovers and then, I make them over. :)
      I am not a big fan of oatmeal, but, I wish I were, because that stuff is good for you! I could get used to having peanut butter toast for breakfast, though.
      Neighbor S gave me some pizza - two different kinds - this morning, so, unless I decide to freeze some of it, count on me changing the meal plan to include some pizza, this week! :D

  2. I started a breakfasts ideas/meal plan today. I'm planning to omit wheat from my diet which will affect my usual breakfasts so I need to come up with some alternatives.

    The lists idea works well for me (so thank you for that).

    1. Lists are always good! A list of menu options will give you plenty of flexibility. Is there a particular reason for omitting wheat? Can you eat oats, instead (porridge/oatmeal, granola)?
      I sometimes have spicy sauteed chickpeas/garbanzo beans for breakfast; milkrice is wheat free or perhaps you might like kedgeree? There's something called rice cakes, commercially made and sold in packets, consisting of puffed rice formed into flat rounds - I'm not sure if they are available in the UK or if they are known by a different name - but, you could substitute them for toast. Good luck with the wheat free meal planning!

  3. I glanced at the photo and thought you had some kind of special baking tray that was shaped like a cat! Only when I looked carefully could I make out that it was a frying pan juxtaposed against a gas ring! 😄

    Good luck with the meal plan. Maybe you'd better tell the neighbours before you start, so you can work around all the potential donations! (Hehehe - can you imagine anyone doing any such thing! ) 😜

    1. Ooh, I like the idea of a cat-shaped baking pan! Sorry my photo wasn't not too clear.
      Ha,ha,ha, I didn't tell the neighbors what I was planning to make, but, I was given some pizza, today, and I incorporated that into my menu, today! I had the planned salad, along with some of the pizza. It was delicious!

    2. It wasn't a criticism!

    3. That's OK; I didn't take it as a criticism; even otherwise, I was wishing the photo was clearer! I probably should have served the rice to a container before I took the picture...

  4. I wanted to use up half a tomato before leaving on our trip so I made a myself a toasted tomato sandwich for breakfast, something I learned from a dear neighbour decades ago. The buttered toast and some ground pepper make it delicious.

    1. I don't think I've heard of a toasted tomato sandwich, before this, Bushlady, but, it sounds good! I'm not a big fan of raw tomatoes, but, I might just try having a slice on a piece of toast the next time I buy some fresh tomatoes!

  5. My meal planning is back on track, and it has worked perfectly for me, this week. I just need to plan next week's meals before I go shopping at the weekend. X

    1. Well done getting the meal planning back on track! Hope next week's meal planning goes well, too. :)

  6. All those cross-offs are why I don't do a formal meal plan. Ever since the kids are out of the house, we are much more spontaneous in our choices and that suits me to a tee.

    1. There's going to be more cross offs, this week, too! I'm OK, with it, though, because the meal plan is more of a list of options than anything else!


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