Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Wednesday's Blessings


Hellebores Flower

The hellebores plant that M gave me had its first flower!  It appears to be a very pale green, but, M thinks it might turn white, later!  This is how it looked, yesterday, but, I shall try to take another photo when there isn't such glare from the sun.  There are several buds on the plant, as well, so I anticipate more flowers in weeks to come.  This is the first time I am growing this type of plant.

Another first time plant is this "stinky flower" plant that is growing from a bulb that, once again, M gave me:  

"Stinky Flower" Plant

I don't know the proper name of the plant, but, M said it has a stinky flower!  Which is why I had him plant the bulb towards the back of the garden!  He planted it near the rosemary bush.  In the meantime, the crocosmia bulbs that were already in that area of the garden started to grow and hid the emerging 'stinky flower' plant until M discovered it growing there, today!  He asked my permission to remove some of the crocosmia and I said fine, but, asked him to dig them up and replant them along the back wall, which he did.  The crocosmia were one of the few plants that were already here when I bought the house.  My mother didn't much care for them and she pulled them out, only to have them return the next year!  And the next!  I admire that plant's tenacity!  

This morning, my friend S (not neighbor S) called me.  The first time she called me, I was saying my morning prayers and I didn't answer the phone.  A few minutes after I finished my prayers, the phone rang again, and it was friend R, calling to tell me that friend S was trying to reach me!  Apparently, when I didn't answer my phone, S called R to ask if I was OK.  So then, I called friend S back and explained that I had been saying my prayers and that's why I didn't pick up the phone.  I was asked if I'd be home in the evening and then, I was told not to cook dinner because she was going to bring me dinner!  What's the occasion?  No occasion; she's home today and she's cooking!  

Dinner, Compliments of Friend S

In the evening, friend S, her husband, and their daughter came over and brought us dinner!  Yellow rice and curries (clockwise, from the back - cashew curry, shrimp curry, chicken curry, Sri Lankan style mixed vegetable pickle, fried eggplant "pahi", green bean curry).  Cake and homemade marshmallows for dessert!  What a blessing!  Friend S is a very good cook and both my daughter and I enjoyed our dinner.  We visited very briefly, with everyone fully masked, etc.  I gave S a grocery bag full of lemons and curry leaves I picked earlier in the evening, in exchange.  Afterwards, they took dinner over to friend R, too. 

After dinner, I did the dishes and tried to unclog a slow draining bathtub - the usual pour baking soda down the drain, followed by vinegar, and a kettle of hot water; it doesn't always work the first time and I might have to repeat it a couple of times, but, it's a bit better than it was!

M was here this morning and he tended to the garden.  In the afternoon, I dropped off a birthday gift for neighbor S's daughter, leaving it on the doorstep for her (after calling her to let her know).  

Today, I received a letter from the clinic saying my mammogram results were normal; such a blessing and a relief, too!  The full report will be sent to the oncologist in time for Friday's appointment.  I also received a phone call from the oncologist's office about the injection I receive every six months to boost my bone density; I now have a $75 copay for it (it used to be fully covered by insurance, till now).  They asked if I'd like to pay it by credit card over the phone and I asked if I can pay it by check when I go in on Friday for my appointment, instead.  I'd rather pay by check than by credit card!

Today, I am grateful for:
- Friends like S, who call and say, "Don't cook, I'm bringing you dinner!"
- Good news about the mammogram
- Having health insurance and being able to pay the increased copays, etc.
- Access to medical care
- New plants and flowers coming up in the garden

Today's joyful activity was visiting briefly (with everyone wearing masks) with friend S and her family when they brought us dinner.

Plans for tomorrow include resuming my piano lessons after more than 6 months!  I am both excited and nervous!  

How was your Wednesday?  What are your plans for Thursday?


  1. Wonderful news on your mammogram results! That must be such a relief for you. I look forward to seeing a picture collage of the stinky plant in flower! Celie

    1. Thank you, Celie; it was a big relief! I am going to keep my eye on that plant and will post updates! :)

  2. You have a wonderful community of friends. The food looks amazing. I am so glad that the mammogram was clear.

    As for the crocosmia, some plants will never go. I have been trying to get rid of the bluebells in our garden for years. All I've ever managed to do is thin them a little! It's always kind of nice to see those sorts of plants, though.

    1. My friends are a blessing, Lyssa. The food was delicious!
      Thank you; I was very happy to get the all clear on the mammogram. :)
      Oh, but bluebells are such pretty flowers! We don't have bluebells, here.

  3. The meal looks so good ... S really is very generous.

    I like crocosmia and have some red ones in the garden. I'm not as fond of the orange ones though.

    I'm spending my time playing my new piano ... I think there will be lots of extra practice this week! Later I need to tackle the new tablet and finish setting it up.

    1. S is one of the most generous people I know; the food was delicious.

      I like your red crocosmia; I only have the orange ones. But, I'm happy with just about any plant that will grow and return every year with minimum water and attention from me!

      I'm glad you are happy with the new piano and the extra practice can only be good, right? :)

  4. Glad to hear about the good mammogram results as I know you are.

    I have one hellebore plant that I got from a friend. She probably had a 100 or so of them planted a long a path in the woods. They were happy with the shade and made subtle but beautiful setting with their somewhat hidden blooms.

    1. Thank you, June; yes, I'm very happy with the mammogram results!

      My hellebore plant is in a pot; it will be easier to move to a shady spot in the garden, as needed. I've read that one can propagate the plant through division and seeds. Maybe we might get more plants, eventually!

  5. I'm so glad your results were normal! What a relief.

    How wonderful for them to make a meal for you. You have such wonderful people in your life.

    1. Thank you, Sharon; yes, a big relief! :)
      It was very kind of friend S to make us dinner and bring it, too. I wish I had a little something on hand to give their daughter - back when I went shopping in person, I'd pick up little things to have on hand to give. Might just have to order a few items and keep!

  6. My mother-in-law had hellebores or "Christmas Roses" as they were called sometimes, and she would always take some to church when they bloomed.
    I can't imagine what that "stinky" flower is, but you are wise to have it placed away from the house!
    The food from S looks delicious!
    The temperature is up a little today and I drove to pick up a prescription for eye drops and was able to visit the mailbox and get the local paper on the way back.

    1. I read that the hellebores can be propagated by divisions and seeds - I'm hoping that I'll have more plants in the coming years.

      M brought me the stinky flower bulb in mid-August; I mentioned it in a blog post dated August 14, 2021. Going by the markings on the leaves, it might be dracunculus vulgaris, but, I am not sure. Might have to wait for the flower to find out!
      The dinner was delicious and much appreciated as you can imagine.
      Sounds like you made full use of the warmer temperatures, today. :)

  7. You have such a great attitude. How exciting that you are going to resume your piano lessons. I love that Hellebores flower; I have always admired them.

    1. Thank you, Stephenie! It's very kind of you to say so! Well, the piano lessons have been postponed, again, but, I think it will work out for the best. :) The hellebore flower is pretty, isn't it? I like the pale green color. Hope all is well with you, Stephenie.

  8. Another wonderful friend bring more yummy food. Lucky you. It looks delicious. A stinky flower plant? Hmmmm....don't know if I'd like that. Always nice and of course a relief to get a good mammogram report isn't it? Denise

    1. The dinner was delicious and I am very thankful for caring friends. Yes, a stinky flower! If it is what I think it is, then, there will be a beautiful purple flower to look forward to, even if it will be stinky! :D I was very thankful to get the good mammogram results! My breast cancer was detected during one of those routine mammograms and ever since then, I feel anxious till I get my results! Hope all is well with you, Denise and you are staying safe and warm.

  9. So nice to have friends who will bring a lovely meal for you to enjoy and it looks delicious. Wonderful news to have a normal mammogram result such a relief for you. I'm like you would rather pay by cheque than give out my card details over the phone.

    1. It's truly a blessing to have friends (and neighbors, too) who will bring a meal, just because they thought of you!
      I was very very thankful to get the mammogram results that I did! I saw the oncologist, today, and she noted that it's been 6 years. :)
      I don't like to use my credit card and I was very reluctant to give any information to someone over the phone, especially when the person called me and I had no way to confirm that it was from the doctor's office (not a name I recognized). Paying by check is my preferred method!

  10. Oh I really love that color hellebore. That pale green. Mine are all pinks and I do love them but I really love that green. lol
    What a nice surprise from your friend S to bring you all of that lovely food. And also to take food to your friend R. You have such thoughtful friends.
    A couple years ago I bought one of those sink snake thingies (on Amazon for around $10)
    My bathtub wasn't draining right and I was getting a lot of gurgling noise from the other sinks in the house. I always do the vinegar baking soda cleanse but it just wasn't working.
    Oh my goodness. When I used the little plastic snake, it brought up a clump of hair you would not believe. (And we have a thing to catch hair too over the drain). Who knows how long that clog was there building up and building up.
    You might consider something like that if you continue to have problems. It was very easy to do. And very satisfying LOL

    Congratulations on your tests, Bless. I'm so happy and I know you are very happy and relieved as well.

    1. It is a very pretty shade of green, isn't it? I looked up the price of hellebore plants and was shocked! M gave this plant to me because one of his other clients was getting rid of their plants; he took a couple from himself and gave me this one!

      It was a very pleasant surprise to have friend S bring us dinner! I will be baking something to give her when I return the containers, either this weekend or early next week.

      I am considering getting one of those sink snakes, myself, Debra; I'm pretty sure it is hair that is clogged in the pipes - my hair isn't that long anymore, but, daughter's hair is long, and the drain strainer will catch only so much.

      Thank you, Debra; I'm very thankful for the results I had! My latest blood test results were very good, too. :)


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