Sunday, May 31, 2020

Propped Up on Sunday

Propped Up Peach Tree

Standing Straight, Again!

The peach tree has been propped up!  I had managed to get it somewhat off the ground using the small step ladder (just two steps!) by myself, earlier in the morning.  My efforts caused three peaches to fall off, but, I picked them up to eat them, later.  Then, in the afternoon, M came over with a long piece of wood that he had to use as a stake and we tied the tree to it, using strips of fabric.  But, we doubted if the piece of wood would be strong enough to support the tree.  Then, I suggested we used three of the slats that had broken off the dilapidated garden bench that I have!  There were three pieces that had broken off and we propped them up in place using cinder blocks and a paving slab!  Hopefully, they will hold the tree up, at least long enough for the fruit to ripen!  Another three peaches fell off during our efforts, but, I gave M a couple of the riper ones.  I ate one of the less ripe ones with a mixture of salt and chili powder!

M brought me some gardenias from his garden:

Aren't they lovely?  They have such a lovely scent, too.

He also brought me a new houseplant:

Chinese Evergreen (Aglaonema commutatum "Valentine")
He said he bought it for someone who saw his plant like that and wanted one, too, but, changed her mind, later, and gave it back to him!  He asked me if I'd like to have it and I said yes!  It is supposed to be super easy to grow, doesn't need a lot of care, and is a good air purifier!    However, it is highly toxic to cats!  I put it on top of the tall shelving unit in the family room, next to the pothos plants (which are also toxic to cats) to keep it out of Dancer's reach.

Between trying to prop up the peach tree and watching the on-going TV news coverage of today's protests in my city and adjoining cities, I didn't accomplish much, today!  However, I updated my monthly balanced life goals and posted that, took some of the zucchini muffins I baked last night to neighbor S to share with her, chatted on the phone with neighbor T, aunt C, and friend R (and daughter, too, of course), and sewed up my newest hat:

Stripey Hat
There was just enough of the mustard yellow for this hat!  The yarn was leftover from one of my daughter's crochet projects.  She does "amigurumi", which is a type of Japanese crocheting of small stuffed items.  The blue, of course, is leftover from my sweater.

Today, I am grateful for:
- The peach tree didn't break or get uprooted
- M was available to help prop it up
- Gifts of flowers and a new houseplant
- Being able to share the muffins with neighbor S
- The garden in which to walk about during this time of sheltering at home

Today's joyful activity was propping up the peach tree!

I am not quite sure where this month went!  But, we start a new month, tomorrow! I hope it will be a better month for all of us! 

Monday's To Do List:
- Water the front garden
- Change bed sheets
- Load of laundry (bed sheets/towels)
- Dust living room & dining area
- Clean the fridge
- Take trash cans to the curb for Tuesday trash pick up

How was your Sunday?  What are your plans for tomorrow?


  1. You must be relieved to have rescued your lovely peach tree and I hope your prop does the trick until all the fruits have ripened. Would you need to get something more permanent for future seasons?
    I love the hat, especially the mustard colour. X

    1. Yes, I am very glad that we were able to rescue the tree! It is still standing, this morning, so, I think the prop worked! I think we will have to think of something a little less makeshift, next year, but, we'll see. At least, we'll be better prepared, I think, with something in place in advance!

      Thank you; I originally paired the mustard yellow with red, and it looked too much like mustard and ketchup! LOL! So, I unpicked and paired it with the blue, instead! :D

  2. Oh fresh peaches off your own tree! Peach trees do not do well in my area, it's too windy for them. The region that grows our peaches is about 3 hours away & August is peach season for us. Oh gardenias - that is such a heavenly scent. Nature certainly has gifted you.

    1. I am looking forward to picking my peaches! This is really the first crop for this tree. I want to plant a nectarine tree, next. :) The gardenias are from my friend's garden, but, they do have a lovely scent! :)

  3. The peach tree sure is stable now. It's not going anywhere.
    It is really full with fruit for only it's second year. What's the saying?
    "The first year they sleep, the second year they creep and the third year they leap"
    I think your peach tree leaped too soon! lol

    That's such a pretty new house plant M gave you. I love the pink color.

    1. Well, it's still standing upright, this morning! That poor tree is trying its best to make up for last year's disappointment, but, I probably should have thinned the fruits a little more! I was greedy for a good crop of peaches so I'd have enough to can and make jam! Which reminds me, I should probably order some canning jars!

      The plant is very pretty, isn't it? I hope it does well and grows for me! I placed the pot in a pretty blue and white planter that I had. :)

  4. Your friend M is a good man. He came to your rescue and helped prop up the little peach tree. He brought those gorgeous gardenias and a new houseplant. How lovely.

    I've been thinking of your gratitude of a garden to walk through, and I agree most profoundly. I think of all the people who do not have access to an outdoor space of their own in which to sit and enjoy nature. We are most fortunate, aren't we?

    1. He is a very good friend, isn't he? The first jar of jam I make from the peaches will be going to him! :)

      We are very blessed to have our gardens, Susan. I feel very concerned about my daughter who has no access to a safe outdoor space. The roof garden in her apartment building has been declared out of bounds for the residents due to the virus. There is a small courtyard space between her apartment building and the one behind it (both buildings are owned by the same company), but, she sees people there who are not wearing masks and feels uncomfortable spending any time there.

  5. I looked on Google about the tree and it seems the best option is a tripod support very much like M's solution. I hope it works and you can get the rest of the fruit ripened on the tree.

    I like your new houseplant. Good luck in discouraging Dancer from eating it!

    1. Thank you, Eileen. The support we rigged up seems to be working. At least, the tree is still standing as of this afternoon! :D

      The new houseplant is now sitting on top of the shelving unit in the family room, well out of reach of Dancer! :)

  6. It's always fun to see what gifts M come bearing. The house plant is very pretty. We don't trust our cats, so the only plants we have inside are behind a closed door.

    1. He's always bringing me something, isn't he? Another very giving and generous soul. When I first brought the dracaena plant home from my office, I had it in the spare bedroom, with the door closed, but, it nearly died there, because it was not getting enough light! So, I brought it to the living room. Dancer has learned to leave it alone for the most part.

  7. This month disappeared right before my eyes! I am not sure how.
    Glad your peach tree is being supported and you got a new plant. It is full on summer here now and we spent the weekend planting and weeding and planting. This week I need to do some thinning and potting more flowers. If I am going to be stuck at home most of the summer I at least want something beautiful to look at.

    1. Time is passing swiftly, isn't it?

      Thank you; the peach tree probably should have been propped up, earlier, but, better late than never! Sounds like your garden is coming along nicely! I know your blog is about cooking, but, maybe you'll share a picture or two of the garden, too? I'd love to see what you are growing. :)

  8. oh, gardenias are right at the top of my 'favorite things list' ... they are lovely to look at and the scent is incredible- I must remember to relocate some of mine as I get ready to face this move- I will hope that my once 'green thumb' can serve me well for a few more years at least-
    Yes, the refurbishing of Kailyn's doll wardrobe continues- it seems ongoing ... I enjoy doing it, and she thinks of more and more essential items- to avoid making some little fiddly bits, I decided to shop for 'doll undies' ... well, that just isn't going to happen- they are pricier than the ones I buy for Kailyn herself- 12 dollars per pair drove me directly to search out a pattern! I like to think I am an 'indulgent nina' but not an idiot!
    More blackberrry picking is on the agenda for today- there are more than I had originally thought, and they are so yummy I want to save each one-
    Take care- the usual fond wishes your way-

    1. I hope you are able to relocate some of your plants, Barb, especially the gardenias and your mother's rose from the family home that you had mentioned.

      Oh, my! The price of doll undies seem outrageous! Probably because they are so fiddly to make! Hope you are able to sew some up, yourself!

      Have fun blackberry picking! Every quart you pick from your own vines is one less quart of fruit you have to buy, even if you are trying to support the local farmers! :)

  9. I hope the tree holds up well now. You say that you didn't accomplish much but just keeping your blog going so well is amazing and the post on monthly balanced life goals is a lot to do. The hat is cute, pleasant colour combination.
    Well I was thinking to put off groceries until tomorrow but I woke early and decided to bite the bullet. Only problem, early Monday isn't ideal as a lot of freezer cabinets were empty and propped open! Fortunately we still have more than 2 litres of frozen yogurt and I usually eat plain Greek yogurt which we have plenty of. I did manage to buy some yeast!

    1. Thank you, Bushlady. The tree is still standing, so, I am hopeful! Well, yes, the blog does take a lot of time! Especially since I like to write responses to comments. But, that's OK. It's what I choose to do.

      Yay! You were able to buy yeast! That is as precious as gold, these days! LOL. Oops! Monday mornings might not be the best time to shop, then! Oh, well, you'll know for the next time. I am slowly complying a list of things to buy on my next grocery shopping trip. I still have plenty of fresh produce, so, I think I can wait until the second week of June.

  10. I too am struck by M's kindness. And the tree looks so much happier pointing upwards! Good fix by both of you. (I think my jar of peach jam must have got lost in the post...😄)

    1. He's really a dear friend as well as being my gardener. His late aunt used to be my neighbor and she got him to mow my lawn when I was in hospital having my daughter; my mother and I decided to have him tend to the garden on a regular basis, after that. He and my mother got along well together and he still speaks of her fondly.


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