Saturday, May 23, 2020

Friday and Saturday

Third Pair of Socks
Guess what I finished knitting, today?  Yes, the third pair of socks from the leftover sweater yarn!  I shouldn't have any reason to complain of cold feet, next winter! 

Friday was a relaxed day.  I spent the morning writing my blog post, responding to comments, etc.  I received another delivery; this time the 20 lbs. of sugar I had ordered.  Now, I have enough sugar to make jam, later this summer, when the peaches ripen and if I should have another crop of pineapple guava (feijoa), later on.   In the afternoon, I watched some TV and, later, I watched news, knitted, watered the front garden, did the dishes, etc., and video chatted with my daughter.

Today, Saturday, I watered the peach tree, etc., in the morning and did some weeding.  I read a bit in the afternoon and tried to take a nap, but, didn't fall asleep.  So, after about 30 minutes, I gave up trying to nap!  Instead, I cleaned the litter box and swept the bathroom, watched news, and finished knitting my third pair of socks.  Then, I started the car and, while it was running, I did a little more weeding and watered some of the other plants.

Neighbor T called and asked me if I would like to have an unopened container of potato salad; she said her daughter went grocery shopping for her, yesterday (I had seen her daughter's car pull in to her drive way when I was out watering, on Friday) and bought her two containers of potato salad, but, she said that she couldn't eat both and she would have to throw away the second container if I didn't want it!  I can't imagine anyone wanting to toss food, especially these days!  So, I told her I would be happy to have the potato salad.  She kept it out on her front door step and I put on my face mask and collected the container of potato salad.  It had a "use by" date of June 12 and I told her she could keep it in her fridge and nothing would happen to it, but, she was adamant that she couldn't eat that much of potato salad!  I had some of it for my dinner, tonight, and enjoyed it.  One way or another, my neighbors are making sure I am fed!  LOL!

I am grateful for:
- Another pair of socks
- Potato salad from neighbor T
- The car started without any problems
- A delivery of sugar
- Being able to stock up

Joyful activities have included knitting, gardening, and watching TV

Plans for tomorrow include sewing more fabric face masks, as I've been asked for a few more. 

How is your weekend coming along?


  1. Chuckle. It does indeed seem that your neighbours are keeping you well fed. How lovely.

  2. I wear thick socks around the house in the winter as well. They keep my feet much warmer than wearing slippers. Mine aren't such a pretty colour though.

    How is your daughter enjoying working at home? Some of my family and friends who are working at home are hoping it can become a permanent arrangement and say it won't be isolating once clubs and social life resume.

    1. You'll just have to choose some colorful socks the next time you buy or make some, Eileen. :)

      She has come to like working from home. At first, she missed that work/home separation, but, now, she's able to ignore the work computer after hours. What she is missing are her acrobatics classes. She has taken a couple of the online classes her instructors have been offering, but, her living space is rather cramped and she's not able to do some of the moves.

  3. My weekend is going well. I've been planting vegetables. The challenge for today is to figure out where I can fit some more in. But first, I'm thinking about potato salad. Might have to make some.

    1. Sounds like you are having a fun and productive weekend! What are the vegetables you are planting? I hope you are able to make some potato salad! I am enjoying the potato salad that I was given! :)

  4. What a gorgeous pair of socks. I love the ribbing on the cuffs. Now what? What are you going to knit while watching the news? Will you have to give up TV? Ha.

    I see lots of jam making in your future...and lots of potential gifts. Yes, you will have to try and preserve some peaches as well for your daughter and yourself. And speaking of gifts, what a delightful surprise to receive a container of potato salad. It makes such a nice summer meal when it is hot outside. I don't think your neighbours are going to see you waste away.

    1. Thank you, Susan. That's what I've been wondering, myself! Now what do I do while watching the news? I think I might knit a few hats to take to the cancer clinic on my next visit. :)

      Ha, ha, yes, there will be some jam being made and yes, the majority of them will be given as gifts! :)

      The potato salad was a very welcome gift! I often share baked goods with neighbor T because she doesn't bake, so, I'll take over some muffins the next time I make a batch (just have to make sure I don't burn them!)

  5. You certainly have no reason to complain of cold feet this winter. Your socks looks lovely.
    Peach jam sounds delicious. I'm keeping a close eye on the raspberry bushes here, looking forward to making some jam myself this summer. X

    1. Thank you, Jules. Yum! Raspberry jam! :)

  6. The more I see things in that gorgeous color you have been using, the more I think I NEED to locate some yarn in that color to make something/anything- what I 'need' to do is get some control over the the yarn that I already have, but obviously 'need' and 'want' are in direct conflict, and you can guess which is going to win out-
    No real news from around here ... but Kailyn did lose her first tooth (and is so delighted about the $$s from the Tooth Fairy that she is jiggling all of her teeth constantly in hopes another will loosen) and baby Jamie has decided she is a kitten and only replies when addressed as such (we all look quite foolish meowing and waving our paws around)-
    Hope your holiday weekend continues well ... and that you and family can stay safe- I admire your patience and ability to maintain a semblance of order during these days-
    As always, fondest wishes from here-

    1. Barb, the yarn is Red Heart Super Saver, but, I don't know the name of the color because I didn't keep the label, but, it might have been "turquoise". I think you should order some of this yarn. :) Maybe just one or two skeins to make yourself a nice scarf and perhaps a matching hat.

      Congratulations to Kailyn on losing her first tooth! Too funny about her checking her other teeth! We didn't have a tooth fairy when I was growing up; we tossed the fallen tooth up onto the roof with a request for the squirrels to take it away and bring us a new, strong tooth! So, when my daughter lost her first tooth and received $1 from the mommy "tooth fairy", my mother was a bit upset that she hadn't known about the tooth fairy! However, later that day, when my daughter came home from school, her grandmother gave her $5; when my daughter said she already received $1 from the tooth fairy, my mother told her that she didn't know, but, a lady knocked on the door and told her to give the money to her granddaughter for losing her tooth! At once, my daughter exclaimed, "The Tooth Fairy!" She was awed that her grandmother had actually seen the tooth fairy! LOL!

      I laughed when I read about kitten baby Jamie! Be warned - sometimes, they never grow out of that phase! I've a daughter who still meows at me and yes, I still meow back at her! :D

      Thank you, Barb. We are keeping well and staying safe. I wish you a safe holiday weekend and hope all continues to be well with you and yours. (((HUGS)))

  7. Aha, socks with fancy legs! They must be for special occasions! Great to have all that sugar and be set up ready for, hopefully, a glut of good fruit to make jam with. As for the potato salad, that was a bonus indeed.
    I did my usual Sunday morning "attendance" at an on-line Mass, this time back in the US, (I've been around a lot!😇) and I also watched part of the service from Angela's church and indeed Pastor Bob's sermon was worth hearing.
    The bugs are bad so no more meals on the deck, it is indoors or the gazebo for now. But the pollen is falling too, so I'm hoping that we get rain to fetch it down without it blowing over everything. Very thankful for allergy pills!

    1. Yes, I wanted something a little different for the socks! I love this little cabled rib (it's called Baby Cable Ribbing) and use it on a lot of my knitted garments!

      Sounds like a nice start to your Sunday (yes, you do get around, don't you? Canada, the US, then Britain, and back again! :)

      Too bad you can't enjoy meals on the deck. But, perhaps best to avoid being outside during the pollen season!

  8. Pretty socks! I like the color.
    I’ve been crocheting a beret and would like to try making socks one of these days.

    When I saw that you had bought 20lbs of sugar I wondered how long it would last! Then I saw your plans for it, and it makes sense now. 😀

    1. Thank you, Nil. A beret sounds nice. Will you be crocheting the socks?

      I can drink many cups of tea with 20 lbs. of sugar, no doubt! :D But, I do keep about 20 lbs. in my pantry, most of the time. :)


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