Sunday, July 8, 2018

July Grocery Shopping - Week 2

Week 2 Groceries

I did a mini-grocery shopping trip, on Saturday.  I went to the dollar store next to the pharmacy for convenience.  All I really needed were bananas and lettuce, but I also wanted bagels and more yogurt (@$.50).  I also bought two bags of the freeze dried peach slices for daughter (one of her favorite snacks) and I bought a can of chicken to try.  A recent pantry check had revealed that while I had several cans of fish (tuna and mackerel), I didn't have many cans of meat (just one can of corned beef).  If there is an emergency such as a major earthquake, I am probably going to get tired of eating canned fish!  So, I'll make something with this can of chicken and, if I decide I like it, I will buy a couple more to keep on hand.

I bought:

1 container of 4 assorted baby lettuce = $1.00
2 bags freeze dried peaches @ $1.00 = $2.00
1 can chunk white chicken = $1.00
2 containers yogurt, @ $.50 = $1.00
1 bag (6-ct) everything bagels = $1.00
1 lb. bananas (3 bananas) @$.49/lb = $.49
Total = $6.49

7/7 Grocery Receipt

July Grocery Budget = $100 - $3.78 over-spent in June = $96.22
Spent to date = $27.21 + $6.49 = $33.70
Balance left in July grocery budget = $96.22 - $33.70= $62.52

I had a bagel with cream cheese (on one half) and butter (on the other half) for brunch.  I might send the rest of the package home with my daughter. 

There are leftovers for various meals in the fridge - still some meatball curry, half of the fish steak I cooked on Wednesday (we might have that for our dinner, tonight), one more piece of the baked chicken drumsticks, ham cold cuts, some cooked vegetables (corn, cabbage, broccoli), and tuna salad. 

Once those leftovers are finished, I will make a stir fry with the smoked sausage I have in the freezer.  I still need to cook the okra I bought, the green beans, the zucchini, etc.  As soon as it gets cool enough to actually cook!  I do have a table fan set up on the kitchen counter, but I prefer not to cook when it is so hot.

That's my "meal plan" for the week!

Did you go grocery shopping, this week?  Have you made a meal plan?  What are some of your favorite meals when it is hot?


  1. I agree that it is too hot to cook. Tell me again why you don't use your air conditioner.

    1. I don't have central air, Live and Learn. I usually set up a window unit in my bedroom, but I haven't done so yet, this summer. Friend M will set it up for me one of these days, when I ask him to. It will cool the bedroom on the days when temperatures soar to 110F and higher (later in the summer/early fall). But, it won't cool the kitchen or the rest of the house. What I have are fans - ceiling fans in the bedrooms, stand fans in the family room and living room, a table fan in the kitchen.

    2. I remember growing up with no AC and we would look for places to visit that did have it. One of them was the movies. It wasn't too expensive and gave us a couple of hours out of the heat. Of course, we never saw first run movies or even second run movies, but it was cool.

    3. There are designated cooling centers here - places like the library, recreation centers, senior citizen centers, etc. Some of them stay open for extended hours during heatwaves. The mall is another popular spot when it gets hot, and, of course, the beach!

  2. With the new diet I am eating, I like to prepare my meals on the weekends ahead of time so that I only need to warm things in the microwave. It sounds to me like you have lots of leftovers in the fridge to throw together several meals this week. I presently have a cheesy broccoli and cauliflower casserole cooking in my electric roaster outside on the front porch, but I will eat it with a breast of chicken that I baked yesterday. Tomorrow I will likely eat the cabbage I cooked yesterday with some fried ground meat. I have made a chicken vegetable soup for lunches. (I will put in the freezer what I do not finish). If there are no leftovers to heat up, most of the time I also have available canned tuna or salmon, cottage cheese, boiled eggs, deli slices, kielbasa, hard cheese, yoghurt and frozen berries on hand for a cold lunch or dinner.

    1. I used to be more like you and cook for the week on the weekends, but I've fallen out of that habit, lately. You sound like you are fully prepared for meals for the next several days. :)


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