Sunday, July 9, 2017

Visitors on Sunday and a Pantry Meal

There was a slight cloud cover when I woke up, this morning, which kept the temperature to a comfortable level, until about 11:00 a.m. or so.  I opened the windows to get the cooler morning air into the house and had a cup of tea while I read and replied to the blog post comments. 

My aunt called around 10:00 a.m. to say that she and my cousin will be coming to visit me around noon, after cousin finished with her morning piano students.  Nothing was said about lunch, but, of course, I wouldn't think of not offering them lunch.  So, around 11:00 a.m., I made something that is fast becoming a favorite "pantry" meal to make with items I have on hand.  I put some rice to boil, cooked a fish curry with tomatoes, and a lentil curry.  Initially, I had wanted to cook sauted cabbage to go with the fish curry, but, even with the table fan going full speed on the kitchen counter, it was getting hot and I didn't want to get too tired.  The lentil curry was an easier dish to prepare.  Also, I wasn't sure if my cousin ate cabbage or not and I know she eats lentils.  There was some of my homemade tomato chutney, as well, if anyone wanted.

I had just finished cooking when aunt and cousin arrived.  They brought me a big bunch of bananas and several individual cups of pre-made gelatin as something that was easy for me to eat after my tooth extraction.  Of course, they didn't know I had made some gelatin, yesterday!

We had lunch and I offered the Jello that I had made with canned fruits (peaches and mandarin orange segments) and ice cream for dessert.  Then we sat around and chatted for awhile before they left around 2:00 p.m., as cousin had more students coming in the afternoon for piano lessons.  Aunt called me around 3:30 p.m. to say she enjoyed the lunch and would have liked to have visited a bit longer. 

After they left, I retreated to the bedroom and turned on the a/c and took a nap!  At first, Dancer, who was already taking a nap under my bed, decided he had to leave the room.  Then, he wanted to come in.  We repeated this dance a couple more times before he settled down!  I continued to stay in the cool room even after I woke from my nap.  I read and commented on blogs and responded to an email my friend had sent and chatted with another friend on the phone.

Later in the evening, when it had cooled off somewhat, I walked a bit.  Then, I took some photos of the garden, but that will be a separate post, I think.  Dinner was rice, the last serving of green beans I had cooked earlier, lentil curry, and fish curry.

Today, I am grateful for:
- Visit from aunt and cousin
- Being able to put together a meal from what I have on hand
- Cooler mornings and evenings
- Air conditioning in the bedroom
- Afternoon naps

Well, guess what didn't get done, today?  My To Do list!  It will all get carried forward to tomorrow...and added on to, as well!

Sunday's Monday's To Do List:
- Repot the papaya seedlings in a bigger pot (too hot to plant them outside!)
- Pot up the avocado seedling
- Wash the sofa dust sheets and cushion covers 
- Sew a belt to go with the blue patterned skirt and blouse
- Grocery shop for a few things
- Clean out the fridge
- Take the trash cans to the curb
- Water the garden 

How was your Sunday?  What is your favorite "pantry" meal to prepare when you need a quick meal for guests? 


  1. Sounds to me like you had a very nice Saturday in spite of the heat. I think the time your aunt and cousin came was perfect for you and allowed you to take a nap once they were gone at 2:00 pm with that little sweet Dancer.

    I have never had anyone call and say that they will visit over a scheduled meal time. Perhaps it is a cultural thing. I will be interested to read what others say. You seem to take this all in your stride so my hat is off to you.

    Sunday here was very quiet. It is so hot no one feels like doing much. Neighbors have a pool and no one is using it! We did as usual attend morning worship service and visit with friends over coffee.

    1. Morning worship and coffee with friends sound like a lovely way to spend a Sunday morning. Too funny about no one using the pool because it is too hot!

      Aunt has to wait until cousin is free to drive her and mid day or very late evenings are when cousin is free, which coincide with meal times (since we eat dinner rather late). Actually, it doesn't matter what time anyone comes to my house, everyone gets offered a meal, even if it is leftovers from the fridge! Provided I am well enough, of course. There have been times in the past couple of years when people have visited and I have been too sick to offer them a glass of water.

  2. Tell Dancer that "Auntie Bushlady" wants to give him a talking to! But of course he is just being a typical cat - wanting in when out and out when in, repeat as necessary.
    You do well to keep a well stocked pantry that you can go to for a quick meal for guests. We don't tend to get into this situation, but I suppose I could find something if I had to provide for visitors.
    On Sunday after supper we had a Skype session with our family. DS sets up the iPad on a table top tripod on the coffee table and they sit on the couch so we can see them all. We are on my laptop so that is already at a suitable angle for camera and for us to see them.

    1. Ha, ha, Dancer is lolling here, snoozing, totally relaxed on his back with his tummy exposed (you know the pose - front paws across his chest, hind paws spread out!) I told him what you said and you won't believe it, but he opened his eyes to look at me, stretched out one of his front up towards me, as if to say, "Speak to the paw", before closing his eyes and letting his paw fall down! LOL!

      I am finding out that just a few things in the pantry and freezer can rustle up a pretty good meal in a hurry! It becomes a little difficult if guests have special dietary needs, though, or they won't eat certain things.

      How lovely that you were able to Skype with your son and family! Isn't modern technology marvelous? Daughter and I video chat every evening. I wish we had this technology available when I was in university and my mother was teaching in Hong Kong! Back then, even an international phone call was too expensive to make on a regular basis! We wrote to each other once a week and that had to suffice!

      Hope you are having a lovely day and the week ahead is a good one, Bushlady.

  3. That sounds like a lovely visit Bless. It's always nice to catch up with family isn't it. If anybody pops into our house for a visit or vice versa we usually just offer a drink such as tea or coffee, but if you weren't offered a drink that would definitely be very rude.

    With regards to meals these are definitely pre-arranged and more often than not take place over holiday periods like Easter and Christmas although Sunday lunch is a good 'get-together' time in the UK.

    If somebody turned up at our mealtime I don't know what I'd do as I cook just enough for us. I could offer them a sandwich but that would be about it.

    Your aunt did ring to tell you she was coming, so if that happened and I had a couple of hours notice I would definitely be able to find something to offer. xx

    1. It was a lovely visit, Suzanne. This particular aunt and cousin have truly been there for me throughout my recent illness, so, offering them a meal when they visit is the least I can do (if I am up to it).

      Yes, aunt did call to say she's coming. Back in Sri Lanka, when I was growing up, when not everyone had a phone (things are obviously different now with just about everyone with a cell phone), people didn't call to announce they were coming to visit! One just showed up on the chance one might find people at home! In fact, people used to get offended when they first found out that they were expected to call people to let them know they were coming, once they moved abroad! LOL!

      I'm sure you'd be able to rustle up something to accommodate an unexpected guest, Suzanne, even if it is to open a can of soup or make sandwiches, as you mentioned. :)

      In our culture, the hostess serves herself last, or, sometimes, doesn't even eat with the guests, waiting until everyone else has finished eating, to serve herself and eat. It is one way on ensuring there will be enough food for the guests. ;)

    2. You saying that the host doesn't eat or serves herself last reminds me of a saying Mum had. She used to say 'FHB' which meant family hold back. So if we had visitors although we could help ourselves at the same time as everybody else we had to make sure we didn't overfill our plates thus ensuring there was enough. I think this was particularly aimed at my brother who was as thin as a stick but could eat for England lol. xx

    3. Yes, it was "visitors first" at our house, but the same idea. Everyone would be very sparing, knowing that the meal meant for 3 people now had to stretch for 4. :)

  4. Bless, as much as I'd love to one day taste all the yummy Sri Lankan food you're always describing, I'm glad I wasn't born a Sri Lankan as I really do not like visitors at all! I understand it's a cultural tradition and that you enjoy the visits and being a good hostess, and I'm glad for you. And I'm also happy that I never have to stress about cooking for someone at the last minute because everyone who knows me also knows I don't like visitors, lol.

    Dancer knows he's the king of the house, doesn't he? He wants to be able to go where he wants to go, when he wants to go there! You'd think he'd be happy to stay where it's much cooler, but then I watch my kids lying behind the sliding glass door when the sun is shining through it, with their fur coats of course, and they look so comfy! I think cats just enjoy being warm.

    1. LOL, Nathalie, each to her own! I don't have half the visitors some of my family members have! But, if anyone does visit me, I will generally welcome them. :)

      Oh, that Dancer is too spoiled! He's too used to having the run of the house!


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