Saturday, July 8, 2017

Resting on Saturday

Woke up in a bit of pain, this morning, so took another dose of Tylenol along with the antibiotics.  Then, had a cup of tea and later, made some Indian style cream of wheat for brunch.  I had a relaxed morning catching up on some blogs and watching quilting and sewing shows on TV.  Then, I washed the pile of dishes that had accumulated and made some Jello.
In the afternoon, however, I had another ocular migraine.  Maybe I was too hot?  Maybe too much screen time?  Maybe my pressure was up?  I forgot to check my pressure at the time.  Instead, I wondered if I was dehydrated and I drank a glass of water, retreated to the bedroom, turned on the air conditioner (such a blessing!), and took a nap.
But first, I had to settle Dancer, who does not like it when I close my bedroom doors (there are two doors, one to the bedroom from the corridor and one from the bedroom to the bathroom).  The minute I closed the doors, he came from the family room, where he was sleeping, and sat outside my closed door and meowed.  So I had to get up and let him in.  Then, he got spooked by the noise of the air conditioner noise and started to meow very loudly.  So I let him out.  Then he meowed to come back in!  LOL.  I let him in again, he grumbled a little bit, but finally, he settled down and we both napped!  

I woke up at 4:30 p.m. to take my next dose of antibiotics (every 8 hours).  The ocular migraine was still there, so I drank more water, ate some canned peaches, and slept again till 6:30 p.m., when my friend called to check on me.  The ocular migraine had gone by then.  Maybe I just needed to rest?  In any case, I will be telling the physician assistant about it when I see her on Wednesday, as this is the second time I've had one in the past couple of weeks (after going without getting one for years).
My aunt and cousin had called earlier in the morning and said they were coming to visit me in the evening, today.  They told me not to worry about making any dinner, that they will come after dinner.  I intended to make something, anyway, but after the ocular migraine, I decided not to.  There was leftover soup, bread, some rice and chicken, etc., which they could have if they liked.  In the evening, my aunt called to say that they were without electricity and will not be able to come.  So, it was a good thing I didn't bother to cook something!  
Later, I cleaned the litter box, swept the bathroom, tidied the kitchen a bit, and the living room.  Then, took a shower to cool off and took the trash and recycling out.  Aunt called again to say the power was restored and they were planning to come around 9:30 p.m.   A short while later, she called to say they were not coming today as the traffic lights were not working, that they will come tomorrow, instead.  I said they were welcome any time.  

Today, I am grateful for:
- The window a/c unit - still going strong after 23 years!
- The cool bedroom in which to spend the hot afternoon
- The relatively cooler mornings and late evenings
- Afternoon naps
- No migraine headache accompanying the visual distortion
I didn't repot the seedlings today, as it was too hot and I didn't quite feel up to it.  I didn't do the load of laundry, either.  And I've decided to wait on sewing another blouse until later.  The only thing I did that was on my Saturday's to do list was washing the dishes.  So, I'll just carry over the list to tomorrow.
Sunday's To Do List:
- Repot the papaya seedlings in a bigger pot (too hot to plant them outside!)
- Pot up the avocado seedling
- Wash the sofa dust sheets and cushion covers 
- Sew a belt to go with the blue patterned skirt and blouse
- Grocery shop for a few things
How was your Saturday?  Is it hot where you are?  Are you managing to stay cool?


  1. I think those visual migraines are pretty common. I've had them off and on for years and they tend to come in clumps related to stress. I've mentioned them to doctors and no doctor has ever attached any importance to them. The first time I got one was when I was working on my taxes and that was a clue. They tend to come as I said when I'm under stress and on the computer too long. I wouldn't waste any of my appointment time on it but that's up to you.

    1. Thank you for the reassurance, Marylynn. I read (on-line) that stress can cause them, and well, I have been under some stress recently, haven't I? Probably a sign I need to rest a bit more. :)

  2. Just to clarify: by ocular migraine, you mean bright circles of whirling light that start small and get bigger until they finally disappear? Usually lasting 10 or 15 minutes. The lights are kind of like a hologram pattern like on a credit card.

    1. Yes, sort of. Mine tend to be wavy lines of bright light that flicker along the top periphery of my vision - at least, that's what I've experienced these past two times.

  3. I just read about 94K people in Los Angeles being without power and I was wondering about you so I'm glad you were OK, that you got your AC unit installed, and that Dancer settled down so you could both enjoy it. I'm wondering why you just don't leave it installed all year? Even if you don't use it, wouldn't just be easier to leave it there so then you can turn it on whenever you want instead of depending on someone's availability to install it for you? Just curious.

    I'm sorry your ocular migraine came back and that it took so long to go away. Definitely discuss it with your P.A. and make sure to tell her/him about it still being there when you woke up last night.

    I hope you are pain- and migraine-free today. Did the dentist say specifically that he was removing the stitches? I don't recall ever having had stitches removed at the dentist, I believe they just dissolved but maybe I just didn't even get stitches when I had my extractions... I didn't realize, by the way, that you had a problem with bleeding so easily (and for so long!). So in hindsight it's a good thing that you had to wait so long for the extraction so it gave you time to stop the daily aspirin dosage, otherwise it would have been much worse, wouldn't it?

    Have a great Sunday, I hope Dancer continues to let you enjoy the AC without bugging you to come in/come out all the time!

    1. My power went out very briefly on Friday, but I had power all day, yesterday.

      I'd leave the a/c unit in place all year except, there are slight gaps between it and the window and the windowsill which I cover with duct tape as I mentioned, earlier, in one of my comments on your post. The problem isn't the duct tape. It is that, when it rains, the water seeps in. One year, I left the unit in place for a few rains and just put towels to mop up the water. But the towels would get saturated and the wall itself got wet and the paint peeled and the dry wall developed some rather unsightly water damage. It was bad enough that I had to have someone replace part of the dry wall. So, now, I have my gardener or a neighbor take down the a/c unit when it starts to rain. It used to be that I could take it down by myself, but not any more.

      Well, the receptionist said to return next week to check on the healing and the dentist said "and the stitches", so I assumed there would be some stitch removal. I don't know for sure. Maybe they'll dissolve?

      Yes, it seems I take awhile to stop bleeding, even without the aspirin. Maybe one of the other medications I am on is causing it? I don't know. Every single one of my medications come with a long list of side effects, some of which contradict each other (can cause diarrhea/can cause constipation for one medication). And, yes, when things delay, I fret about it, but I also try to tell myself it is probably for the best!

      It is slightly cooler, today, but I will be putting on the a/c and resting in the room in the afternoon. Dancer will do his usual song and dance about closed doors, he hates being shut out or shut in, but he will settle down, eventually.

      Hope you are having a good day, today. Doing anything special?

    2. Nope, nothing special. Trying to psych myself to do some chores or exercise but I'm finding that I don't have much willpower today!

    3. Sunday is a day of rest, so just rest and take it easy!

  4. The migraine must be worrying and I think mentioning it is the right thing to do, but as you say it could be the weather or what you've just gone through with your tooth.

    My eyes widened at your Aunt saying she was visiting at 9.30pm. I've usually had my PJ's on at that time for a while and at 10pm start 'putting the house to bed' for the night. I don't sleep very well but it's rare for me to still be up after 10.30pm. You are a very accommodating host :) xx

    1. I will just mention it to the physician assistant so there is a record of it, for what it's worth (not that I think all that much of their records anyway!) Personally, I think it is a combination of factors including stress and heat.

      Well, to be quite honest, aunt did ask if 9:30 p.m. was too late and I assured her it wasn't. I needed to stay up till 12:30 a.m. to take my last dosage of antibiotics for the day and then, I am not supposed to lie down for at least 10 minutes after I take it. In any case, I don't usually go to sleep until 1:30 a.m. or so, especially on the weekends.

  5. Sorry to hear about your Saturday and not feeling well with some tooth pain and migraine. I think you did the right thing, drinking water, turning your A/C on and laying down in a dark room.

    If it is still over the top hot outside could you leave your bedroom window unit on and perhaps set up one of your floor fans to blow some of the cooled air to where you like to sit? I know you are comfortable at fairly high temperatures but this may be beneficial to you.

    Whatever you do I do hope you have a much improved Sunday.

    1. Thanks, Sandy. I have wondered if I could use the window unit on to cool the whole house (and just close the doors to the unused bedrooms, etc.) But I have an open plan house and the poor unit will probably get overheated (it is an old unit). What I should do is get two more units - one for the living room and one for the family room (or put in central air). Never mind. For the time being, I will retreat to the room and do something in there. I can always set up my machine in the bedroom and sew there, if I want to. Or clean the room. Or maybe I should attend to the pile of paperwork that has accumulated that I keep postponing doing!

      Hope you are having a lovely Sunday. Keep cool!


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