Saturday, July 29, 2017

July Grocery Shopping

July 29 Groceries

I stopped by the grocery store, this afternoon.  I mostly went to buy a bag of cat food, but I also picked up some groceries for myself.

I bought:
1 box pancake mix = $1.99
1 pint milk = $1.19
Bananas (4 individual bananas) @ $.59/lb = $.86
Black grapes @$.99/lb = $1.61
Total =  $5.65

The receipt below shows the total including the cat food and tax on cat food; but my grocery budget doesn't include cat food.

July 29 Receipt (total shown includes cat food)

Ha, ha, some weeks, I spend more on cat food than on food for myself!

Amount spent on groceries so far in July = $34.21 + $2.59 + $35.43 + $14.30 + $4.61 + $5.65 = $96.79

Amount left in the July grocery budget = $103.82 - $96.79 =  $7.03

I could have waited on the pancake mix until next month, but I bought it now, since I knew I had the money in this month's budget.  I debated whether to buy a box of store brand unsalted tops saltines ($1.49), but I didn't because I tend to binge on them when I have them!  I might still buy a box, next month, though.  I debated whether to buy a loaf of bread, but I still have some of the loaf I bought last and I've been toying with the idea of making another loaf of bread from scratch (before the packages of yeast I have get too old).

Breakfast was Indian style cream of wheat (uppuma) - with peanuts, curry leaves and pieces of dried chili to add flavor:

Breakfast: Indian Style Cream of Wheat
A banana for afternoon snack.

A late lunch of rice, fish curry (part of the frozen fish I bought from the Sri Lankan store; cooked with onions, tomatoes from the garden, coconut milk, etc.) and broccoli:

Lunch: Rice, Fish Curry, Broccoli
Some of the black grapes for dessert.

Dinner will be late and at an aunt's house, after the prayer gathering. 

I cooked two of the four pieces of fish I bought, so there's enough fish curry left for three more meals.  Enough broccoli leftover for at least one more meal, maybe even two. 

I don't know if I will go grocery shopping, again, before the end of the month.  If I don't, I will carry over the $7.03 into August.

Have you finished grocery shopping for July?  How did you do with your budget?


  1. Youvalways do so well with grocery shopping. And how wonderful that you were able to use your home grown tomatoes in your curry dish. Do you buy cat litter at the grocery store too?

    1. Thank you, Carolyn. I tasted the tomatoes raw and they were good, but I don't really care for the taste of raw tomato, so I add them to my curries, etc.

      I buy the cat litter at Petco.

  2. I'm feeling that I need to be more adventurous about breakfast, but I was brought up with boring things! Love the idea of savoury Cream of Wheat, and your fish curry lunch looks great, too!

    1. It's funny what we are accustomed to eating, isn't it? I tend to prefer a cooked breakfast to cold cereal; something savory to something sweet (notwithstanding my farmers market croissants!)

  3. Your way of eating seems quite healthy and very frugal. I love salt free saltine type crackers. Perfect with cheese or peanut butter and jelly. Also very good with soup. Do you eat them pain or with something.

    Did you enjoy your prayer meeting?

    1. Thanks, Sandy. I often eat the saltines plain; they remind me a little bit of cream crackers. But, sometimes, I eat them with tuna salad, cheese, peanut butter, etc. Occasionally, I'll eat them with a piece of chocolate on top! :D

      Yes, I enjoyed the prayer meeting. It was all family and friends and the best part was when the little children who had come with their parents were encouraged to participate. The oldest (11 or 12; great grandson of the aunt who was hosting this month's gathering) said a decade on his own; his younger brother (8 or 9) said one with his mother's help; two sisters (5 and 7; great grandnieces of aunt) recited a decade with their mother. I know it makes them feel so important when they, too, get to participate in a leading role. When my daughter was younger and it was my turn to host the prayer gathering, my friend who leads the rosary always found a Buddhist meditation with relevance to all (on a subject such as kindness or compassion) and have my daughter read it to the group before the prayers (as my daughter and I don't actually recite the rosary).

  4. Yes another food I miss "cream crackers" - your prayer meeting sounds very uplifting for all those who attend. Thanks for sharing so many details.

    1. Sandy, I buy cream crackers from the Sri Lankan store and some other Asian ethnic stores. But, I found that if I did an on-line search for Jacob's Cream Crackers, there were a couple of sites that have them for sale (for just over $2/package) and will ship to you (I didn't check shipping charges). Hope that is helpful - I don't want to give the names of the sites because I have no idea how good they are, etc., since I haven't ordered anything through them.

  5. You are so good at keeping right on your budget. I, too, finished up my budget for July, but mostly because I am accounting for things on Fridays and it's easier to just lump days together by the majority month. I have never tried Indian style cream of wheat, although I have always been interested in it! And I LOVE saltines, although I think I prefer them with salt. Yum!

    1. Thank you, Laura. I do OK most months, but I do go over, occasionally. I saw that you managed to stay under budget this month, so, well done! Saltines tend to be a bit addictive, don't they?


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