Sunday, July 16, 2017

Productive Sunday

Sunday started off with the realization that, once again, the pharmacy had made a mistake!  I realized it in the wee hours of the morning, which was when I got ready for bed, when I was taking my nightly medications. 

Remember the medication that I went back and forth between the pharmacy and the primary care clinic to get the authorization?  The pharmacy had texted me on Thursday morning, saying it was ready to be picked up.  I went to the pharmacy directly after work, picked up the medication that was ready, verified the dosage, and came home.  I took one pill for the first time on Friday night without noticing anything.

But, last night, or rather, very early this morning, I remembered that the physician assistant had told me she will prescribe a 90 day supply to eliminate having to go back for refills before my next appointment with her.  I checked the vial and saw that it said "Qty: 90" on it.  But, when I looked at the amount of pills in the vial, it didn't look like there were 90 pills!  So I poured out the pills onto my hand and counted them out - two by two and, when I counted 29, I recounted them, one by one!  Still 29!  The pharmacy had given me the usual 30 pills, even though the label on the vial specified 90!  Good grief! 

I knew I had to go back to the pharmacy, later in the morning, to tell them about the mistake.  But I couldn't fall asleep fretting if the pharmacy will give me the balance pills or if they will say they can't give me the balance remaining pills because, by accepting the vial, I had indicated everything was correct!  What if they say they gave me the correct number of pills and accused me of removing part of the 90 pills and coming back with a false claim to get more pills from them?  How would I prove that I only received 30 pills?  Does this mean that, from now on, I will have to count out my pills to verify I received the correct number, before I left the service window?!  I'll be ready to do so if I had to, but really!  Why is getting a routine prescription filled so complicated?

It was 4:00 a.m., before I finally went to sleep!  I woke up once around 6:30 a.m., but went back to sleep and slept until 10:00 a.m. when my daughter called to say she was going with her colleague to feed the stray cats at the race track and then grocery shopping.  I had a cup of tea, responded to blog comments, spoke with my neighbor who called for our Sunday morning chat, and spoke with my aunt who called to check on me.

Around noon, I went to the pharmacy and told the pharmacist that I had a problem.  I explained the discrepancy in the pill count and she was really nice.  She didn't give me a hard time about it, at all, but immediately counted out the remainder of the pills and gave me.  Well, that was a relief!  Maybe these ladies just really like to see me on a daily basis?  LOL.

I called my friend from the car and told her I was going to the Armenian grocery store and asked if she needed anything; she said no, she didn't need anything.  Then, I went to the Armenian store and I picked up this week's specials and one or two other things:

July 16 Groceries
I bought:

Papaya ($.49/lb) = $2.48
Peaches ($.79/lb) = $.99
Cherries ($.99/lb) = $2.01
Mini cucumbers ($.99/lb) = $.56
Okra ($1.99/lb)  = $.66
Broccoli ($.99/lb) =  $.23
Tomato ($ = $1.38
Serrano chilies ($.99/lb = $.18
Red lentils ($1.29/lb = $1.04
Pita bread = $.99
Cashews ($8.99/lb!) = $3.78
Total = $14.30

Cashews (raw) have gone up by $2 per pound since I last bought some!  Now I am sorry I didn't look for cashews at the Sri Lankan store.

Amount spent on groceries so far in July = $34.21 + $2.59 + $35.43 + $14.30 = $86.53

Amount left in the July grocery budget = $103.82 - $86.53 =  $17.29

July 16 Grocery Receipt

After I came home, I cut and ate some of the papaya:


Along with a pita bread with the last of the lentil curry I had made and some leftover sausage.

In the afternoon, I rested for awhile, trying to persuade myself to do some housework.  Just then, I received a phone call from a friend, asking if I would be home in the evening around 6:00 p.m., as she and her husband wanted to visit.  I told her I'd love to see her.  It was just the impetus I needed to get started on the housework!  I dusted and tidied the living room, dining room, and family room and vacuumed them, along with the kitchen and the hallway; then, swept my bathroom.  I decided to do the bedrooms, tomorrow.  I tidied the kitchen a bit, too and took out the trash and the recycling.

Then, I took a shower and got ready to receive my visitors.  Since they came around 6:00 p.m., I offered them tea or coffee, but my friends declined, saying they had just had dinner.  They brought me some mangoes and a packet of rice and curries for my dinner!  My friend had prepared rice, fish, lentils, beetroot, and kale, wrapped it all up in wax paper and aluminum foil to make a packet:

It was too much for me for one meal; I had some of it for dinner and kept the remainder in the fridge for tomorrow's lunch or dinner.

We had a nice, long visit.  We've been friends for a long time, but it has been awhile since we last visited.  After they left, I had dinner, and returned my aunt's phone call (she had called while my friends were visiting).  Then, I walked up and down my block for about 15 minutes.  I didn't walk for the full 30 minutes - I figured my vacuuming counted for part of my exercise!  After that, I video chatted with my daughter.

Today, I am grateful for:
- The medication pill count was resolved without any hassle (other than fretting about it during the night and having to make yet another trip to the pharmacy!)
- Daughter had a fun morning out with her colleague
- Friends called and came for a visit
- They brought me dinner and fruit
- The house got tidied and cleaned! 

How was your Sunday? 


  1. I can't believe they've made another mistake in your medication! How would someone get on if they weren't as observant? Very frustrating.
    Other than that, it sounds like you had a lovely day. It was very kind of your friends to bring you dinner. X

    1. Jules, isn't it crazy? One really has to be alert to make sure one is getting the right medication, proper dosage, and the correct number of pills! After this, I shall try not to be rushed because there is a long line behind me, when I go to pick up my meds. I shall try to take my time, open the bottle and check!

      Yes, the day was good, especially since the pharmacy didn't try to argue with me over the number of pills! Friends who visit and bring me dinner are most welcome at my house! LOL.

      Hope you've had a lovely weekend and all is well with you.

  2. Always look at your medication before you leave the pharmacy. Always. Surely there is another Pharmacy in the area that you can use. I find Fred Meyer to be very dependable at least here.

    1. Marylynn, I will be sure to do so from now on! Or, at least, ask if it is the correct number of pills! And once I know if the results of the ultrasound are good, I will transfer back to my previous pharmacy, where the staff is more reliable.

  3. Totally gobsmaked at yet another pharmacy mistake. Understandable that made it hard to sleep.

    Other than the cashews another excellent shop. Your friends are lovely generous people rather like you.

    Saturday morning our grandson who was on his way to the lake ask if we could go over and feed the cat and dog as due to his schedule (sailing instructor) he wanted to camp out over night. Mom, dad and brother would not be home until late Sunday. So that's what we did and I caught his laundry up and a few other little jobs. We were both tired when we got home Sunday evening so today other than some washing and deciding on sloppy joes for dinner, hubby on computer we are not doing much. This us when it is good to be retired!

    1. Sandy, it's a good thing I took a second look at the number of pills when I did, isn't it? Just goes to prove that we must always be alert!

      These friends who visited are long time friends. My mother taught the husband when he was in school in Sri Lanka and she taught their son-in-law, here, in the US! In fact, the first time the son-in-law (he was dating the daughter at the time) saw my mother visiting our friends, he ran out of the house because he saw his teacher from high school coming and he had been such a terror in class that he was afraid of what she might tell them about him! LOL!

      That was very nice of you to help out your grandson and not only feed the pets but do his laundry and other jobs, as well. Glad you are able to take it easy and rest, today. Has the heat wave abated somewhat? Hope you are able to keep cool. Have a blessed day, Sandy.

  4. My goodness! That pharmacy's inaccuracies and errors are reaching a frightening level. So glad you'll consider returning to your former pharmacy ... they seemed so caring and attentive. Did the pharmacy put your 30 pills in the large 90 day size pill bottle? Mind boggling they didn't catch that error. Awesome that you did!

    1. Carolyn, the pills are small enough that 90 of them fit into a regular size bottle with room to spare. But still, one can see, at a glance, that there are more than the usual 30 pills (I counted everything again, once I came home and I had the correct number of pills!) :)

  5. Wow, I can't believe that the pharmacy made a mistake yet again. Please change pharmacies ASAP! I recently had a prescription filled at a little pharmacy across from my doctor's office and they lady filling it came rushing out and told me that she could not remember if she got the right amount of pills for me. She asked if she could recount my pills just to make sure so that I did not have to drive home to my town and then back again if she had messed up.

    1. Debbie, that was nice of the lady to double check your pill count! I will be making sure I get the proper amount of pills from now on!

  6. But I couldn't fall asleep fretting if the pharmacy will give me the balance pills or if they will say they can't give me the balance remaining pills... I would totally do this too, LOL! I'm glad they didn't argue with you but I agree that you ought to change pharmacies.

    1. Nathalie, I found myself rehearsing what I was going to tell them! LOL! But I was so worried about it! Today, they sent me a survey and I thought, "Are you kidding me?"


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