Thursday, July 20, 2017

Playing with Layouts

Initial Sketch

On Wednesday, I went to the office in the morning and had a productive day.  Since it was National Hot Dog Day, I went to my favorite hot dog place on my way home from work and bought chili dogs for dinner!  After I came home, I ate a chili dog and had a cup of tea.

Then, I sketched out my initial layout idea for the baby quilt and cut out my quilt squares: 18 from the teddy bear patterned fabric and 6 each of the solid colored fabric.  I made each square 5 1/2 inches which includes 1/4 inch sewing allowances.  The finished square will be 5 inches. I didn't have enough of the teddy bear patterned fabric to cut 18 complete squares; I had to patch two of the squares, but I don't think it makes a big difference.

Then, I had some fun trying out different layouts:

Layout #1
Layout #1 is similar to the sketch, except I have a different order of solid colors and the diagonal lines are going in a different direction.

Layout #2

Layout #2 has the solid colors in columns (or rows, depending on how one looks at the quilt top). 
The patterned squares still form diagonal rows.

Layout #3

I tried to mix up the solid colors a little more, but daughter pointed out that the blue squares are still in columns.  I needed to mix up the colors a little more.

Layout #4
Layout #4 has the solid colors mixed up a little more. 

I still don't know which layout I like the best, although there are two that I like better than the others.  So, I am opening it out for a vote!  Which one is your favorite? 

Today, I am grateful for:
- A productive day at the office
- An evening spent playing with fabric
- Video chatting with my daughter
- Phone call from my friend
- Emails from another friend

How was your Wednesday?  Did you celebrate National Hot Dog Day?  Which is your favorite layout of the ones shown above?  Can you suggest a different layout?


  1. My favourite is the first layout. I like designs with diagonals. :)


  2. First of all, it's amazing that you are making a quilt in such short amount of time. I like # 1, #2 in that order.

    1. It's a small quilt; I am thinking of a finished size of 36" x 40". Once I've decided on the layout, it's a matter of sewing it (tonight), attaching the borders (tomorrow) and finishing it up (Saturday).

      Yes, #1 and #2 are my daughter's favorites, too. :)

  3. Voting for layout#1 but I am sure whatever you decide on will be fabulous.

    Didn't know it was National Hot Dog Day! Whenever did they start all these holidays?

    When is your next dentist appointment?

    1. Sandy, so far, #1 seems to be the top runner! :D

      July, I believe, is National Hot Dog Month (probably because of Independence Day?) and July 19 is National Hot Dog Day! I only knew because they were talking about it on the morning news.

      Next dental appointment is on August 3 (dentist was going on vacation and another dentist was subbing for him, but I was reluctant to have two dentists working on me at the same time, so to speak; besides, I wanted to be sure the one side was completely healed before they worked on the other side!)

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you, Mia! So far, #1 is the forerunner! It's the one that makes more of a pattern, isn't it?

  5. Do you really have a national hot dog day or are you making that up just so you could buy one :)

    I love the colour combination of your quilt. My preference would be design number 1 followed by design number 2. Whichever you choose I'm sure your cousin's daughter will love it. xx

    1. Suzanne, July is National Hot Dog Month and July 19 is National Hot Dog Day! Apparently, it was also National Daiquiri Day! Too bad I don't drink anything alcoholic, otherwise I could have had a daiquiri to go with my hot dog! :D July is also National Ice Cream month, with July 16 having been declared National Ice Cream Day! One of the fast food places was giving free ice cream cones if you had their mobile app (which I don't).

      Layout #1 seems to be the favorite among those who expressed an opinion! :)

  6. I join the others in voting for #1. It just seems to work better.

    I've never heard of National Hot Dog Day but it sounds like something worth celebrating!

    1. Bushlady, #1 seems to be the favorite all around!

      There seems to be a national day for just about everything! But it was a good excuse to have a hot dog. :)

  7. You have much patience. Will you be sewing all of this by hand?!

    I didn't celebrate National Hot Dog Day. However, I've been craving a Sonic Hot Dog on a Pretzel Bun with bacon on top ever since they've been running the commercials for them. Good thing there isn't a Sonic within dozens of miles of my house, hahaha.

    1. Nathalie, I'm sewing most of it on the machine. It will be faster, that way. But I'll probably hand sew the binding.

      You'll have to get a Sonic hot dog and post a picture! :D

  8. #1 is my favorite. this is going to be sooooo cute.. Happy sewing.

    1. Thanks, Judy. #1 seems to be everyone's pick!

  9. Layout 1 - First Choice for me, Layout 2 second choice :)

    1. Joy, Layout #1 was the firm favorite and the one I went with. :)


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