Thursday, April 27, 2017

Wednesday's Doings

Today has been a warm and windy day.  I checked on the seedlings and watered them before I left for the office.  I had a fairly productive day at work.  I gave my supervisor an update on my work projects and told her when I have my next medical appointments so she knows.  So far, I've 3 scheduled in May, 1 in June, and 2 in July, plus I am supposed to report for jury duty in June, as well. 
I checked another garden center's website, today, and they have the tomato cages for a more reasonable price of $1.98 each.  They are shorter than the others I looked at yesterday, but that doesn't matter.  I am really not looking to give support to the plants; I just want to protect the seedlings until they are somewhat grown, so the cats don't dig them out, or "fertilize" them, or sleep on top of them!  I wouldn't want them to squash my squash plants!  LOL.   

I also looked at vegetable plants being grown in hanging planters.  If nothing else, I can get some hanging planters and grow my squash in them, off the ground and away from the cats!  I also loved looking at all the creative containers people have come up with for growing plants, such as plastic soda bottles!
Speaking of being creative, I made a thank you card, today:
Thank You Card
The thick white paper with the torn edges is handmade paper I made one year with old utility bills I shredded!  I added some rosemary leaves to it when I was making it, but they are not too visible.  The flowers are metallic sequins.  
Today, I raided daughter's closet and borrowed one of her blouses to wear to the office!  I needed a black blouse and my only solid black top was too big and droopy.  Her blouse fitted me perfectly!   I took a picture of myself and sent it to her, with the caption, "Borrowed plumes".  She laughed and said to help myself!  She left half her clothes down here, so I will be borrowing more from her closet in the future!

Today, I am grateful for:
- Being able to borrow from daughter's closet!
- A pleasant day at the office
- A safe commute to the office and back
- A drive through the park on the way to the office and back
- A sunny and warm day

I didn't do anything that was on my To Do list for today, other than going to the office and daily tasks such as the dishes.  I will just carry today's To Do list forward and work on it tomorrow and Friday.  
How was your Wednesday?  What have you planned for Thursday? 


  1. The card is very pretty. I bet it was a lot more fun to work on that than to do the things on your list. We all need to be creative sometimes.

  2. It's always fun borrowing clothes that you might not otherwise choose to buy yourself. Your daughter might find her wardrobe empty next time she comes back. X

    1. LOL. Actually, some of the clothes she has in her closet are what she borrowed from mine! Even when they are too big for her, she finds ways to wear them with belts and so forth and somehow, they look cute on her! There are some very short skirts of hers that I will not wear, but her blouses will expand my wardrobe very nicely!

  3. I've grown strawberries in hanging baskets and it makes them much easier to pick.

    The card is lovely. I'm impressed that you made your own paper, is it easy to do?

    Smiling at you raiding DD's wardrobe. Amy would need to put on a fair few lbs before I could do that. Notice I'm not up for losing the weight! lol

    Have a lovely week and look after yourself. xx

    1. Strawberries seem ideal for hanging baskets!

      I'm laughing at Amy needing to gain weight in order for you to borrow her clothes, rather than you losing any!

      Making the paper was fun! I shredded the scrap paper I had and soaked it in water. Then, added the soaked paper and some water to my blender and blended until it became a pulp. Then, poured it into a flat container and used a homemade screen to scoop up the pulp. One can add bits of yarn, flower petals, etc., at this stage. Once it dried, it became "paper". Might be something Thomas and Amy might enjoy doing? There are plenty of tutorials on-line.

  4. You were able to go clothes shopping after all ... and didn't have to leave home! How wonderful is that? Would love to hear more about the process you followed for making handmade paper, and the card is lovely!

    1. Yes, I was able to "shop" at home! LOL.

      Basically, I shredded the scrap paper I had and soaked it in water. Then, added the soaked paper and some water to my blender and blended until it became a pulp. Then, poured it into a flat container (I used a disposable baking pan) and used a homemade screen to scoop up the pulp. One can add bits of yarn, flower petals, etc., at this stage. Once it dried, it became "paper". I think my paper to water ratio was a bit too high, as the paper became rather thick. But it's good for card making.

  5. Nothing wrong with days where you go to the office and daily chores. You always post a blog page and take the time to respond to those who comment and don't forget that lovely card you made.

    Wednesday I did a quick run to Walgreens for the following sale items: Angel soft big roll toilet tissue $3.49 + Ladies Mitcham deodorant $2.99 + Maxwell House Coffee instant $2.99 + 3 Dunkin Donuts Ground Coffee $5.99 each plus coupons from the paper $2.00,
    Spent $26.33 (saved $15.30) - happy with that.

    Thursday - just back from the grocery store. Not a lot of varieties of lettuce to choose from, ended up with Boston. It is overcast and cool but a break in the rain, so perhaps I'll get my walk in. More rain/storms in the forecast tomorrow thru Sunday.


    1. Thank you, Sandy. Yes, blogging takes time, too, doesn't it? Especially when one reads and posts comments on other blogs in addition to doing ones own. But I'd rather blog than vacuum!

      You got some great deals and excellent job with the savings! I've let my warehouse club card expire, so will be looking for good deals on toilet paper, etc., from now on!

      They say that the California lettuce crop failed this year because of all the rain that followed our drought! Fields were flooded and planting got delayed and then, it got too hot too quickly! As a result, there's not much available and lettuce prices have shot up. The articles I've read have said to expect to pay $5 per head of lettuce!

  6. Love the card.. so beautiful..
    How fun you were able to wear daughters blouse.. Shopping at home, so nice.

    1. Thank you, Judy. Yes, it's nice to be able to borrow from her closet. :)

  7. Beautiful, your homemade paper with the flower shapes on it! I think the rosemary addition is perfect.

    1. Thank you, Lady Ella. I compared the last scrap of paper that I have from what I made before to what my daughter made last weekend and mine is thinner, hers had more paper pulp. But, we didn't measure anything, so, each batch was different. I made another card, today, with the new paper, and it came out well. :)


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