Tuesday, April 4, 2017


No all beef patties or sesame seed bun!

First of all, thank you to everyone who read my posts over the weekend and commented with such kindness and caring.  I know I was venting.  I love my family and I know they do care for me, it's just that I get a bit bent out of shape about things, from time to time!  I guess I have my own short comings.  We all do, don't we?

I stayed up too late last night (so what else is new?) and, as a result, slept all morning!  By the time I had a cup of coffee, read and replied to comments, and responded to some emails, it was late afternoon.

Finally, I went to the pharmacy to pick up my medication refill.  I received $6 in Extra Care Bucks!  I have to figure out what I want to spend it on.

Then, I did a little grocery shopping.  I don't know what came over me, but I kind of went crazy at the grocery store, today!  I bought the things I wanted to buy - bananas ($.69/lb.), milk ($1.99 for half gallon), cold cuts for sandwiches (pastrami, $2.99), a can of mackerel ($1.99), two bread rolls ($.50@), some meat and fish that were on sale, etc.  The piece of chuck steak had been reduced to $3.32; the two pieces of halibut were reduced to $5.25 (from $7.00) and $5.39 (from $7.20).   But then, I bought cookies!  ($3.79)  And chips! Two bags!  ($1.77@)   And ice cream! ($3.00)  And chocolate!  Not one but two bars!  ($1.50@)   I don't even like the taste of chocolate, any more!  Oh, my!  My total came to $36.20.

I didn't take a picture of the groceries because I was hungry when I came home.  I quickly put away the meat, fish, ice cream and milk and made myself a sandwich with one of the bread rolls and some pastrami.  I tried a few chips and they were okay.  Then, I had some ice cream - French vanilla flavor; it tasted okay, too.  I guess my taste buds are coming back, which can be both a good and a bad thing!  I tried one of the cookies but it still tasted slightly bitter.  Later, I made myself the lovely salad I've pictured above - lettuce, cucumber, a grated carrot, and some honey-mustard dressing.  Now I don't feel as guilty for having eaten chips and a cookie and ice cream! 

After I came home from the grocery store, I took the trash cans to the curb.

Today, I am grateful for:
- Kind readers who leave thoughtful, considerate, and supportive comments
- Vacation time off from work
- Being able to sleep in!
- Being able to enjoy ice cream again (just have to be careful not to enjoy it too much!)
- Being able to eat salads without washing everything in vinegar first, as I did when I was undergoing chemo

Monday's To Do List:

- go to the pharmacy to pick up another refill that's ready - DONE
- grocery shop for the week - DID SOME; need to go to the ethnic store tomorrow for vegetables
- empty the waste baskets/kitchen trash, etc. - DONE
- take the trash cans to the curb - DONE
- water the garden, front and back
- call to schedule a service for the car
- buy potting soil

Tuesday's To Do List:
- Bring trash cans in
- Do the rest of the grocery shopping
- Cook the fish and beef
- Water the garden
- Call to schedule a car service
- Buy potting soil
- Dishes
- Laundry
- Litter box
- Clear/dust bedside table/nightstand
- Pay bills
- Take a bag of curry leaves to my friend and return her empty containers

I would also like to make some strawberry jam and a batch of orange marmalade, but that might have to wait for next weekend.

How was your Monday?  Have you ever gone a bit crazy while grocery shopping and bought a bunch of stuff that's bad for you which you hadn't planned to buy?  


  1. I try not to shop when I am hungry and I shop with budgeted cash and a list. Having said that, of course I have picked up snack foods occasionally. I think they jump into the cart when I'm not looking.I try to resist but they have a bigger personality than I do...very charismatic and engaging and delicious. Ha. I sometimes try to blame the purchase on the fact that so-and-so is coming for a visit, and I NEED to pick up a few treats. I believe you have to give in a bit to your cravings, or else you do end up going crazy in the shop.

    Good luck accomplishing your to-do list. It is quite ambitious.

    1. Susan, I think I get hungry when I am out grocery shopping! I am generally quite good with my shopping, which is why I am shocked and asking myself, "Who was that masked woman?" Ha,ha! It has been quite a while since I last bought any ice cream, cookies, or chips,(they have not tasted good to me) so I am not too concerned. Sometimes, too, I find that if I have something in the cupboards, I no longer crave it! It's kind of weird, but that's how it is with me. I was definitely in the "I deserve a treat" mood, yesterday!

      Thank you, I am afraid that to do list is a bit too ambitious, but I'm going to see how much I can get done! Hope you are having a good day, today. Just take it one day at a time. Take care.

  2. It's nice to see you're getting your appetite back! Enjoy your newly restored taste buds! I'd indulge too, if I were you. And yay for surprise ExtraCare bucks!

    1. Thank you, Nathalie! I guess I was feeling deprived! It has been quite a long time since I've eaten any of these snacks and enjoyed them. As long as I don't indulge too much, I should be OK. I weighed myself this morning, and I am still at a good weight (I always weigh about 3 lbs. more at the doctor's office, since I am wearing shoes, etc. and they have digital scales). I could lose another 20 lbs. and still be considered overweight for my height (just under 5 ft!), but I am OK with the weight I am at currently.

  3. Your vacation day was so good for you, sleeping late, shopping and feeling like you fancied some chips, ice cream and cookies. So glad you went "crazy".

    Extra Care Bucks are a bonus indeed. Our CVS has milk $1.59 half gallon, Maxwell House $2.99, Lipton tea bag $2.99 and Dunkin' Donuts coffee $5.99 thru Saturday with store card.

    I probably have been a little "crazy" putting together Easter bags of candy for the two grands, daughter and son-in-law.


    1. Thank you, Sandy. I was in "holiday" mode, wasn't I? Oh, I remember the days when I made up Easter baskets for my daughter - it was a bit of a challenge as she didn't like chocolates or any of the regular candies! (Yes, I know, she was a strange kid; once I offered her ice cream as a treat and she actually asked if she could have slices of cucumber, instead!) So, I would buy books and crayons and stuffed toys, etc for her Easter basket and hide quarters inside the plastic eggs. She still recalls how a trail of glitter would lead her to where the eggs were hidden inside the house! :D

  4. I think every so often we have to give ourselves permission to go a little wild at the grocery store. If you are like me that is about as wild as I ever get anyway which is actually pretty tame! Enjoy all the goodies and be thankful you can allow some special treats!

    1. Ha, ha, I was thinking of you and your husband when I was buying the chips and the chocolates! :D Yes, you are right, that's about as wild as I get in a grocery store. I tend to go a bit crazy when I am at the fabric store and craft store, but I'm getting better, there, too. :) Definitely a blessing I can allow myself some treats!

  5. There is always something that goes in the trolley that is naughty but nice. As my dear old Nanna used to say "a bit of what you fancy does you good", although if I'm honest I probably buy far too much of what I fancy.

    I read your post about the party and I think you did the right thing. I wouldn't have wanted to go either and would have been thinking the same as you - have I been invited purely for the lift. There is a balance between being kind and letting yourself be taken advantage of. You do a lot of driving in the week to get to and from work as well which must be tiring and your family need to consider that.

    You're no different to anybody else and nor is your family. We love them but they can annoy us and a little moan never did anybody any harm. Plus, the lovely replies you got must have made you feel better about your decision.

    Have a lovely week. xx

    1. Thank you, Suzanne. I think I have some of the nicest readers around! Everyone was so kind and supportive in their comments. Hope your week is going well - I need to catch up on your blog! I'm behind with reading and commenting!

  6. I think it's a great sign that you got all of those treats at the store. It means that you are definitely getting better. It will be interesting to see how things progress from here. Will there be one big splurge, or if things taste better now will they jump into your cart as Susan said.

    1. Thanks, Live and Learn. Yes, my stomach doesn't automatically turn when I think about certain foods! Ha,ha, I can see myself happily walking down the aisles in the grocery store with things jumping off the shelves into my cart! Like those cartoons where the fish jump into the boat! I think it will be one big splurge, for now, at least. There might be a pastry or two, but I am going to make a conscious effort to keep the treats to fresh fruits and nuts, etc.

  7. Ice cream (actually not ice cream but frozen yogurt which is just as delicious) is a staple in our house and so is chocolate. There, I've just given you permission to regard these as necessary, not treats! DH is just like his Dad was, he likes "ice cream" just about every day with banana or frozen fruit thawed, or fresh berries in season. If we have something like the raspberry cobbler I made for the family visit, it is served with vanilla "ice cream". We don't bother much about all the fancy flavours available in frozen yogurt, but a visit to the ice cream hut is a chance to try something interesting. As for chips, if it was up to DH we would snack on them every evening, but I only buy them occasionally and hide them for when we are having a longer Netflix session than usual.


    1. LOL, thank you for the permission, Bushlady! I have to be careful about the sugar and I don't much care for the sugar free versions, so I need to be careful, but a little ice cream now and then is nice, isn't it? I had a little of the chips and that was enough for now. I put away the cookies for now, too. Each is 70 calories, so I can indulge in one or two, occasionally, but they don't taste as good as they could, but I know they are there if I want them.

  8. What are the Extra Care Bucks? Are they like a loyalty scheme? I suppose there's always a bright side, even to having to get so much medicine. Take care of yourself. x

    1. Yes, I think they are like a loyalty scheme. You sign up for it and once you spend a certain amount of money during a period of time, you get a coupon that says you have $X in Extra Care Bucks that you can use to buy products at the store (there are some exclusions - you can't apply the ECB towards prescriptions, alcohol, etc.)


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