Friday, April 21, 2017


I've had a good day, today.  In the morning, I checked on my seedlings and watered those that needed it.  
Lone Zucchini Seedling
Then, I went to the office.  Sometime in the afternoon, I noticed that the Easter Bunny had visited me and left me an Easter egg filled with jelly beans on my desk!  Then, I noticed a second Easter egg!  I rather suspect the lady who is our clerical staff - she tends to spoil us with treats!  But she had left for the day when I went in search of her to thank her, so I sent her an email, instead. 
During my lunch break, I went down to the pharmacy located in the underground mall in the adjoining building to see my pharmacist friend.  She was so happy to see me! She said I made her day!  And then, I went to the bank, and the two tellers on duty remembered me from before greeted me with cries of, "You cut your hair!" I explained what had happened, and they were very kind and said my short hair suited me.  I've been hearing that from a lot of people, but I still prefer my hair long.
I also visited the weekly farmers' market (#12 on my Spring Joy List), but my favorite French bakery stall was not there.  There was another bakery stall, but they didn't have the French bread and the croissants that I was looking forward to buying. The Asian produce stall wasn't there, either, and no one else had the water spinach and the baby bok choy I had been planning on buying.  The Armenian store has baby bok choy, but I'll have to go to a different Asian store to buy the water spinach (Ipomoea aquatica).
I saw a sign at one of the newer stalls that sold baked goods, which said, "A balanced diet is a cookie in each hand"!  I rather like that sign! 

I stopped at the library on my way home (#13 on my Spring Joy List) to pick up the book I had placed on hold (The Zookeeper's Wife by Diane Ackerman).  I now have 4 library books (2 I'm currently reading and 2 waiting to be read; #14 on my Spring Joy List).  

Two Patty Pan Squash Seedlings (and Another One Starting to Sprout)

One of my friends called in the evening; I'll be taking her to get some shipping boxes tomorrow evening.  One of my cousins called, too, and came over to get some help with some documents she is preparing.  Afterwards, we chatted for a bit.
Then, it was time to prepare dinner.  I boiled the second ear of corn I had bought, reheated some shrimp I had cooked earlier and frozen, and prepared a very simple salad of lettuce and cucumber (no salad dressing, just pepper and salt):
Thursday's Dinner
I couldn't finish the whole ear of corn, so I put the leftover part in the fridge for later.   Lunch had been the leftover koththu roti from last night with half an apple for dessert; breakfast had been a banana; wafer cookies for an afternoon snack.  A bowl of cereal and milk for a late night snack.   
Today, I was grateful for:
- Feeling well enough to go to the office
- My pharmacist friend being so happy to see me.
- The tellers at the bank greeting me like a long-lost friend
- Easter eggs and jelly beans!
- Library books

Thursday's To Do List:
- Go to the office - DONE
- Go to the bank - DONE
- Pharmacy - DONE
- Library - DONE
- Farmers' Market - DONE
- Check the seedlings and water if needed - DONE
- Water the indoor plants
- Dishes
- Litter box
Friday's To Do List:
- Work from home
- Take the car in for a service
- Grocery shop
- Water indoor plants
- Plant succulents
- Tidy the house
- Take friend to get the shipping boxes
- Daily tasks
How was your Thursday?  What have you planned for Friday?  


  1. It's so fun to watch seedlings come up and bit nerve wrecking while you're waiting. Will they or won't they sprout?

    1. Oh, the suspense! LOL! Although, with me, it's more of a matter of "will they live and grow and actually produce something before the temperature climbs to 100F and desiccate them?!" It was in the mid-80s, yesterday.

  2. I do so love the idea of the Easter Bunny visiting you. Very kind.
    Your seedlings are doing really well. Ours are just starting to show now and I'm worried we may have planted too early or too late. X

    1. It was especially kind because I really wasn't expecting it! Glad to hear your seedlings are starting to show. It's hard to tell when it is the right time to plant them, isn't it? It seems it is still too cold and then, suddenly, a week later, we are in the 80s and it's almost too late to plant! Hope all is well with you, Jules, and you are over your health issues. (((Hugs)))

  3. I have been going through this whole week with absolutely no plans whatsoever. I just do what I feel like and it has been really good. The sun is trying to come out after a wet and rainy week, so I may try to go outside and do a little work.

    What a lovely day you had, with lots to be grateful and happy about. Looks like your seedlings are coming along fine. I'm not usually that lucky, but we will see this time. In the past, I have had a cat to contend with. For some reason, they like to lie across the dirt and seedlings in the heat of the sun. Also, having had to go to work every day, I didn't keep quite as close an eye on them as perhaps I should have. They got too much water, or not enough. I will try to do better this year.If I csn grow some of my annuals from seeds, that will save me a boatload of money.

    1. It's good to have an unstructured week, after all what you've been going through lately, with appointments to keep and so forth. Hope you'll have a lovely, sunny weekend, and you'll be able to get outside. I seem to recall you had a very nice garden, last year, with your beans producing well into the fall. I couldn't grow anything last year, and I am starting out small this year. I would like at least one more zucchini seed to grow, as I think I prefer zucchini to patty pan squash, but, you know, I'll be grateful for whatever will grow and produce! I've some flower seeds I want to scatter, too - need to clear a spot, so I'll know it's flower seedlings coming up and not weeds!

  4. My seedlings have not sprouted yet and won't if I don't get them in the ground! I am having a difficult time with motivation this year.

    1. Ha, ha, they are like my tomato seeds then! Still in the packet and still not sprouting! Maybe this weekend! We'll both do a little seed planting. Hope your day is going well, Anne.

  5. Proud you had a good day.. Very sweet co-worker leaving you the Easter treats.
    Your plants are looking good.. Good veggies coming..

    1. Thanks, Judy. It's time to transplant the seedlings, which means...I have to weed and prepare another planting area and screen that off! How is your garden coming along? Have you started planting your seeds yet?

    2. We have planted our garden..[tomatoes, peppers, beans, peas,okra , onions. lettuce ] We have been getting no rain.. but yesterday ,it rained alot.. We noticed the seeds we planted are up and looking good.. The lettuce/onions we planted early and we are eating them now.. so good..

    3. Oh, that sounds so good, Judy! Hope you get all the rain you need. Have a lovely day.

  6. Your seedlings are off to a good start! Mine always start well too but then develop mildew when they grow (IF they grow) in ground. I've been very lucky with tomatoes though. They loooove the heat, as long as they get enough water. Each tomato plant needs 1 gallon of water a day.

    I love the diet balance quote, hahaha.

    1. Thanks, Nathalie. I need to transplant them soon, but it is so hot (90F yesterday and today) that I fear they'll probably get baked! Need to keep watering them, as well. Your tomato plants seem to be doing well, though and your serrano plants, too.

  7. Great that you finally got to reconnect with those shop staff members, and that they remembered you with such pleasure! (I know the pharmacist was a quasi-friend anyway). This is another reason why I dislike the trend for machines in shops and banks, now.

    1. Yes, I try to go to a cashier, bank teller, etc., or, at least, I did pre-Covid. You make connections after a while, provided people stayed in that position for more than a few weeks or months, and there is that personal touch which is so important.


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