Friday, March 31, 2017

Windy Thursday

Today has been a windy day!  I can hear the windows rattling as I type this.

I spent a fairly quiet day, today.  I went to the office and had a productive work day.  The drive home, however, took two hours as there were lots of traffic delays due to accidents.  I had intended to put gas to the car on the way home; however, due to the delays, I was tired and getting hungry.  So, I decided to come home directly and put gas in the morning (there is, actually, just over quarter tank of gas, which would be more than enough to go to work and come home, tomorrow, too, but I like to fill up before I get to quarter tank).

Home and a cup of tea with some of the pastries from yesterday were just what I needed.   Breakfast had been an egg salad sandwich, lunch had been another egg salad sandwich and a banana.  I had some crackers, too, as a snack.  Later, I cooked a pot of rice and had some of it with the rest of the green beans I had cooked earlier, mixed with some of the ground beef, with tomato chutney and a cucumber salad (just half a cucumber chopped and dressed with lemon juice, a little salt, and pepper).  I am also having a cup of hot cocoa as I type this, as I wanted a hot drink. 

Today, I called one of my friends to check on her (she had called me earlier in the week and had been sad about an accidental death in her extended family) and and texted one of my cousins to check on her (she had a sore throat and was on antibiotics for it, earlier this week).   Friend was doing OK; cousin didn't reply to my text.

Today, I am grateful for:
- Safe commutes to the office and back
- A CD player in the car (this is the first car I've had with a CD player, and although the car is now 3 years old, I still haven't got used to the novelty!)
- Being able to listen to some of my favorite music while I drive
- Pastries!
- My appetite and taste buds are returning!

Late last night, after I had published my blog post, I felt bad about not tidying up the house and so, I did a quick tidy of the living room!  So that item on the to do list has been started on!

Thursday's To Do List:
- Go to the office - DONE
- Put gas to the car - Friday
- Daily tasks - DONE (dishes, litter box, etc.)
- Tidy the house - STARTED (tidied the living room on Wednesday night, tidied the kitchen, today)

Friday's To Do List:
- Leave a note to the gardener
- Put gas to the car
- Go to the office
- Daily tasks (dishes, litter box, etc.)
- Pharmacy to pick up medication refill

How was your Thursday?  What are your plans for Friday?  Are you ready for the end of March?


  1. Being thankful for a safe commute is so important. Every time I see an accident that happened just before I reached the spot, I think, except for the grace of God, there go I. Will be very happy to see the end of March, such a dreary month here.


    1. I see accidents almost every time I drive to work and back. I say a prayer for a safe drive every time I drive.

      Hope April will be a brighter, less dreary month for you, Jane.

  2. People have got caught out in horrendous traffic jams when their petrol tank is low, especially in bad winter weather. So like you I prefer to fill up when it is hits the 1/4 tank mark.

    Not a lot of plans for today, very cloudy, windy and chilly here but I plan to dress warmly and get in my little walk. Making a pot of potato soup and serve with a spinach, mozzarella, feta cheeses pizza for our evening meal.

    My dad used to often say 'don't wish your life away' - I follow the philosophy of make the best of the situations you're presented with.


    1. I like your dad's saying, Sandy. Wise words. Another reason to keep a fairly full tank of gas, here, are power failures during earthquakes! There are no more hand operated gas pumps around! So, when the electricity goes out, one can't get gas, use credit cards to pay for things, etc.

      Hope you were able to get in your walk. Potato soup and pizza for dinner sounds good!

      Hope you have a good weekend, Sandy.

  3. With a two hour commute one way, I think I try to work more at home even if I felt good. Hope today's commute is better.

    1. Yes, the commutes can be quite a trial! I try to relax and listen to music, etc. Two hours each way commutes used to be the norm back when my daughter was going to UCLA - I'd drive her to campus from home (1 hour) and then, drive myself from campus to my office (another 1 hour) in the morning and reverse directions in the evening! I used to say that I worked full time and drove part time! LOL.

      Today's commute was a little better. Still more traffic than I expected it being a holiday (State and County offices and schools were closed), and a couple of stalled cars on the freeway, but it was better.

  4. We don't drive far at this time of year but on the radio I hear of accidents in the capital. I sometimes remember to say a prayer of thanks for safe travel when I have gone so far, and again a while later.

    We were forecast snow but woke up to find none and although it has been gloomy all day, it hasn't come yet. There should be some sap running as long as it is freezing at night and above zero in the day. DH is stoking the fire in the woodshed and happy that the WiFi has come back on in there. He was concerned that the new metal siding might have blocked it.

    Haven't been too productive today but I did get the floors mopped and headed out for the mail - nothing there but not a waste as I needed the walk. Will this winter ever end?


    1. Mopping the floors is more than enough productivity for one day, Bushlady. Glad to hear that DH has WiFi available in the woodshed. Hope the sap continues to run and you keep warm. Yes, the winter will end...eventually.

  5. Happy end of the month! Now we get to start a new chapter. I love a blank slate!

    1. Yes, March is over! The first quarter is completed! I, too, like new beginnings. The first of each month is an auspicious day!

  6. OH Bless, 2 hour commute home is really long. I know you were exhausted. I live in a small town, and worked at the hospital [25 yrs]My commute was about 15-20 minutes.. Very blessed.. Once I hear people talking about driving for hours..
    You accomplished alot on your list. Always feels good, doesn't it.

    1. Judy, yes, it is a long time. But, at least I was able to listen to music, etc. Still, I was tired when I got home. Hope you are having a lovely weekend, Judy. How is that prom dress coming along? Or have you finished it? I need to catch up on my blog reading!


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