Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Warm Wednesday

Pastries: Meat Pies and (Sweet) Cream Cheese Rolls

It was a warm day, today, with an afternoon high of 85F.  But it was cooler in the morning - in the mid-60s - when I drove to the office.

There was a fund raiser bake sale at the office, to support the March of Dimes.  They were selling pastries from a Cuban bakery that is very popular here.  We could pre-order them, as well, which is what I chose to do.  I ordered 12 meat pies (six shown in the picture, at the bottom of the plate) and 6 cream cheese rolls (which are sweet; four of them are shown at the top of the plate).  Each pastry was $2, but it was for a good cause.  I shared some of them with my supervisor and one of my colleagues, ate some for breakfast, and will keep the rest to have with my tea or for snacks, tomorrow.

Lunch was an egg salad sandwich and a banana; dinner was pasta with meat sauce, salad, and an orange.

My supervisor brought me two more bags of succulents from her garden, today!  More aeoniums!  I am going to plant them in the flower bed under the living room window, I think.

I had planned to do a few things (tidying up) after I came home from work, but I felt too tired, so I took it easy and read.  As a result, very little got done (other than the dishes and the litter box!)

Wednesday's To Do List:
- Go to the office - DONE
- Tidy the house
- Daily tasks (dishes, litter box, etc.) - DONE 

Thursday's To Do List:
- Go to the office
- Put gas to the car
- Daily tasks
- Tidy the house

Today, I am grateful for:
- Pleasant weather
- More plants from my supervisor
- Coffee tasting better with the new creamer
- Pastries to indulge in (and share, too)
- Safe commutes to the office and back

How was your Wednesday?  Is it warming up where you live?


  1. Oh these look so gooooood! It was nice of you to sponsor the March of Dimes and also share your goodies.

    I didn't get to the dishes yesterday but I did clean the upstairs litter box late last night (my son cleans the other three). Today I have to completely wash that litter box and then do a lot of dishes :(

    I wish it would rain, my garden looks so bad.

    1. They were good! Mostly pastry, though, and not a lot of filling. But they tasted good to me. I wanted to get enough for the whole office, but it would have been a big expense. March of Dimes is something I've sponsored for years - at one time, I used to do their walk, but haven't done that recently.

      You'll get to the dishes, today, I'm sure. As long as the cats are happy, that's what's important! Hope you get rain, soon, Nathalie. Our rainy season ends on April 14, so most probably not much rain from now until October.

      Hope you have a good day.

  2. Now that's a fundraiser I could get behind! Ha! The nicest gardens are those that come from gifts of others.


    1. I believe in the cause supported by the March of Dimes (fighting against birth defects) and the pastries are a bonus! :) Yes, it's nice to go through the garden and remember who gave me plants - there's a bunch from my gardener who shares cuttings with me, one of the curry leaf trees was given by a friend's mother, the pomegranate tree was given by the monks at the temple, and now I have some from my supervisor.

      Hope your seeds are sprouting and your garden will be put in, soon, Jane.

  3. Yum! You are so kind to share those! I use heavy cream in my much better than milk. Creamer is good too. Andrea

    1. Thank you, Andrea. It was the least I could do - everyone at work has been so kind to me during my treatment. I've used half and half in my coffee and that was good, too, but the flavored creamer is helping me like coffee, again (I went off coffee when my taste buds changed).

      Hope you are having a blessed day, Andrea.

  4. Who would not love indulgence pastries. I wish we had a Cuban bakery since Cuban/Dominican food is my favorite!

    1. Exactly! Apparently, the fund raiser bake sale raised $1,000! This is a family-owned bakery and cafe that has become really popular, over the years! They've recently opened their 5th store and crowds were lined up down the block! It's a very occasional treat for daughter and me, ordinarily, but when it is a fund raiser, then, I feel justified in splurging! :)

  5. Meat pies and cream cheese rolls well worth the splurge! You do have lovely co-workers but I can not imagine anyone not liking you.

    I think you were just fine with what you got done at home yesterday, the dishes and the cat litter box more than enough. Going to work and the journey is tiring in itself.

    Oh yes it is warming up here but still cold at night. We had storms in the night and I was able to go in between the showers this morning to get my weekly shop and we had a dry spell for about an hour or so. Now it is getting very dark and I can hear it thundering. I do hope it all moves out of the area sooner than late as my daughter flies home from Charlotte later today.


    1. Sandy, I hope your daughter had a safe flight home and that the storms moved on without much damage. Glad you had a dry spell in which to get your grocery shopping done.

      Late last night, after I published my post, I tidied the living room, just a tad! This weekend, though, I really need to clean the house!

      Hope you have a lovely day, tomorrow.

  6. The pastries sound and look so good.. And a very good cause too.
    I didn't accomplish much today.. I worked in the yard yesterday, and over did.. eeech..[old age.. for sure. smile]
    Have a great day.

    1. Judy, hope you are feeling better now! Hard not to overdo things when we work in the yard, isn't it? Take care!

  7. I'd never heard of March of Dimes but from your reply to Jane I can only say what a good cause to support, especially in such a tasty way!

    Glad to read in another post you arm is much better. Well done for resting it. I'm sure it take a lot of effort for you to rest!

    Will DD be returning home over the Easter holidays? Hope you've had a lovely week so far. Nearly at Sunday again - where does time fly? xx

    1. Suzanne, March of Dimes apparently started out as a way to fund research to find a cure for polio. Once a cure for polio was found, they started to turn their attention to prevent birth defects, infant mortality, and premature births, etc.

      Yes, my arm is much better, thank you. I am continuing to take things easy and rest.

      No, no plans for daughter to come home for Easter. She doesn't get any holiday, as such, for Easter - neither do I - just the regular weekend off. There is no such thing as Easter Monday, here, with a day off from work.

      I know - the days just fly, don't they?

  8. How nice to know that you were not only supporting the March of Dimes but also a family owned business! The pastries look delicious and I am so happy to know that they tasted good to you.

    DH and I were out in the woodshed/sugar shack this evening having a cup of fruit tea while the maple sap was boiling. He saw the first chipmunk today but I doubt it will come out again tomorrow as we are expecting some more snow.


    1. Thank you, Bushlady. The last time I tried the cheese rolls, they didn't taste good to me and I was so disappointed!

      Do the intermittent days of snow help or hurt the sap running? I'd assume they'd extend the period, but I don't know if it causes the sap to stop running. Anyway, I hope you have a good season and make lots of syrup!


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