Thursday, March 16, 2017


Another sunny and warm day, although it was still relatively cool (64F) when I left to go to the office, in the morning.  It was 78F when I drove home, in the evening. 

I had taken two turkey cold cuts sandwiches to the office today - one for my breakfast and one for my lunch, along with a banana and an orange. I also had a chewy granola bar from a box someone had brought to share at the office (there were cookies, too, and chocolates, but I didn't eat those).  Even so, I was rather hungry by the time I came home at 6:45 p.m.  So, I had another turkey cold cuts sandwich along with my evening cup of tea.   I guess my appetite is returning!  LOL.

Sauted Beef and Vegetables

I had bought two beef shoulder steaks when I went grocery shopping on Monday; I cut them into pieces and marinated them with Worcestershire sauce, ground black pepper, etc. and stir-fried them with onions on Tuesday night.  I also boiled the potatoes.  Then, I put the cooked beef and the potatoes in the fridge for later.  Today, I cut up the potatoes and sauted them, along with a thinly sliced carrot.  I added about half of the beef and a handful of frozen green peas, too.  One could add any vegetables to it.  I had a portion of it for my dinner; the rest is in the fridge for another meal (or two).  I will probably freeze the rest of the cooked beef and have it next week or the week after.  It's not exactly bulk cooking, but cooking enough for a couple of meals means I don't have to cook every day if I choose not to.

Today, I am grateful for:
- Another sunny and warm day
- A safe commute to the office and back
- A drive through the park on the way to the office
- Seeing a hawk fly
- My daughter sharing her day's happenings with me

Thursday's To Do List:
- Go to the office - DONE
- Pick out spots to plant the aeonium cuttings - DONE
- Water the indoor plants - FRIDAY
- Daily Tasks (dishes, litter box, etc.) - DONE

Friday's To Do List:
- Work from home
- Have gardener friend finish making the planting bed/plant the aeonium cuttings
- Water the indoor plants
- Cook the green beans
- Daily Tasks

How was your Thursday?  Do you regularly cook extra so you can have leftovers for another meal later in the week? 


  1. Your beef and veg looks yummy. Yes I routinely cook enough that we are able to have one other meal by simply warming up and maybe adding another vegetable or salad. I also find it just as easy to cook a large pot of chili or soup. It seems to taste better the second time around. We also like to stretch chili by having just a little over plain pasta.


    1. Thank you, Sandy. I do enjoy cooking, but, very often, especially after coming home from a day at the office, I don't feel like cooking a full meal. So, having something I can reheat and eat is helpful. Glad to hear that you do the same. Cook once and eat twice!

  2. Glad your appetite is returning! I'm so jealous of your warm weather. I was going to pop out today but we're supposed to have freezing rain which is worse to drive in than snow so I guess it will make a good excuse to stay inside

    1. Thank you, Sharon. It's a bit of a mixed blessing (the appetite returning) because now, I am more likely to start gaining weight again! Sorry it is so cold over there. I am wishing an early spring for you. Keep warm until then.

  3. Glad you are seeing sunny days. Your meal looks so tasty!

    1. Thank you, Jane. The forecast predicts we'll have some rain next week, so the sunny days are appreciated (the rain will be appreciated, too, when it comes!) Hope you have a lovely weekend.

  4. Your meal looks lovely. I too cook once and eat two or three times, it just makes sense when you are cooking for one, although sometimes I have to exert strong self control if it is yummy not to go back for seconds, so now I put it ready for storing before I eat! Lol. Seems to work.
    I love seeing hawks they look so beautiful gliding across the skies. Have a great day.

    1. Sharon, I did go back for seconds, last night! But I took care to take more of the vegetables than the meat, so it was a bit healthier. I need to start putting the rest away before I eat!

      Hope you are having a lovely day and a good start to your weekend.

  5. How lovely to see the hawk! Great that your appetite is returning, and your beautiful stir fry would tempt it well.

    Fridges and freezers and crock pots are my friends. I made a crock pot of chili the other day and we had some for supper and then I was able to freeze helpings for future meals. My friend makes enough stew for two days and the second day she puts bought pastry on top and makes it into a pie so her husband doesn't realize he is getting leftovers!

    We have such a gorgeous sunny day today and I get a kick out of the animal prints I see on the snow. I watched a squirrel race across the yard leaving his little prints behind.

    DH heard that many local people have not tapped trees but he has tapped 10 in the yard today for now, just to see what will happen before going full scale into the bush. He just came in and said "it's not going very well". I guess we still have to be patient, but the depth of the snow in the woodlots made one producer give up because of the difficulty of going in to his sugar shack! This could be a very different year for syrup.


    1. The only problem with seeing hawks and sometimes, ducks or geese, fly overhead is I am usually driving at the time! Unless I am stuck in traffic, I can't watch the flight as much as I'd like to. Still, it's nice to catch a glimpse when I can.

      So glad to hear you had a sunny day, Bushlady. I hope spring comes quickly and you have a good maple syrup season.

      Hope you have a lovely weekend, Bushlady.

  6. Your stir-fry looks really tasty! I'm glad your appetite is returning. Maybe your taste buds will also gradually return, too, so that you can enjoy some of the things that no longer taste the same.

    I prefer prepping ingredients for the freezer as opposed to whole meals, but I do think that prepping a few dishes over the weekend or just making large batches helps us on those days when I can't get much cooking done. And they're helpful for lunches, too, since we don't eat sandwiches very often.

    1. Thank you, Laura. The taste buds are returning, too! A bit of a mixed blessing because I want to eat more! :D Prepping things for the freezer works too. I'm all for short-cuts!


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