Saturday, July 29, 2017

Stash Busting Friday

Friday was a quiet, restful day.  I slept in till mid-morning.  The sound of the phone ringing woke me up!  Whoever it was didn't leave a message, but later, when I checked my missed phone calls, I saw that it had been one of my cousins.  I called her back after I had finished brushing my teeth and had a cup of tea; she had called to check how my mammogram went, etc.  We chatted for a bit and I will see her tomorrow evening as I will be giving her a ride to the monthly prayer gathering.

I also called the radiation oncologist's office to see if I could still get an appointment on Tuesday, but, only got their answering machine.  Although their message says they are open Monday through Friday, I think only the radiation treatment section is open on Fridays, and the medical side of the clinic is closed.  Anyway, I left a message and I will call again on Monday.

New Tote Bag
In the afternoon, I sat down to sew.  I finished the tote bag I had begun last weekend.  The fabric was one of the pieces of fabric that were given to me by a friend.  I lined it with more of the blue patterned fabric I had used to line the previous tote bags, and I hand embroidered (using six strands of embroidery thread, doubled, and a chain stitch) the saying I had seen on the tote bag at the fabric store.  I also found there were lots of merchandise with the saying (and a variation on it), on-line.  I hope I am not violating any copyright laws by using it on my tote bag and showing a photograph of it on my blog!   This tote bag uses up one more piece of fabric from the stash!

I sewed another tote bag, as well, again using fabric my friend had given me:

Second Tote Bag

It was another stash buster, as I used up two pieces of fabric from the stash (one for the body of the tote bag, the other for the handles), plus more of the blue patterned fabric for the lining.  The blue patterned fabric is almost finished and I had to piece out the lining to have enough.

The Lining Inside

Daughter asked me why my tote bag handles are so short.  I explained to her that I am just using the fabric that I have; the amount of fabric dictates the length of the handles. 

But a certain kitty cat doesn't mind the short handles:

Dancer Claims the Tote Bag
First he chose the bag he liked better (he's looking at the blue tote bag in the picture, above)

It gets the Dancer Seal of Approval

 Then, he squired all over it, to mark it as his own.


Then he took a long nap on the bag!

On Friday, I was grateful for:
- A day of vacation
- Being able to sleep in and waking up to another day
- Being able to spent most of the day sewing
- Gardener friend doing some much needed tidying up in the garden
- Phone calls and emails from family and friends

Saturday's to do list:
- Run the dishwasher
- Do some house cleaning
- Sew a bit more
- Attend the monthly prayer meeting in the evening

How was your Friday?  What have you planned for the weekend?


  1. Looks like Dancer is happy that you were sewing again. Does he get on the laundry like that? My cats do when I let them. Interestingly, underwear is their favorite.

    1. He loves to lie on anything that is new! But, interestingly, he doesn't get on the laundry. It might be because I hang things up to dry and then, put them away directly, without putting them into a laundry basket. Occasionally, however, if I lay an outfit on the bed, he will come and sit or lie next to it, but not necessarily on it.

  2. Goodness me they are some nice tote bags and would make a nice gift.

    Friday found me grocery shopping yet again. Not sure if I didn't plan well but hubby was out of lunch meat and the low sodium whole wheat bread he eats. We were completely out of apples. The last three looked fine on the outside but were brown inside - hate it when that happens.

    I had a coupon for $10 cash at Kohl's which needed to be used and a 20 per cent off coupon so as soon as I had eaten my breakfast off I went. Didn't take me long to find a matching hanging refrigerator and tea towel set originally $13.99 now $4.02, polo shirt for son originally $26.00 now $5.17, two packages socks originally $26.00 now $11.19 - score for Christmas.

    Good luck on changing your appointment. Enjoy your prayer meeting.

    1. Thank you, Sandy. I have wanted to make some for Christmas gifts; should just go ahead and do it!

      Too bad about the apples. I had a mango that went bad on me, like that - looked fine on the outside, but brown on the inside.

      Thank you for mentioning the Kohl's coupon! I had received one in the mail, myself, and set it aside! I just looked at it and, while the $10 off is good till Aug. 3, the 20% off expires tomorrow! I should go there today and take a look around. You got some great bargains! At this rate, you'll have all your Christmas shopping done by the end of September! :D

  3. Hope you will be able to get your Tuesday appt...
    The tote bags are really nice [and Dancer is proof of the[

    I made tote bags a few years back,and had so much fun.. Still use them.. Has many good uses..
    Praying for you.

    1. Thank you, Judy. I will call the clinic on Monday to see if I can get in on Tuesday; if not, the following Monday is OK.

      I want to make a couple more tote bags (at least one of them to give as a gift). After that, I will do some other sewing. I've got the sewing bug!

  4. I hope that you will be able to get that Tuesday appointment after all. You must have been amused when you were asked if you were a doctor. But after all that you have been going through, it is hardly surprising that you have picked up plenty of medical terminology on the way.

    Well, I'm wondering if I would do more sewing if I had a cat to sew for! Dancer is one happy cat with so many new lounging pads showing up day after day!

    I hope you get some good nights sleep. ((((Hugs))))

    1. Thank you, Bushlady. I will call on Monday to see if a Tuesday appointment is possible. If not, I am content to wait until the following Monday.

      Actually, I have been asked if I was a doctor, a couple of times before, by my mother's doctors, including her heart surgeon. I did do a lot of biology courses with an idea of going to medical school, when I was in university (it was my mother and step-father's hope that I would become a doctor like my father was).

      Ha, ha, maybe you should get a cat to sew for, Bushlady!

  5. I love your tote bags, Bless! But how far gone into crazy am I, if I've got five cats more than you?!?! lol

    1. Ha, ha, Laura, I have more than five cats out in my garden - they are strays and ferals that I feed; they show up at my back door morning and evening, and tend to hang out in my garden the rest of the time. They don't let me touch them and run away if I get too close to them.


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