Tuesday, July 11, 2017

July Grocery Shopping - Part 1

July 11 Grocery Shopping

Today, I went grocery shopping for the first time in July.  I went to two stores to take advantage of sales.

Store 1 had the frozen puff pastry I had been waiting for to go on sale at $1.99 and today was the last day of the sale (regular price $2.49).  They also had the cans of coconut water on sale for $.69 (regular price $.89).  The green grapes were on sale for $.69/lb, and that was a good price.  They also had a new to me brand of corned beef  (same brand as the coconut milk I often buy) and I had been wanting to buy more corned beef (I am down to my last can); I bought one can of this new brand to try it.  If I like it, then, I'll buy a couple of additional cans as the brand name corned beef is almost $6 per can at the regular grocery store.

At Store 1, the ethnic (Armenian) grocery store, I bought:

10 cans of coconut water, $.69@ (plus $.05 redemption value) = $7.40
5 packets of frozen puff pastry, 17.5 oz.@; $1.99@ = $9.95
2 cans (13.5 oz@) coconut milk, $.89@ = $1.78
1 can mackerel (15 oz) = $1.69
1 can corned beef (12 oz) = $3.79
1 lb. bacon = $2.79
Broccoli crown, .33lb @ $.99/lb = $.33
Green beans, .32 lb @$1.49/lb = $.48
Green grapes, 1.84 @$.69/lb = $1.27
1 pkt. pita bread = $.99
1 lb. yogurt (labne cheese) = $1.99
Total = $32.46

At Store 2 (Kroger affiliate), I bought:
3 mangoes @3/$1 = $1.00
1 doz. eggs = $.75
Total = $1.75

I mostly went to Store 2 to buy cat food; 13 lb. bags for $8.99 @ and there were $2 off coupons on each bag, so I got each bag for $6.99 (however, cat food comes from another budget, not my grocery budget).

Total spent on groceries at the two stores = $34.21

July 11 Grocery Receipts

My July Grocery Budget is: $75 + $28.82 carried over from June =$103.82
Spent so far in July = $34.21
Amount left in July grocery budget = $103.82 - $34.21 =  $69.61

I received the new grocery ads, today.  Prices effective July 12 to July 18.  Store 1 is advertising cherries ($.99/lb.; I'm glad I didn't buy any for $1.19/lb. today), papaya ($.49/lb.; glad I didn't buy any for $.79/lb. today), peaches ($.79/lb), salmon steak ($4.99/lb), zucchini ($.39/lb), among other things.  Store 2 is also advertising cherries for $.99/lb, but their peaches are $1.49/lb and their papaya is $.79/lb.  I will probably not go to Store 2 next week.  

Have you gone grocery shopping in July yet?  Do you buy different brands of canned food to try them if there is a difference in price or do you remain brand loyal?  


  1. You did a lot of shopping and I never find grapes that cheap. Lucky you.
    I am brand loyal with very few product, but I never waffle on those. Other that those few I will try anything at least once. It makes life more interesting.

    1. Yes, $.69 for grapes is a good price. There are only a few brands I am loyal to, as well.

  2. I'm trying to think if I'm brand loyal to anything. Can't think of anything, so there must not be very many things. Luckily, there are a lot of good quality things at lower prices.

    1. Good of you to keep an open mind and willing to try different brands. I'm afraid I prefer certain brands to others for taste, satisfaction with performance, etc.

  3. In the UK I pay around £2 sterling per pound for grapes, so I reckon that's equivalent to about $2.6. Happy to be corrected on this! If I'm right then yours sound like excellent value!
    I've recently (May & June) challenged myself to using up what I have in the freezer and store cupboards and didn't do too badly at reducing the amount of food I bought (almost only fresh stuff). I'm hoping to have retrained my shopping habits! Eloise

    1. Hi Eloise, yes, 1 British pound sterling is equal to $1.29 US according to the online converter I found. Some stores will sell grapes for $2.99/lb., but I won't buy it at that price. I'll choose a different fruit. Sounds like your freezer and pantry challenge worked out well.

      Thank you for stopping by and commenting. Look forward to hearing from you, again.

  4. I have been grocery shopping in July 2 times and of course spent much more than you! It is really great that you can shop where the price is so reasonable. Weekly store ad is out today and for comparison this is what is offered on sale grapes $1.49 lb, peaches, $1.69 lb, cherries $3.99 lb - doesn't compare with you does it?

    No I am not particularly loyal to a brand name other than I won't buy no name brand tea. We actually don't have a lot of choice in this part of the country so I normally stick to Lipton but found PG Tips (British tea) this week but of course more $'s than Lipton. I treated myself.

    I drank my pot of tea while as usual watching BBC news at 6:00 am - then I did a quick little walk and pulled a few weeds. The weeds continue to grow in spite of the heat and dry conditions. May hit 100 F again today with no end in sight.

    1. I took a look at the on-line weekly sales ad for the Kroger affiliate store: peaches and nectarines: $1.49/lb., cherries: $1.29/lb. No price given for grapes. I usually have an upper limit of $1/lb. for fruits, unless it is a specialty fruit that I really, really want. Whatever fruit I buy is usually priced $1 or less per pound.

      I am glad you treated yourself to a brand of tea you like. I'm like you - particular about my tea! The Sri Lankan store has PG Tips, but I don't remember the price. I currently have a favorite brand of Sri Lankan tea (Dilmah Extra Strength). It is a bit pricey at $5.49/100 bags, but I am happy to pay it, as it makes a good cup of tea. The problem is, they don't always have the tea available, as it depends on when they get their shipments. I am down to my last box, so need to make another trip to the store later this month and see if I can buy another stock of tea!

      100F is HOT! Stay cool during your heatwave, Sandy.

  5. Goodness but that produce is CHEAP! Cherries are never $0.99.lb here unless they're half rotten and the Save A Lot manager is trying to unload them... You did very well in your shopping!

    1. I get spoilt when cherries go on sale for $.99/lb., Nathalie, because then, I don't want to pay more than that for them! Even $1.99/lb. seems too much!

  6. Canned Corn Beef has to be Hereford or Grace in my house.

    They are even doing low sodium versions. They run around CDN3.79.

    1. Hereford is available at the ethnic store (Store 1) for around $4.89; I have tried it and like it. I haven't heard of Grace.

  7. That's an awesome price for coconut milk. I pay $2.25 each for the same size can you buy ... here in our rural area of Texas. We don't have any local ethnic stores unfortunately. The nearest is over an hour away but would be a good stop for stocking up on my next trip to the city. Actually, we like Coconut Cream much better for curry chicken ... it's super thick. Have you tried it? What are your thoughts on it? Thanks!

    1. Carolyn, I have not tried coconut cream! Now I am wondering how that will be in curries and want to try it!

    2. I just found this:

      Coconut Milk is made by simmering 1 part shredded coconut to 1 part water, for a liquid consistency.

      Coconut Cream is much thicker and richer. It is made from simmering four parts shredded coconut in one part water.


    3. We used to just mix the freshly grated coconut with water and squeeze out the resulting liquid and call that "thick coconut milk". After the first, thick milk was extracted, more water would be added for a second extraction of milk that was called "thin coconut milk". Usually, the curry would be cooked in the thin coconut milk and then, "finished" with the thick coconut milk, which would be added towards the end of the cooking time to thicken the curry. These days, I cook in water and add the canned coconut milk (or regular whole milk) towards the end of the cooking. One can also buy powdered coconut milk that can be reconstituted with water.


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