Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The First Roses, Orange Blossoms, and Aeonium Cuttings

Spring is here!  The first roses are blooming in the garden! 

In the Front Garden

In the Back Garden

 There were three fallen oranges and a lot of white stuff under the orange tree!  No, not snow!

A Fallen Orange and White Stuff

Closer up, you can see what they are:  orange flowers and buds!

Fallen Orange Flowers and Buds

The orange blossoms are scenting the whole garden!


Orange Blossoms

Hope enough flowers will remain on the tree and get fertilized to give me another crop of oranges!  I picked up the three oranges that had fallen and brought them into the house.  I think it is a sign that the rest of the oranges are ready to be picked!

I went to the office, today.  My supervisor was glad to see me!  She had brought me two bags of aeonium cuttings from her garden!  She said she was cleaning up her garden and thought I might like to have them, because she knows I like to garden, as well.  These succulents are selling for upwards of $10 at the garden center!

Aeonium Cuttings: Two Bags Full!

 I will pick a spot or two for them and ask my gardener friend to plant them for me. 


Aeonium Cuttings: Close Up

I took the leftover manioc to the office for my breakfast.  I took chicken curry, rice, and tomato chutney for my lunch.  Grapes for my dessert (took a banana, too, but didn't eat it).  Dinner was the last two slices of pizza I had bought on Saturday.

I know a lot of people make their own pizzas.  I have tried and it never tastes quite right to me.  So, I buy my favorite $5 pizza, instead.  They cut it into 8 slices and 2 slices make a meal for me.  One pizza provides me with 4 meals. 

On the way home from work, I went to the pharmacy to pick up my prescription refill and another bottle of cough syrup!  There was a $1 off coupon printed on the inside of the box of cough syrup and the cashier allowed me to apply it to this purchase!

Today, I am grateful for:
- Being well enough to go to the office
- Free plants from my supervisor!
- Oranges from my tree.
- Being able to apply the coupon to today's purchase of cough syrup
- A phone call from one of my half-brothers.

I didn't make a to do list for today, but I went to the office, went to the pharmacy, and I need to do the litter box before I go to sleep.

Thursday's To Do List:
- Go to the office
- Pick out spots to plant the aeonium cuttings
- Water the indoor plants
- Daily Tasks (dishes, litter box, etc.)

Can you believe we are already half-way into March?  How was your day? 


  1. Beautiful roses! Those Aeoniums look really healthy, they really thrive in hot dry spots. I adore the scent of orange blossom, lucky you! Pleased that you were able to go to work today! Hope it doesn't tire you out too much. Even buying your pizza that is a cheap meal, sometimes I find when there is just you it is cheaper to buy ready made. (particularly if it is better than you can do, lol!) Had a wonderful day! Beautiful weather too. An unexpected windfall is coming my way, so I will be able to buy a mobility scooter within weeks, yay! (Have you ever seen a person with one crutch do a happy dance?)

    1. Sharon, I am so happy to hear that you'll be able to buy a mobility scooter in the near future! No, can't say I've seen a person with one crutch do a happy dance, but you could do a spin or two when you get the scooter, most probably! :D

  2. What a good day you have had. Now some people wouldn't think that about going to the office! My outlook changed completely following some difficult times following the BPPV attacks. I never want to take ordinary life for granted again and rejoice with you.

    Your roses are beautiful and your garden must smell heavenly. I did not realize that their was a beautiful smell with orange trees. How long after planting a tree do they bear fruit?

    Oh and meant to say the cashiers at the CVS I shop at are all friendly, helpful and will do what they can to assist you. So nice to find in the retail world.


    1. Sandy, yes, being able to do the everyday things we used to take for granted is such a blessing, isn't it?

      This particular orange tree took about two years before it bore any fruit. As I recall, the first crop was all of 3 oranges! It's been about 12 or 13 years since and I am still not getting a whole lot of oranges, but each one is appreciated. :)

  3. Your roses are beautiful and nothing smells as wonderful as orange blossoms! You are so lucky!

  4. The roses and orange blooms are beautiful. Know you will be enjoying the fresh oranges.
    Proud you had a good day.. I too, had a good day. Did not accomplish much.. Went to Lowes with hubby [he was getting lumber etc for a new tree stand].. No fun.ha I cut out the pattern pieces for the dress for my oldest granddaughter. [ Military ball that she will attend in April]. Hope you have a good evening.

    1. Thank you, Judy. Sounds like you had a busy day! Very nice of you to sew the dress for your granddaughter. I'm sure it will be lovely. Looking forward to seeing the finished dress. Hope you have a blessed day.

  5. I'm so glad you felt well enough to go to the office. Those gorgeous roses must have made you perk up as they do me when I see the photos. I just had to know what aeoniums were so I looked them up and found this: Isn't it great what you can learn from the internet? I think I have some tiny aeoniums in my garden but I have no recollection of planting them. Sometimes things just arrive! There is one interesting plant and I have no idea if it is a weed or something one might cultivate but since it isn't invasive I have kept it. I guess I should spend time trawling the plant websites and see if I can find it. It isn't in my wildflower or weed books.

    I don't make pizza either. There are some frozen ones in the store that we like. If I have a few mushrooms handy or some red pepper I might just add to them.

    Yesterday the wind was wild and loose snow was flying in one direction, creating some lovely sculptured effects. You have to enjoy the good in winter!


    1. Thank you, Bushlady. I knew you'd appreciate seeing the roses. :) I, too, occasionally find things growing that I have not planted! I figure the birds dropped the seeds. The most recent is a small mimosa plant that was growing in the middle of the back garden. We potted it up and are planning to plant it in another area of the back yard.

      I'm glad you are able to see beauty in the snow and the good in winter. :)

  6. The flowers are beautiful! And how lovely to have your entire garden scented by the orange blossoms. I hope your succulents do well.

    I do make pizza at home, but don't try to exactly replicate pizzeria flavor because I've found that really isn't possible.

    1. Thank you, Laura. The first time I tried pizza, I didn't like it! We didn't have pizza in Sri Lanka when I was growing up (now, apparently, there are several pizza places, as well as other fast food places selling hamburgers and fried chicken!) It took me a couple of years before I developed a taste for pizza!


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