Saturday, March 11, 2017

Slow Friday

Spring Flowers

It really has been a rather slow week for me with nothing much happening, other than doing office work, running a couple of errands, and a few household tasks.  I'm afraid my daily posts haven't been very interesting, as a result.   In fact, there have been days when I've wondered if I should do a blog post at all, because there have been nothing much to say.  I do try not to bore everyone with the minutiae of my days, but, some days, that's all there is!

Friday was another warm day, but there was a cloud cover, so we had hazy sunshine.  As usual, I spent most of the day doing office work.  I had wanted to go to the garden center, but I needed to work on my office work and didn't want to take the time to visit the garden center.  I might go over the weekend, instead, or on Monday.    But, in the afternoon, I went for a short walk around the block and then, I took a few pictures of the flowers in my front garden because I feel so happy when I see them!  All the recent rain has resulted in a lovely show of flowers:

Purple African Daisies

Still later in the afternoon, my friend who does my garden came over and I chatted with him while he weeded part of the back yard.  We discussed some plans for the back yard.  We agreed that the peach tree is dead, so we will take it out and maybe plant something else, instead.  The camellia bush, too, is dead.

I didn't take any pictures of my meals today as they were rather uninspired.  Brunch was a sandwich made with some of the roast chicken breast, followed by a banana.  I couldn't decide what to have for dinner - I really wasn't hungry and nothing sounded appetizing.  I finally made some Indian style cream of wheat and then, had a flat bread and grapes.

New Leaves on Pomegranate Tree

In the evening, I video chatted with my daughter and paid February's gas bill ($185.03). 

On Friday, I was grateful for:
- Another warm day
- Getting my office work done
- Flowers in the garden
- An afternoon walk
- Video chatting with my daughter

My plans for the weekend include a visit to the garden center, grocery shopping, some housework, and, hopefully, some sewing!  There is a blouse I have cut out that I'd like to sew.

How was your Friday?  What have you planned for the weekend?


  1. Ah Bless, you shouldn't worry about how "boring" your posts are! Don't you write for yourself? Plus, I think those of us who enjoy reading online diaries don't mind the minutiae because it's a glimpse into someone else's life, no matter how mundane it might seem to you. After all, you eat exotic foods! That, in itself, is super interesting! And you're a daily inspiration, to me at least, to be kind, strengthen family ties and find gratefulness in many things that I wouldn't have thought to be grateful for. So blog away :)

    My plans for today include reading my library book and possibly watching the rest of "The Crown" that I started last night on Netflix because it really was very good. Greg is supposed to be taking down our front screened-in porch so if he does manage to do that, we'll probably go to the county dump this afternoon to drop off the stuff and it so happens that there's a huge bass fishing tournament that's being filmed for the NBC Sports Network nearby so it'd be nice to stop by and maybe he can get tips from the pros because I'd like him to start bringing fish home once in a while, hahaha. Youngest Son and I are going to play Dungeons and Dragons with a bunch of college students whom we've never met tonight and I'm kind of dreading it now. I hope they don't mind an old foggy and a young teen tagging along and that they're patient because I've mostly forgotten how to play this pretty complicated game now! Also I hope I can keep my eyes open because I've been falling asleep early! Tomorrow we're supposed to go back to one of the state parks we visited last month to watch a Second Seminole War Skirmish Reenactment. I'm not sure if we'll hike as well or not.

    I hope you have a lovely weekend! A visit to the garden center sounds exciting, what are you looking to buy? I'm thinking I ought to buy some flowers in pots for butterflies and hummingbirds since the flower seeds I planted never germinated (I didn't water them either so, go figure!).

    1. Nathalie, thank you for your kind words! Yes, I do write for myself, but I am also aware that others are reading it, too, and sometimes, I want to have Interesting and Exciting stuff for them to read! :D

      I want to get some soil amendments and maybe more geranium plants. Also, a packet or two of vegetable seeds.

      Sounds like you have an exciting weekend ahead of you! Porches being taken down, bass fishing tournaments, Dungeons and Dragons, war reenactments, and maybe a hike! Hope you have a fun weekend!

  2. Posting your daily journal encourages many of us and is probably the way most of us spent our day.

    I liked seeing the photos of your flowers. Your yard sounds quite interesting, amazing to actually have a pomegranate tree. I wonder how big your yard is? Fortunate to have a gardener who is also a friend. I am sure you enjoyed chatting.

    When I retired one of the things I really missed was the simple interaction with the people I worked with and many of the residents and their families. Because you are working from home I wonder if you feel a bit like I did?

    Have a nice Saturday, stay warm and just do whatever you feel like.


    1. Thank you, Sandy. :) My house is on a fairly typical suburban lot for this area: approx. 50' x 130', altogether. My front yard is approx. 20' deep x 40' wide, with the driveway leading to the detached garage at the rear of the house. The pomegranate tree grows near the entrance to the walkway leading to my front door (according to Sri Lankan culture, it is considered good luck to have a pomegranate tree near the entrance; the tree was a house-warming gift from the Buddhist monks). The back yard is probably around 50' x 50', narrower in areas where the detached garage and the garden shed are located. There's also a 5' wide side yard running the length of the house, between my house and the wall bordering the neighbor's house.

      My gardener is my late neighbor's nephew. She got him to mow my front yard for me when I was in hospital having my daughter, as the lawn was overgrown. After that, my mother asked him to help her with the garden on a regular basis and he's been doing the garden for us, ever since! 24 years, now, and counting. He's definitely a friend, first and foremost, who takes care of my garden for me. :)

  3. Video chatting is one of the best inventions in the world. My granddaughter lives in Oregon and I am in Alabama. I get to see her weekly via Facetime instead of seeing her just 2 weeks a year.

    1. Yes, definitely one of the wonders of modern technology! I'm so glad it enables you to visit with your granddaughter on a weekly basis. I'm sure it helps her to connect more easily with you when you do see her in person.

  4. BLess, your post are not boring at all. Totally enjoy reading your day to day life.. [We all have unexcited days.ha].
    I think reading your blog encourages us [it does me] . To see how much you accomplish.. And working through all you have been through.. So encouraging.
    Love seeing your beautiful yard and those yummy orange and lemon trees [remember to us that live away from you, don't have those kind of trees growing in our yards.. very fun to see]
    Love hearing about the things you eat.. and seeing photos of foods, I have never seen..
    So ,yes my friend.. I am totally enjoying your blog. Keep writing...

    1. Thank you, Judy, for your kind words. For me, each day I wake up alive and relatively well is a blessing, whether I do a lot of fun things or not. But I had been feeling I've nothing much to say that is of interest to others who might be reading. However, I shall keep writing; people are always free not to read, if they choose not to, right? :)

  5. Sometimes life is just that, boring, but it's good to know others aren't always doing exciting things too. Been hard for me to post lately also, because not much is going on in my life. March is such a dreary month here. So, do you plan on replacing the dead pear tree?


    1. Yes, sometimes it gets rather monotonous, doesn't it? Yes, I want to replace the peach tree. It was just a little tree, that was planted about 3 years ago. It was just getting established, but the combination of drought, several days of 100+ temperature, and me not feeling well enough to water and care for it caused it to die. My whole garden got scorched last summer during the heat wave.

  6. Bless you are an inspiration, in the short time I have been following your blog you have influenced (budget, tidying my stores! etc) We all have there quiet times and it is good to see others do, I wonder at blogs that always seem to have busy, busy, are they real! Keep writing, please your blog is real!

    1. Thank you, Sharon. I appreciate what you and others have said and I am not going to worry about sounding too boring! It is what it is! :)

  7. hi. We're on the last few flights, leaving for Taipei shortly. I noticed you mentioned vegetables! So exciting to see those words. Rutabaga, parsnips...there is a whole medley of USA grown vegetables waiting for you at whatever grocery store you visit. I know your doctors will be delighted to learn you've decided to explore a few. I will positively do a happy dance if you like a new vegetable. I wonder if you would be willing to review how sedentary life can be when cancer survivors are encouraged to add new activities, walk, aquasize, visit the park, walk around a famous garden, go to the exotic cat show...whatever you please...please

    1. Hon, lovely to hear from you. Hope the treatments are going well, or have you completed them? The last time I was in Taipei, it was late 1973/early 1974! Things must have changed so much since then! Hope you have a nice visit. Ha, ha, glad someone got excited about me talking about vegetables!


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