Monday, March 20, 2017

Quiet Sunday


I have had a quiet Sunday.  I had planned to run some errands and do more grocery shopping, today, but, last night, I had another asthma attack and so, I thought it would be prudent to stay home and take it easy, today.  Any excuse to stay home in my pyjamas!  LOL.

I baked one of the cans of biscuits I bought yesterday.  I used the toaster oven to bake them, instead of heating up the big oven.  I had two of the biscuits, sandwiched with some of the beef steak I had cooked earlier, for brunch.  They tasted very good.  Later, I had another spread with a little butter and some of my homemade strawberry jam and that was very good, too, if not better!

In the morning, I had my usual Sunday morning chat with my neighbor.  In the afternoon, I did some reading and then, took a nap!  My aunt's phone call woke me up from my nap, but that was OK.  I didn't want to sleep for a long time, anyway (yesterday, I slept for about 3 hours in the afternoon!). 

In the early evening,  my late friend's older daughter returned the dish in which I took a dessert to the memorial rosary dinner, last month.  She also brought me a plate of food for my dinner:

Dinner from my Friend's Daughter

It is our custom not to return an empty dish; always return it with something.  It's something I've made sure my daughter knows, too.  Of course, this was way too much food for me for one meal; I ate some and kept the rest in the fridge for another day.

Later in the evening, I tidied the kitchen and did a load of dishes. This is actually the "after" picture!  I've way too much stuff on my counters, but it's all used often enough to be out.  I took a "before" picture, too, but I am not brave enough to share it with anyone other than one of my very good friends!  The green plastic bag hanging from one of the cabinet knobs is for recyclables - plastic bottles, cans, etc.  Once it is full, I empty it into the big recycling bin, outside.

The "Tidied" Kitchen! 

Then, I cooked the green beans I had been planning to cook for the past several days!

Sauted (Curried) Green Beans
I cut them diagonally into pieces and sauted them in a little oil with some dark roasted curry powder, onions, a handful of curry leaves, salt, and a sprinkle of Maldive fish pieces (a type of dried fish used as a seasoning).  It's my favorite way to prepare beans.  The cutting takes longer than the actual cooking!  

Today, I am grateful for:

- Rescue inhalers for when the asthma acts up
- My friend's daughter bringing me dinner
- Phone calls from neighbor and aunt; emails from friends
- An afternoon nap
- Chatting with my daughter

This is a picture of a desk organizer my daughter made this weekend, from two empty cereal boxes, following instructions and templates she found on-line:

Hogwarts Desk Organizer

Monday's To Do List:
- Go to the office/office work
- Clean out fridge
- Empty waste baskets
- Take trash cans to curb
- Daily Tasks (dishes, litter box, etc.)

Not sure how much more I'll be able to do, so I'll leave it at that.

How was your Sunday?  What are your plans for next week?


  1. My Sunday was pretty lazy. I did some grocery shopping, a little cooking, a little cleaning and a lot of reading. It's nice to have a calm, relaxing day sometimes.

    1. I'm glad you were able to get in a lot of reading, Live and Learn. Yes, a calm, relaxed day is a good thing. Sundays are supposed to be a day of rest, after all.

  2. Hope your asthma is better. Changes in weather always triggers it doesn't it? Sounds like you have a really good support system of friends and family. I have too many things on my counters too, one of the downsides to a little place. But who cares, it's what makes a house a home and not a showplace!


    1. Thank you, Jane, yes, it is better. I do have a good support system of friends and family. Everyone has been so kind and helpful. I feel very blessed.

  3. Sorry to hear about the asthma attack. Are you able to work out the trigger or are they hickety pickety?

    Your kitchen looks very user friendly. Green beans are difficult to cook I think but yours look yummy.

    That is a lovely custom to return a dish with prepared food. Gives you a good start to the week.


    1. Sandy, I think my asthma is partly triggered by the congestion/cough I still have. Other triggers seem totally random, though.

      Thank you; my kitchen works well as long as I am diligent about putting things away! If I leave two things on the counters, they seem to multiply and the next thing I know is the whole kitchen is a mess!

      The other way I like to cook green beans is to just trim them and saute them whole with a little minced garlic.

  4. So sorry your asthma is acting up.. So frustrating, isn't it?
    Mine had been acting up too. yuck.
    The biscuits look so good. Proud you cooked them, and got to enjoy them.
    Have a great day.

    1. Thank you, Judy. Hope you are feeling better. The biscuits were good! They are all gone, now! :D

  5. Very happy to see that the green beans got cooked and they look delicious!

    You have a pretty kitchen and I believe that we should live the way that suits us best and if that means having things on the counter, that's fine and dandy! Never had much time for places looking like a decor magazine, although I do try to modify the "lived in" look if our place gets out of control. Oddly enough my OCD tendencies lurk in hidden places, like the mug cupboard where they all have specific positions, or the cutlery drawer, where small forks have to be together and larger ones similarly nested, all in the same compartment. If DH empties the dishwasher and puts things away, I have to rearrange the jumble when he is not looking!

    Well, the sap was not flowing today, so DH didn't rush to put in the remaining 50 spiles. I'm wondering if it will eventually all come at once and be over in a few days with too warm weather setting in.


    1. LOL, Bushlady, we aren't related, are we? My cabinets, too, have their assigned spaces for various things! And while I have the everyday cutlery in a mug on the counter, the other set is arranged in the cutlery drawer so that all the spoons are together, all the forks together, all the knives together, etc.! :D

      Oh, I hope the trees don't all have a sap run that will be over in a few days! I'll keep my fingers crossed that you'll have a long sap season.

  6. I'm so sorry you had another asthma attack, Bless! I'm glad you seem to have recovered from it.

    The Hogwarts desk organizer is fabulous! I stole your picture and emailed it to my also artistic and Harry Potter-crazy daughter and told her she needed to make herself one as well, lol! Your daughter did a great job!

    1. Thank you, Nathalie. I can ask my daughter for the link to the site, if you like, so your daughter can download the template. Let me know if she'd like to have it.

    2. She thought the organizer was very cool! If your daughter still has the link to the project, I'm sure it'd be much appreciated. Thanks!

    3. She said she'll send me the link tomorrow. Will post it when she does.

  7. I think the custom of returning a dish filled is a fabulous one. It is not part of my culture but I might have to steal the idea form you and begin my own tradition!

    1. Yes, begin your own tradition. It can be something as simple as some fruit. :)


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