Wednesday, August 31, 2022

On the Last Day of August

Triple Digits! 

We broke heat records, today!  The forecast said we'll go up to 109, but, it was already 111F when I took this photo and we eventually went up to 112F, according to the news.  But, with the humidity being just 9%, it didn't feel too uncomfortable (the humidity has since gone up to 24%).  I considered going into the bedroom and putting on the a/c, in the afternoon, but, I found myself feeling comfortable with only the fan.  The house stayed around 88F most of the day:

88F (taken at 7:30 p.m.)

I kept the windows closed all day to keep the house cool and opened them around 7:30 p.m., just after I took this photo.  It was still warmer outside than inside, but, I wanted some fresh air!  

Wednesdays are when I vacuum the house, usually, but, I decided to skip the vacuuming!

I had texted gardener M, late last night, when I heard the weather forecast, and told him it was fine with me if he wanted to take the day off.  But, he does other gardens both before and after mine and he said he planned to work today as usual.  I told him to let me know if he changed his mind, that it would be fine, but, he showed up and watered the garden, as usual.  I served him two of the slices of the bara brith that I had made and he liked it.  He gave me another kind of pluot he had bought:

Pluot: Dinosaur Egg

He said they are sometimes called Dinosaur Egg pluots!  It was very sweet and I cut it up to add to the fruit salad I made for my brunch:

Fruit Salad for Brunch

I had the last piece of the small loaf of bara brith, as well as fruit salad.  

Yesterday, I had taken a couple of slices of the bara brith to neighbor S for her to try.  She said her daughter N tried it and liked it.  In the afternoon, neighbor S called me to ask if I'd like some red grapes her mother had given her and I said I'd love to have some.  A few minutes later, she brought me a bag of grapes.  She said she was on her way to the Armenian grocery store and if I wanted anything from there!  Oh, I was so tempted to say, yes, please, but, I was good and said, no, thank you!  LOL.  I have plenty of what I need and enough of what I want for right now.  

I didn't feel like having my evening cup of tea today, but, made some tuna salad sandwiches and ate them, along with a piece of mango.  

Speaking of mangos, I took these photos of the Kent family of mangos a couple of days ago (that's part of what I was doing in the garden on Monday, when I forgot my cup of tea that was brewing):

Clark Kent SuperMan-go

Conner Kent SuperBoy 

They both seem to have received too much Kryptonite!  

But, look over here:

Lois Lane

"Hello, Lois, You're Looking Swell, Lois"

Oh, I hope you will manage to stay well during our triple digit heat wave, Lois!

And, you, too, Apple Seedling:

Apple Seedling

I will have to give it a name if it survives this heat wave!  

I'll do a garden update at the end of the week, but the heat wave will continue next week, too, we've been warned!  It never fails - end of August/beginning of September are our hottest days of the year.  

Today, I am grateful for:
- Fans and electricity
- Low humidity
- Neighbor S bringing me grapes and M giving me more pluots
- M tending to the garden for me
- Modern technology which enables me to keep in contact with friends and family, via texts, emails, phone calls, and video chats.

Today's joyful activity was participating in the monthly photo challenge!  

Tomorrow is supposed to be slightly cooler with a high of 100F.  I wonder if we'll go up higher than what the forecast states!  Meanwhile, in Berkeley, the high was 71F today and it will be 75F tomorrow!

How is the weather in your area?



  1. Wow Bless, I converted that temperature and it's 44 Celcius and I would have melted. I haven't heard of pluots, do they have a stone like plums? I'm so impressed your bara brith has been enjoyed by those you have offered it to, lovely to hear. The weather is lovely here, warm and sunny and not too hot and long may it continue but we do need some rain.

    1. Yes, Eileen, it was 44C! It was a little cooler indoors, though, and I was comfortable.
      Pluots are a cross between plums and apricots and yes, they do have a stone. In my opinion, they both look and taste more like plums than apricots.
      The bara brith, or my version of it, has been quite a hit so far! And late last night, I had a few slices of the second loaf and it was just the thing for a midnight snack! :D
      Enjoy your sunny and warm day, Eileen. It's sunny and warm here, too, as in 98F/36.6C right now (just before noon), with an afternoon high of 101F/38C expected. :)

  2. That is hot! I hope the temperature drops soon. Your apple seedling is looking great, fingers crossed it will continue to grow successfully. The one I planted a couple of years ago is really quite tall now. X

    1. Yes, we are supposed to be 10 degrees cooler, today. :)
      I am thrilled to bits with the apple seedling! I'm glad to hear that your apple seedling is growing well! Your lemons, too, I hope. :)

  3. Is it hard to stay hydrated when it's so hot and dry?

    1. I have to consciously remind myself to drink plenty of water, June. I've a tendency to get dehydrated, anyway.

  4. That temperature is crazy! At least your house was cooler. Please look after yourself. It's incredible that M is still going. I think I could barely stagger in that heat, never mind work in a garden. They really deserved that bara brith.

    1. It was the hottest day, so far, for this year, for my city. Yes, the house is cooler and I do have the option of going into my bedroom and turning on the small a/c unit I have there. I was surprised that M chose to work, but, I know he has other clients both before and after me, and maybe he didn't want to ask for time off from them. He certainly deserved the bara brith and I gave him an Asian pear from my tree, too. :)

  5. Well done Lois! Go go Lois! I do feel sorry for the rest of the family though :o( Is this your first apple seedling? If so, could we call him Adam? :o) I suppose you are enjoying being baked but for my part, I am quite enjoying cooler, sunny weather. (Even if it is making me really, really sleepy! So much oxygen in the air after the hot and humid days!)

    1. Lois seems to be doing well! Maybe we should call the apple seedling Eve?
      I do prefer the warm weather to cold, but, I'm glad you are enjoying your cooler, sunny weather. :)

  6. That's way too hot for me, but here it is cool, only about 70°F and I have a warm cardigan on in the house! Can we trade a few degrees over from you, please and relieve your heat?
    What a pity about your mango plants but at least Lois is faring well.
    I changed my meal plan yesterday and had a cheese omelet. Now I need to e-mail my neighbour for some more eggs!

    1. It's cooler, today! Only 102F, just a degree above what it was supposed to be (add in humidity, etc., and it "feels" like 107F according to the weather report). 70s is Berkeley weather!
      A cheese omelet sounds good, too! Hope your neighbor will have plenty of eggs for you! Is it the same neighbor with the dog who visits you for treats?

  7. Mercifully cooler than it was a few weeks back

  8. Yikes that is hot! I would love that amount of humidity though. Most mornings here the humidity is about 90% which makes things really uncomfortable. Even now, late at night, it's 73%. That fruit salad looks delicious - it would be quite refreshing on such a hot day!

    1. It is the low humidity that makes the heat more bearable, I think. We were 10F cooler, today, but, the humidity was a bit higher and I felt sticky! Fruit salad is very refreshing on hot days! I had some today, too. :)

  9. My goodness, that is hot. I've heard on the news how hot it is in your area and I was thinking of you.
    I'm glad the heat doesn't really bother you and you tolerate it well. Thank goodness for fans, right? They really do help.
    I hope your power grid holds up well.

    1. Summer has arrived in So. Cal! We usually get triple digit temperatures towards the end of August/beginning of September. I'm glad M put up the a/c unit for me - I've used it a couple of times, this week! Yes, thank goodness for fans and electricity! We are under a flex alert, but, so far, things are holding up OK!


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