Sunday, August 7, 2022

A Restful Saturday


Saturday's Harvest: A Zucchini, a Passionfruit, a Tomato, and an Okra

Thank you, everyone, on your lovely comments on yesterday's post.  Snowball is missed.  Mama Cat, who is the other garden cat, is missing her companion, I think.  She was sitting by herself, looking rather forlorn, in the driveway, not coming to the back yard where I keep the cats' water dish and eating the dry cat food I had put out for her.  In the end, I took a fresh bowl of water and a bowl of dry food out to the front for her and she drank the water quite thirstily.  But, she didn't eat the dry food.  So, I put some of Dancer's tuna in another dish and took it out to her and she ate that!  Mama Cat is at least 10 years old; maybe the dry kibble is too hard for her.  Never let it be said that I don't cater to the cats!  LOL.  The dry kibble in the back didn't go to waste; Percy the Possum had a feast!  

I had a call from cousin V in the morning and we chatted for a bit.  Later, I spoke with my daughter.  In the afternoon, I relaxed, reading blogs, replying to blog comments, and playing several games of sudoku.  I took the kitchen compost to the garden and harvested the above fruits and vegetables.  A rather pitiful harvest, but, this is not the year of garden bounty.

In the evening, Aunt C called and we had a long chat.  Afterwards, I called friend R to check on her and had a shorter chat.  After which, I video chatted with my daughter!  Later, I ran the dishwasher and cleaned the litter box.  I also watched some online videos about gardening, organizing and decluttering, and hoarding.

Breakfast was a banana, lunch was an egg salad sandwich.  Dinner was rice with the last of the ground turkey mixture I had cooked earlier and the lone okra.

Today's daytime high was 97F and tomorrow's is supposed to be 99F.  I was quite comfortable with just a fan on. 

Today, I am grateful for:

- Kind blog readers
- The garden harvest
- Chats with family and friends
- Emails and texts 
- Restful days

Today's joyful activity was relaxing.

Plans for tomorrow include some cardmaking and playing with fabric.

How is your weekend coming along?


  1. Do you have good shade around your house, so it doesn't heat up as much as it might otherwise? 97 with just a fan sounds too hot to me, but I realize our bodies probably are handling the heat differently.

    1. I don't have a lot of shade around the house - there is the eucalyptus tree in front and a pineapple guava/feijoa tree on the side. But, the house seems to stay cool and it takes awhile to heat up. It is 87F outside, currently, but, a very comfortable 78F inside. It's this tendency to stay cool that makes this house difficult to heat in the winter!

  2. Poor Mama cat! I remember when our cat had to be euthanized and the other was obviously missing her and didn't like the rearrangement of the food and water tray. But I won a wooden pet tray and bowl in a raffle and it seemed to console him to have the new set-up.
    It is just as hot here and very muggy, so we won't be doing much outside. At lunchtime we had leftover cream of broccoli and celery soup, cold from the fridge, and it was just right.

    1. Yes, she is still in the front garden, today, too. I gave her dry food, today, which she ate and fresh water.
      Stay cool in that muggy heat, Bushlady. Somehow, tea and soup have to be hot for me! I don't drink iced tea and I haven't tried cold soup, either. However, I love iced coffee! :D

  3. I am very thankful for air-conditioning but I do keep it set much higher than most people do. I figure as long as I can run the ceiling fans when I am in various rooms, the moving air helps keep the room feeling cooler.
    Until today I had given up on getting anything from the garden, but now the green beans must be going wild for there is enough for the groundhog and us!

    1. M asked me if I wanted the window a/c unit installed before he went on vacation, but, I told him not yet. It's not hot enough for that! LOL.
      I think you need the air conditioning where you are because it is humid as well as hot.
      Yay! Green beans! Glad you are getting some harvest from your garden! I remember you had quite a bountiful green bean harvest, last year.

  4. Sounds like you had a nice Saturday.
    That is good that you are comfortable in your home even when it's so hot outside. Fans really help and we have several spaced around the house.
    We are definitely in a/c weather here and have been for a few weeks.
    But I see on my phone forecast that the weather will be cooling off soon. I hope that turns out to be true.
    Still little to no rain. I am saving inside water as much as I can but I do still have to turn the hose on to supplement.

    1. It was a good Saturday. I am usually fine with a higher temperature and no a/c. I guess that's why I feel so cold in the winter! I do hope it cools down a bit for you; the weather forecast in the news said the whole north east is under a heat advisory! No rain where I am, either, but, apparently, Death Valley received a 1 in 1,000 year rain with major floods! Imagine that!


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