Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Disappearing Nine Patch!

Now You See It

My basic nine-patch block, wonky seams and corners that don't quite meet, and all!

Now You Don't!

It needs to be ironed out and edges trimmed, but, this is what I've been doing today.  Making disappearing nine-patch blocks.

In case you want to find out how it is done, once you have pieced the basic nine-patch block, you cut it in half in one direction and cut it in half again in the other direction, to quarter it:

Quartered Block

Then comes the fun part of rearranging the quarters!  There are several different ways of arranging them, but, this is the design I selected:

The New Arrangement

It has the advantage of not having any seams that have to be matched!  LOL.  Then, you sew the quarters together, again, to make the new block.  You can mix and match quarters from different blocks if you want, but, my original blocks are scrappy enough that I didn't want to mix and match too much.  I will iron them all out once I've finished sewing.  

I vacuumed part of the house, this morning, and moved my bed off to the side in order for M to have access to the bedroom window to install the window air conditioner unit.  He texted me to say that he will be late because he had a flat tire on his truck this morning, and the tire was so old that two places he went to, to have the flat repaired refused to patch it!  So, he went to the dealers to get his tires replaced.

But, once he was here, he put up the window a/c unit in place for me, sprayed the areas around the front and back doors with the flea spray, and watered the garden.  We decided to pull up the zucchini plants and the wonky tomato plant, which had produced two ripe tomatoes and about four green tomatoes, each the size of a cherry tomato!  This was not the year of the zucchini or tomatoes!

I used two of the green tomatoes when I cooked the last of the can of corned beef for my dinner, tonight, slicing and sauteing them with some red onions and the corned beef.  Then, I added the last serving of rice to it, some chili powder, and made a sort of fried rice, which I had for dinner.   

Today's high was only 93F, so I didn't turn on the a/c in my bedroom.  But, now I have it in place, just in case I need it.  Dancer doesn't like it when I turn on the a/c in the bedroom, because I close the bedroom doors to keep the cool air in the room.  He will sit outside the closed door and cry until I let him come inside.  Then, he will sit in front of the closed door, inside the room, and cry until I open it and let him out!  And so it goes!  He hates closed doors!  

After dinner, I called friend R and checked on her.  Later, I video chatted with my daughter.

Today, I am grateful for:

- M was able to install the window a/c unit for me
- It still works!
- M was able to spray the flea spray in the area around the doors for me
- The zucchini and tomato harvest, meagre as it was, this year
- The technology that allows me to video chat with my daughter, daily

Today's joyful activity was sewing disappearing nine patches!

Plans for Thursday include vacuuming the rest of the house and tidying the kitchen.

How was your Wednesday?  What are your plans for Thursday?


  1. The first quilt I made was a disappearing nine patch one in blues, reds, and whites. This was before the days of blogging, way back in my teens, so I don't even have a photo of it!

    Will Dancer get used to the closed door when you start using the a/c unit or does he keep up with that game until the unit is taken down again and you can leave the door open?

    I'm having a quiet day at home just reading and maybe doing some more family tree research later on.

    1. Oh, I bet your quilt was lovely, Eileen! That color combination would have worked out great! I don't have any photos of my oldest quilts, either!
      Dancer will keep it up until I get tired of opening and closing doors for him. Eventually, he'll settle down outside one of the bedroom doors (one door leads to the hallway and one leads to the bathroom) and lie down there and wait. Occasionally, a paw will appear under the door, but, he'll wait until I decide to open the door later in the evening. This will go on until the a/c is taken down!
      Glad you are having a relaxed day. It's only 90F here, today, so I decided to bake some bread! If it gets too hot with the oven on, I can go into the room and turn the a/c on! :D

  2. Quartering the block and rearranging is so simple, but produces such interesting quilt blocks. And no seam matching-brilliant. I might even be able to do it. :) And what is it with cats and closed doors? They always need to be on the other side. :)

    1. It requires a little additional sewing to finish each block, but, fully worth it, I think. One could mix up four quarters from four different 9-patch blocks and come up with a really scrappy mix, but, I am happy to work with one block at a time. :) I think you can make a very lovely quilt using even just a simple one square block, June. I think it is fine if corners and seams don't always align just right. Especially if it is a quilt I'm making for myself or for family. I'm not entering these quilts in competitions, etc.
      Cats want to be free to choose to come in or go out as they please! :D

  3. I like your trick with the nine patch block. Lots of possibilities there. You must be happy to have the A/C installed in your bedroom, but it seems a certain cat is less than thrilled about it. Sometimes I forget how problematic even the most loveable cats can be.
    We still have lovely weather with a little rain while we are asleep. It is beginning to feel like we live in Camelot! We went in the library today and raided their book sale room. For $1 we got 3 paperbacks for DH to take on a trip and another for me to read.

    1. It is a neat trick with the 9-patch block, isn't it? It's just one way of cutting and putting it back together, again. You get a different pattern if you quarter it diagonally. I might try that with some other blocks!
      Oh, sounds like you are having the best weather, right now! You found some great bargains at the library book sale! Hope your DH has a good trip; I seem to recall you saying you will be staying home this time around.

  4. I had not heard about the disappearing nine patch, but I am thinking it could be adapted to paper crafting as well. I will have to noodle that over for a bit.

    1. Oh, I'm sure it will work out very nicely for paper crafting!

  5. Love this!
    Thank you for the explanation of how the magic happens :)
    I love that bright pop of pink fabric and all the fabrics you've selected for the block.

    1. Glad you like it, Debra. :) The pink fabric is leftover from a piece of fabric my mother had bought. I made a blouse for myself with it after she died and added the remnants to my scrap stash. :) I still have and wear that blouse - it has faded quite a bit after frequent washings, but, still wearable. :)

  6. I am smiling as I type this, as I have been gifted another two large courgettes. I'm thinking chutney this time :)

    1. How lovely to be gifted two more courgettes! I am enjoying the zucchini chutney my daughter made, last summer. It was definitely the best use of the zucchini harvest!


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