Thursday, March 3, 2022

Thursday's Activities


Plum Blossoms

Today, it was sunny, but, cooler.  I checked on the garden, in the morning, picked some peapods and oranges, and decluttered a few items from the garage.  

In the afternoon, I took a piece of cake over to neighbor T and I took a piece to friend R, who gave me a packet of sweet potato chips in return; I shared the chips with my daughter in the afternoon.  Neighbor S wasn't home in the afternoon, so I took her a couple of pieces of cake in the evening.  In return, she gave me some pastries she and a family member had made:

Pastries and Cookies (and Chocolates, too)

One of the pastries had a walnut filling and the other had raisins.  S also included two chocolates as I like them!  She gave me a gift to give my daughter for her birthday and she gave me a lovely black cardigan, which I will be sharing with my daughter!  

Our meals today were assorted leftovers and there are more leftovers for tomorrow's meals, too!  

Today, I am grateful for:
- Exchanging treats
- A safe drive to R's and back
- Leftovers!
- Neighbor S's thoughtful gifts
- A sunny day

Today's joyful activity was distributing some of the birthday cake!

Plans for tomorrow include more garage decluttering and M's visit to tend to the garden (his piece of cake is in a container, waiting for him.)

How was your Thursday?  What are your plans for Friday?


  1. I think it's marvellous how you share food with your neighbours, a lovely thing to do.

    1. Thank you, Eileen. In the days before Covid, we might have invited each other to share a meal, but, these days, we exchange plates of food. :) Both neighbors T and S were already living in their houses when I moved to the neighborhood, so we've been neighbors for over 30 years. :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you, Regine. Hope all is well with you. :)

  3. Sharing the birthday cake is one way to not eat all of it. But, you got sweets in return, so I'm not sure if you would call that a net gain or loss. :)

    1. LOL, it was hard to decline the pastries! On the plus side, they weren't overly sweet, so maybe better than cake?

  4. Lovely to share special treats. I was wondering how neighbour T is doing? Is she over her fall?
    Last night the temperature dropped to -25°C (-13°F) and then popped up to zero (32°F), thanks to the sun. I've been down to the town with DH who was having coffee with pals and I did some grocery shopping. My friend wasn't available for coffee today.

    1. I love being able to share the treats, Bushlady. I believe T is recovering.
      Brr! That's cold! But, at least it is sunny and you were able to get your grocery shopping done. Too bad your friend wasn't available to have coffee with you, today. It rained, here, last night, and it is cloudy, today. But, I am not complaining - I'm glad we had some rain. :)

  5. Those pastries look incredible. I like the idea of you sharing a cardigan with your daughter, like the theme of 'first up, best dressed'.

    1. They were very tasty, too. :) My daughter likes to wear slightly oversized items so the cardigan will suit her well. Besides, it's colder up in the San Fransisco/Berkeley area and she could use an extra cardigan; maybe keep in the office to wear if needed. I used to keep a cardigan hanging on the back of my office chair to wear when in the office because I always felt cold in my office!


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