Friday, January 22, 2021

Yesterday and Today (Wednesday and Thursday)

On Tuesday, the Gas Company sent out a technician to service the heater and he was able to relight the pilot light for me.  

On Wednesday, I discovered that I didn't have any hot water!  The water heater pilot light had gone off!  I didn't make the discovery until after I had watched the inauguration and some of the coverage of the events that took place immediately afterwards.  I checked the water heater in the afternoon and there was a red indicator light that was blinking at a fairly rapid pace (the indicator light is blue when the water heater is running well).  There is a panel of trouble shooting instructions on the front of the water heater, which stated that if the red light blinked 3 times a second, it meant X, if it blinked 5 times, it meant Y, if it blinked 7 times, it meant Z, etc.  Well, I really couldn't tell how often it blinked, but, it was blinking fairly rapidly.

I called neighbor E and left him a message, then, went about the rest of my day, putting water to the front garden (couldn't water, at all, on Tuesday because it was so windy - at least, that's my excuse!) and chatting on the phone with a friend from my university days.

Neighbor E came over a little later in the evening and took a look at the water heater.  He said the pilot light wouldn't stay on and there might be something wrong with the gas valve.  It was not something he was able to fix, however.  

So, this morning, I called the Gas Company, once, again, and asked for another appliance service!  Again, they sent out a technician an hour or so later.  He checked it out, told me the red light was blinking 7 times a second, which meant that the gas valve control panel needed to be replaced.  But, it was not something he could do and I would need to get a plumber to attend to it.  He filled out a form indicating what he checked and what needed to be done.

After that, I called the same company who had replaced the water pressure regulator when the water heater was leaking, back in 2018.  They were the plumbing company that the water heater manufacturer had referred to me.  I called and left a message and, in the process, discovered they needed the model and serial numbers which were on the heater; so, I rang off and went to check the numbers.  While I was doing that, they called me back and left a message!  Then, I called back and left another message!  But, they called back a few minutes later and we were able to connect!  I gave the model and serial number and said I needed the gas valve control panel replaced.  The person I spoke with asked what made me think that was the problem and I told her that that was what the Gas Company technician had written down on the problem diagnosis form (there was a form number which I also gave) and read it out to her.  She said they had a service truck in my neighborhood and the repairperson would be able to check it out, sometime today (but, she couldn't tell me when).  

The repair person actually showed up within the hour!  I showed him the form the Gas Company technician had given me and he took a look, himself, and replaced the part.  It was a flat, round thing at the bottom of the water heater.  On the work order statement copy he gave me, he wrote that he replaced the valve control panel and readjusted the gas pressure which had been too high.  The work is guaranteed for 30 days, I was told.  The whole job took him less than 15 minutes and the bill came to $98, which I thought was reasonable.  Having hot water on tap is a luxury and something we often take for granted!

In between waiting for the water heater to be fixed, I watered the back garden, did some paperwork (bill paying, filing, etc.), and confirmed my oncologist appointment for tomorrow (and answered their Covid-related questions).  

Neighbor S called me around noon and offered to bring me a plate of chicken and rice her daughter had cooked; she included two chocolates for dessert:

Chicken and Rice

Daughter and I enjoyed it with some vegetables I had cooked previously for our lunch.

Later in the evening, daughter cooked a Thai Green Curry soup with chicken, vegetables, rice noodles, and coconut milk for dinner:

Thai Green Curry Soup

I didn't serve a lot of the broth into my bowl, but, later, I took another serving of mostly the broth.  

Then, daughter texted neighbor S's daughter N and it was our turn to share some food with them!  

Later in the evening, I washed the hats I had knitted to donate to the cancer center.  I will take them with me when I go, tomorrow.

Today, I am grateful for:
- Hot water on tap!
- The gas company sending a technician so promptly
- The plumbing company sending a repairman so quickly, as well
- Neighbor S bringing over lunch
- Working appliances!

Today's joyful activity was getting the hot water heater repaired!

Plans for tomorrow include going to my doctor's appointment and having M tend to the garden.  

How was your day, today?  What are your plans for Friday?


  1. Yes water, either hot or cold, at the turn of tap is a luxury we have forget to say thank you for. I am glad to read that you were able to get the hot water tank fixed quickly.

    Happy weekend.

    1. Thank you, Mary-Lou. Being able to take a hot shower without first having to boil a kettle of water feels good!

  2. I'm glad you've got hot water again and that does seem very reasonable for a repair. Here it would cost more than that for someone just to come and look at it, so now I pay a monthly fee to cover me in the event of any problem. X

    1. Thank you, Jules. I must admit I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of the bill! I expected having to pay at least twice that amount!

  3. I am glad your hot water is fixed - we take simple things like that for granted. And how lovely you are able to share food with family and friends. What did you think of the Inauguration? You have a very gifted young Poet Laureate there! And I know everyone is mocking him, but I think Bernie Sanders was very sensible to wrap up well and wear warm mittens. He is 79 after all!! If my hair gets much longer, I'll need a Red Silk Prada headband like Lady Gaga... and apart from all that trivia, I am glad the day went well, and Joe & Kamala remain in my thoughts and prayers. My day has been spent clearing the airing cupboard [what you'd probably call a linen closet] Loads of spare sheets are going to a woman making 'scrub bags' for medics to wash their PPE in.

    1. Thank you, Angela; we do take things like hot and cold running water on tap for granted, don't we?

      I thought the inauguration went very well, under some very difficult circumstances due to the virus, the unprecedented security threat level, etc. I'm glad nothing marred the occasion. History was made when Ms. Harris took her oath of office and I thought the young Poet Laureate was wonderful! I do wish the new President and Vice President all the best.

      Sounds like you have had a very busy day and the decluttering is proceeding well! :)

  4. I'm glad you had quite quick service for these problems Bless! And that soup looks so delicious! Yummmmm! Have a lovely day (with now mechanical problems!)

    1. Thank you, Miss Kim; I was happy with the quick service I received. I had another bowl of the soup, today, and it tasted even better, I think, because the flavors had time to blend.

  5. That was brilliant service in getting your water heater sorted and not too expensive. Was that the sort of service you normally expect or was that exceptional?

    Your food, as usual, looks so tasty. I've just treated myself to a new cookbook and it has a few Sri Lankan recipes so I will be having a go at some stage ... everything takes time and planning now that I can't just pop to the shop for ingredients.

    1. I was very pleased with the service, Eileen. It was what I was hoping for, although I expected to have to wait at least another day for someone to come out!

      Oh, I hope you enjoy the Sri Lankan recipes in your new cookbook. You will have to share what you are making and if you liked it (or not) with me. Yes, we really have to plan ahead for ingredients and order them, don't we? But, once you have the shopping ordered and delivered, you'll be ready to cook! :)

  6. I'm so glad you were able to get the water heater taken care of quickly and inexpensively. All the food looks delicious!

    1. Thank you, Martha. It was so nice to take a hot shower, today, and washing the dishes in warm water is a pleasure (I usually wash my dishes by hand). :)

  7. Good to know that your water heater is back on track. I notice the comments about the Inauguration. I felt that the sun was shining more brightly that afternoon! There was an interesting story about Bernie Sanders' mittens (his photo is everywhere now, bless him!), on our radio:

    1. Thank you, Bushlady; having hot water on tap is such a blessing! Angela had also written about the story behind the now famous mittens! Made from recycled sweaters, apparently! How wonderful is that?

  8. I'm so glad the hot water issue got fixed so quickly. And inexpensively too. Plumbers bills can be so high at times.
    Did both service people think it was just a coincidence that you had trouble with two gas powered appliances?

    We had a toilet in our powder room that would not stop running after flushing. I tried to fix it on my own but couldn't get it right. With the virus, it was not something I felt was important enough to risk having a service call so I would just turn the water off at the wall when not in use so as not to waste water.

    Well, from the turn on- turn off motion, after a while the probably 50 year old valve started to leak.
    Not much, but still, it was a leak and time to call the plumber because it would only get worse.

    There was a sink in the powder room that had seen better days and I've always wanted to replace it so I thought now was the time since the plumbers were coming anyway, right? lol
    So we bought a new sink and now have a powder room that is much nicer for our company - if we ever have company again.
    Our bill was $656 which did include some parts for the sink install that we didn't think to purchase ahead of time.
    I thought that was reasonable and money well spent.

    That soup looks delicious. Your daughter is a good cook.

    1. Plumbing bills can be very expensive! I was pleasantly surprised that the charge wasn't higher! The technicians didn't say anything about two appliances going off at the same time, but, they did ask me if the stove and dryer were working OK. It was just coincidence that they both went out more or less together, I guess.

      The powder room remodel for that price was well worth it, I think. And, you will have company, again. :)

      The soup was lovely - it tasted even better, the next day. :)


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