Sunday, February 12, 2017

Productive Saturday

Saturday has been a partly sunny day, after Friday's rain.  We had some rain clouds, but it didn't actually rain, at least not where I live.  There were flash floods in other areas of So. Calif, according to the local news.  

I forgot to post the updated To Do List for Friday in my blog post, yesterday.  I didn't finish the list, but I got a fair amount done:

Friday's To Do List: Update
- Leave a note to the gardener - DONE (he left a phone message saying receiving the note was just like old times, after over a year of me being home when he came to do the garden!)
- Pack a lunch to take to work - DONE (took roast beef cold cuts sandwiches, grapes, crackers)
- Go to the office - DONE (even though my supervisor said to stay home if I wished to!)
- Continue to update the monthly budget (DONE; still tweaking things, but I am OK with how things stand for now)
- Do the dishes
- Clean the litter box - DONE
- Water the indoor plants
- Call 2 friends - Called one friend and a cousin
- Call the tax preparer

The things I didn't do got moved forward to Saturday!

I had a relaxed morning, on Saturday.  I slept in, read blogs, chatted on the phone with one of my cousins, etc.  Later, I made the rest of my phone calls, did a load of laundry and hung it up to dry, aired out the house (was unable to do so, yesterday, due to the rain), tidied and dusted the living room, cleared the coffee table in the family room, did some paperwork and filing, watered the house plants, and did the dishes.  I also tried on a few additional clothes, but I didn't go through the closet, yet.

Saturday's To Do List

- Do the dishes - DONE
- Water the indoor plants - DONE
- Call 2nd friend - DONE (she wasn't home; I left a message)
- Call the tax preparer - DONE (I rescheduled my appointment with her and brought it forward)
- Do a load of laundry - DONE (washed the darks and they are hanging up to dry)
- Tidy living room - DONE
- Dust living room - DONE
- Clear the family room coffee table - DONE
- Paperwork and Filing - DID SOME
- Pay bills - DONE 
- Wipe kitchen counters - DONE

On Saturday, I was grateful for:
- A sunny and bright day
- Cousin calling to check on me
- Finding more clothes that fit me
- Getting the living room tidied and dusted
- Video chatting with my daughter

Sunday's To Do List:
- Put away dried laundry
- Do another load of laundry (whites/lights)
- Put away washed dishes
- Clear dining table
- Paperwork and Filing
- Grocery shopping
- Menu plan for the week
- Take the last of the holiday decorations to the garage!
- Start organizing my closet

That's a lot of lists for one post, isn't it?

How was your Saturday?  Did you have a busy day or did you relax?  What are your plans for Sunday?


  1. Have fun shopping/organizing your closet.

    1. Thank you! Hoping to declutter the closet a bit, as well. Hope you are having a good weekend.

  2. I enjoy reading so much what you are grateful for. My journey back from severe bout(s) with BPPV have made me aware of how I took for granted simple things like walking, taking a shower etc. After having the Epley maneuver and having vestibular therapy (retraining the brain) I am getting it under control. I will never take every day occurrences for granted again.

    So pleased that much needed rain was received in CA.

    Off to church service shortly with our grandson (age 16) who we are visiting while his brother and parents are away.

    Have a blessed day.


    1. Sandy, I had to look up what BPPV and the Epley maneuver were; I am glad you are getting it under control. I can just imagine how difficult it must have been to do things.

      Listing 5 things for which I was grateful each day was something I started a long time ago when I was at a particularly low point. I knew I needed to focus on what was positive - being alive, being relatively healthy, my mother (who was still alive then), my daughter, being employed, etc. Once I started counting the blessings, the list was practically endless. I challenged myself to come up with 100 things and I think I went up to at least 120 before I decided to stop! 5 items a day is just the tip of the iceberg, but it is a good reminder to focus on the positive.

      Hope you are enjoying visiting with your grandson. Hope you have a lovely day.

  3. Have a great Sunday, Bless, It makes me jealous that you got so many things crossed off your to do list. Yesterday got away from me, so now I am playing catch up.

    1. Thank you, Anne. I hope you have a productive Sunday, but don't forget to take a little time to do something you enjoy doing, as well. :)

  4. You were very productive this weekend, Bless! I'm impressed. I'm going to try posting my lists AND my accomplishments this week to see if my motivation and productivity improves. I hope so. :)

    1. Thanks, Laura. I am pleased with what I was able to accomplish this weekend. I do find making the lists to be helpful. I hope you find your lists to be helpful and motivating, too.

      Have a lovely week.

  5. It's so wonderful to see you frequently mention rain, after your years of drought. :)

    1. Yes, indeed, Carolyn! Just today, they were saying that we have received double the rainfall we normally receive for this time of the year and our January rainfall was over 10 inches! Normal for January is under 5 inches! We are supposed to have sunshine for a couple of days and then, another storm front is expected towards the end of the week.


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