Wednesday, February 1, 2017

February Balanced Life/Monthly Goals

Spiritual:  The goal is to live a spiritually meaningful life.
- Continue with daily prayers and gratitude.
- Continue to re-read the Dhammapada (a collection of Buddhist verses based on sayings attributed to the Buddha) with the intention of applying the wisdom contained in them to daily life.
- Attend the February monthly prayer gathering, if possible.
- Continue to focus on joy, gratitude, abundance, and blessings.
Environment:  The goal is a clean, tidy, uncluttered house and a well-maintained garden.
- Focus on cleaning and tidying, one room at a time.
- Take down and put away holiday decorations.
- Declutter as I go.
- Continue to spruce up the garden.
- Weed the flower beds.
- Put in new plants/seeds.
- Water as needed.

Daughter:  The goal is to continue to have a close relationship with her. 
- Stay in touch by phone and computer.
- Plan for her next visit at the end of the month.

Family:  The goal is to keep in touch with various family members.
- Call and wish cousin on her birthday; message nephew on his birthday.
- Observe my mother’s death anniversary with a visit to the cemetery.
- Connect with some of the family members at the February prayer gathering.
- Call/email some of the family members, including sister. 
- Exchange holiday gifts with family members I didn't see over the holidays.

Friends:  The goal is to keep in touch with friends.
- I'll be seeing some of them at the monthly prayer gathering.
- Phone/email others.
- Visit my neighbors.

Career:  The goal is to continue to do work which I enjoy (for the most part) and which enables me to support myself.
- Prepare to return to the office on a full-time basis.
- Continue to put together a functional career wardrobe using items I have in my closet.
- Meal plan so it’s easy to take breakfasts, lunches, and snacks to work.
Finances:  The goal is financial security.
- Continue budgeting and spending mindfully, to make each dollar count.
Health:  The goal is good health.
- Attend the appointments with my various doctors - 3 scheduled, so far, in February
- Continue to monitor blood pressure and sugar levels as requested by primary care
- Continue to focus on a healthier diet, drinking enough water, exercising regularly, and getting sufficient sleep
Time Management:  The goal is having enough time to do all what I want to do!
-  Organize myself and put routines into place so I have enough time for work and for play!

Leisure/Crafts/Hobbies/Me-Time:  The goal is to relax doing something I enjoy doing for the pleasure of it.
- Listen to more music
- Play the piano
- Sing
- Read a book (or more)
- Do a craft project 
 What are your goals for February?


  1. Sounds like you have a balanced goals set.. I need to do this too.. I generally... make a plan for a certain task and when it is finished. I make another goal.. Your idea is very well thought out.. I like it..
    How are you doing going to work? Hope your strength is building back up.. Know it takes a long time.. Praying for you.

    1. Thank you, Judy. I decided to go with goals in different areas of my life at a time when I felt one or two areas were dominating my life and taking all my time and I felt other areas were being neglected. Sometimes, I have more areas I work on; other times, I limit it to fewer areas.

      Going back to the office has been tiring. I'm fine once I am at the office, but the getting up early, the hour long commute each way, etc., is still difficult. But, I think, it will get better over time. Still taking it one day at a time. Thank you for keeping me in your prayers.

  2. I really like how you have organized your goals! I hope you have success in meeting them. :)

    1. Thank you, Laura. They give me something to strive towards. :)

  3. You have some wonderful goals there, many are ones that you and I share my friend. :)

    1. Thank you, Debbie. Having goals in common is a good thing, isn't it?

      Hope all is well with you.


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