Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Monday, May 1st

I had taken a day of vacation from work, on Monday, so, I was able to make milkrice, again, to celebrate the first of the month:

Milkrice and Spicy Onion Relish

Then, I picked some roses from the garden and offered milkrice, flowers, and incense at the altar:

Flowers for Offering

I also listened to some chanting of Buddhist blessings on-line, which fulfilled a spiritual need I had. 

I put away the laundry from Sunday and did another load of laundry - bath mats and kitchen rug.  Then, since I can't put a newly washed kitchen rug down on a dirty kitchen floor, I mopped the kitchen floor!

Later in the afternoon, I put gas to the car, so I'd be able to start the work week on a full tank of gas; gas was $2.76/gal. and it came to $30.04 to fill the tank.  I already had a little over 1/4 tank, as I don't like to go below that for the most part (although, very occasionally, I live dangerously and drive to the office and back on a 1/4 tank of gas!)

Then, I went to the pharmacy and picked up three of my medication refills; I paid $40 for them.

Afterwards, I stopped at the dollar store, which is located next to the pharmacy, to buy bananas ($.60 @$.49/lb), a packet of chocolate wafers ($1), and two packages of gelatin ($.50 each); the groceries came to $2.60:

May 1 Groceries

There were actually three bananas, but I ate one before I took the picture!  LOL.

I also bought some new clothes hangers:

8 New Clothes Hangers

I spent a total of $3.69 for dollar store purchases:

Dollar Store Receipt

In the evening, after it became cooler, I planted the zucchini seedlings and tomato plant:

Zucchini Seedling 1

Zucchini Seedling 2

I planted all three seedlings in the same bed where I planted the patty pan squash, which isn't doing well, except for one seedling.

Tomato and Zucchini Seedlings

Another view, showing the mesh to keep the cats out, the poles to hopefully keep the birds out (with my luck, they'll think they are convenient perches for them!) and the unweeded part of the bed!

Veggie Bed 2

Then, in an attempt to shield the zucchini seedlings from the sun, lest they suffer the same fate as the patty pan squash, I broke off a few small branches from the lemon trees and stuck them around the seedlings to shelter them!

Lemon Branches to Shield the Seedlings

And gave them all a drink of water.  Hope these seedlings grow!

After that, I watered the front garden, cleaned out the fridge, and took the trash cans to the curb.

All in all, it was a pretty productive day, and a good way to start off the month!

On Monday, I was grateful for:
- Being able to have a vacation day from work
- "Solar powered dryers" a.k.a. clothes line!
- Medications that help me manage my illnesses
- Insurance that helps pay for the medications
- Being able to listen to chantings online

Monday's To Do List:
- Put away dried laundry - DONE
- Do another load of laundry - DONE
- Weed the rest of the planting bed
- Transplant the zucchini seedlings and tomato plant - DONE
- Plant the succulents
- More paperwork
- Dust the bedroom furniture
- Bake banana bread -  I think the bananas are ready for the compost heap!
- Mop kitchen - DONE
- Put gas to the car - DONE
- Pharmacy to pick up refills - DONE
- Dollar store for a few items - DONE
- Clean the fridge - DONE
- Take the trash cans to the curb - DONE
- Water the seedlings and front garden - DONE
- Declutter 1 item- DONE (the plastic 6-pack planting tray the calendula plants came in which  I reused to germinate the squash seedlings; I put it in the recycling bin)

Dinner was rice, dhal (lentil) curry, sauted curried green beans, and some smoked sausage sliced and sauted with spring onions; a slice of raisin stollen for dessert.

 How was your Monday?


  1. You got a lot done on your vacation day! I love reading your daily gratitude list!

    1. Thanks, Anne. It was a productive day, wasn't it? In contrast, I'm being a slug, today!

  2. Well done on a very productive Monday. Especially liked "Solar powered dryers" aka as clothes lines.

    Beautiful sunny windy day here. A one day break in the rain which is causing so much flooding and heart ache for those living close to the rivers.


    1. Thanks, Sandy. Glad to hear your are having a sunny day. Hope you are not affected by the flooding.

  3. Happy May Day! I love your roses. The colour is just gorgeous.

    1. Thank you, Sharon. These double colored roses are among my favorites!

  4. So good to see that the zucchini are faring better than the patty pan squash!

    1. I think I got all of two zucchinis in the end! I am not at all good with growing vegetables!


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