Sunday, May 14, 2017

May Grocery Shopping - Week 2

May 13 Groceries

On Friday evening, I went grocery shopping and bought:

1/2 gal. milk = $1.89

1 loaf bread = $1.29
bananas @ $.69/lb = $1.65
1 beef steak @$4.99/lb = $3.64
1 loaf of garlic bread  = $2.49
2 bags ground coffee, @$.599 = 11.98 - $1.50 (coupon) = $10.48
Total = $21.44

The coffee is daughter's favorite brand; it regularly sells for $9.78, but was on sale for $5.99.  Earlier, I was able to buy them for $4.99 each, when combined with a "buy 4 participating items/save $4" sale.  But I knew that $5.99 was a good price, too, so I picked up two for daughter.  Then, while I was in the check out lane, the gentleman ahead of me received 2 coupons for the coffee, each worth $1.50, as part of his receipt, and he turned around and handed them to me!  Each coupon specified a particular flavor and only one coupon matched the coffee I had bought, so I could redeem only one of the coupons.  But, I figured it was the same as getting $.75 off each bag of coffee, and I was happy.  Then, I received two additional coupons as part of my receipt!  So now, I have three coupons for $1.50 off a bag of coffee!  I will buy three additional bags of coffee for daughter to take back with her! 

I didn't take a picture of the groceries as I was rushing a bit to go to the airport to pick up daughter; I put the milk and the steak in the fridge and afterwards, when we came home, I didn't want to take everything out again to take a picture!  Instead, I cooked the steak for our dinner and baked the garlic bread, while daughter made a cole slaw with the cabbage and carrots I had in the fridge, for our dinner.  But I took a picture of the receipt:

May 12 Grocery Receipt

On Saturday, May 13, I went to the Armenian grocery store for the rest of my groceries and those items are pictured at the top of this post.

I bought:

2 salmon steaks @$4.99/lb. = $5.21
1 lb. bacon = $2.79
1 (17.5oz) package frozen puff pastry = $2.49
5 lb. Jasmin rice = $2.49
2 small Zucchini @$.39/lb = $.18
2 baby Bokchoy @$.99/lb. = $.33
1 Cucumber = $.34
Ginger @$.79/lb = $.17
Garlic @$2.49/lb = $1.02
1 lb carrots = $.45
Okra @$2.99/lb = $.57
Green beans @$1.49/lb = $.63
Roma tomatoes @$.49/lb = $.42
Snow peas @$2.99/lb = $.30
1 Manioc/cassava/yuca, @$.79/lb = $.77
1 iceburg lettuce = $.69
2 (14 oz) cans garbanzo beans, @$.50 = $1.00
1 can coconut water = $.89 + $.05 deposit (CRV)

3 large Gala apples, @$.49/lb = $.91
5 kiwi @$.20 = $1.00
Cherries @$.99/lb = $1.97
Total = $24.67

I had been waiting for the puff pastry to go on sale for $1.99 per packet, but the one time it did, I was sick and wasn't up to going grocery shopping.  So, I decided to buy one packet for now, as I have been wanting to make sausage rolls ever since I bought those packages of sausage meat for $.79/lb.

I bought the Roma tomatoes as they were the tomatoes on sale; the other tomatoes were priced at $.99/lb.  Some of them will be used for the salmon steaks, which I want to cook for Sunday night's dinner.

The snow peas are for a stir fry - I forgot to buy a can of baby corn for the stir fry, so I'll just use frozen corn kernels, instead. 

The can of coconut water is not included in the picture because I had already opened it and drunk half of it!

May 13 Grocery Receipt

My May grocery budget is $75.00

Spent to date:
Week 1 = $2.60 + $11.47 = $14.07
Week 2 = $21.44 + $24.67 = $46.11
Total spent = $14.07 + $46.11 = $60.18
Amount left in the budget: $75 - $60.18 = $14.82

I might take daughter's coffee out of my grocery budget, especially if I buy three more packages of it for her!  Or, increase the budget to $100 to accommodate those additional purchases!  

How is your May grocery budget coming along?


  1. It makes me smile to think about you and your daughter spending the weekend together. It is evident that you have a very close relationship. Happy Mother's Day!

    1. Thank you, Live and Learn. Hope you are having a very happy Mother's Day, too.

  2. Happy Mother's Day! How nice of that gentleman to give you his coupons! I've done that on occasion and the people were always very surprised and appreciative. It feels nice to help someone else.

    1. Thanks, Nathalie. Happy Mother's Day to you, too! Yes, it was very nice of him to hand me the coupons. I was very appreciative. I've occasionally seen that someone had left a coupon for a particular item on the shelf, near that item, too, and thought it was a nice thing to do.

  3. I am so pleased that your daughter arrived home safely and you are having a lovely visit. Your tradition of going out for late ice cream is really special. Good thing you are both night owls!

    You did well on your shopping and like you I always try and stock up on coffee for the hubby when it is on special. Definitely take the coffee that you give to your daughter out of your grocery budget. I'd classify that as a gift and very welcome by daughter I am sure.


    1. Happy Mother's Day, Sandy.

      The late-night ice cream run is a fun thing to do, for us. :)

      Yes, I think I will consider the coffee as a gift and not a grocery item. Daughter is very appreciative of the coffee, especially as she doesn't find it on sale where she is. She has tried other coffees that are less expensive, as a cost cutting measure, but doesn't like them as much. She only drinks two cups of coffee per day, and it's one of those "life's little pleasures" type of thing, where the enjoyment is worth the extra cost.

  4. My family loves sausage rolls! Wish I could find the pastry here for that price. I can make it but it is so time consuming and I tend to get a little distracted. It was nice of the gentleman to give you the coupons - certainly saved a bit more!

    1. Yes, making puff pastry from scratch is time consuming, as you have to keep it to chill between being rolled out each time. The pastry I bought are in 5-inch squares and there are 8 squares per package. The store also had the larger sheets of pastry, 2 rolls per 25 or 26 oz. package for $5.69 or something (I looked at the price, but don't remember it for sure, any more, but know it was $5 something); I didn't buy it because that cost more per ounce. I haven't checked the price of the brand name puff pastry available at the regular grocery stores in awhile, but I know it was something like $4.99 the last time I checked.


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